Weight Adjustable Dumbbells – An Overview Of The Benefits

Weight Adjustable DumbbellsThere are many reasons why people chose to work out at home rather than joining a gym, cost is an obvious one, but self confidence is another. For some, it’s simply down to the amount of spare time available.

By devising your own workout session at home you can cut out the cost of joining a gym, the cost of traveling to-and-from it, and the time as well.

Weight Adjustable Dumbbells – Since Most Of Us Don’t Live In A Gym!

One of the easiest pieces of home equipment to get hold of and store without needing a lot of space are weight adjustable dumbbells, and the following is a brief guide on how to start-out using them.

Your first consideration should be the size. Considering normal dumbbells…

  • For women they tend to be fixed weight, and come in packs of three or five with different weights ranging from 0.5kg to 5kg
  • For the men there is the more traditional type which can have extra weights added to them

One advantage of an adjustable system over these older style ones, is their compactness. They take up a lot less space than even the small sets of women’s fixed weights, and so are suitable for just about anyone, even in very limited spaces. Even though they take up so little space, they come with enough weights to challenge just about any home user.

An Adjustable Dumbbell Home Exercise Plan

You can use selectable weight dumbbells with aerobicsOnce you have sourced the appropriate set for your needs you will need to identify the exercises that can be done with them. The beauty of these hand held weights is they can be used in many different ways from the more standard curls and forward raises, to being additional weight for sit-ups or extra toning while doing aerobics.

How you use them will depend greatly on what your goals are on the exercises you do.

Shadow boxing with dumbbellsFor example, to build and tone the upper arms you can do standard curls, reverse curls, Tricep presses, lateral raises, forward raises, and should presses. All of these work on the arm area and mainly focus on the upper region, which is where flabby skin called bingo wings can occur.

If you enjoy doing aerobics, add in some light hand-held weights to increase the toning and muscle strength on the upper half of the body and arms. Similarly they can be used in shadow boxing for the same purpose.

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The Most Common Exercises For Any Type Of Dumbbells!

Now lets take a closer look at some of the most common exercises done with dumbbells. These are suitable for both standard dumbbells, and those that are adjustable. They can be used to tone and strength almost all the major regions of the body, from chest to calf, and arms to back.

First up is the chest:

and there are three main exercises that can be done easily at home, these are

  1. Presses
  2. The flat flye
  3. And the incline flye

Inclined dumbbell shoulder press with bowflex dumbbell setsall 3, aside from the incline flye, need nothing more than the weights and a mat. For the incline flye, an exercise bench is really needed as you need to lower your upper half. These chest exercises work the

  • Pectoral
  • Triceps
  • And anterior Deltoid muscles

Shoulder exercises include:

  1. Seated shoulder presses
  2. Lateral raises
  3. The reverse flye
  4. And front raises

Lateral dumbbell raises can be done with adjustable free weightsThe seated shoulder press works all of the shoulder muscle, which is broken up into three separate regions. The reverse flye works the rear section of the shoulder muscle while the front raises focus on the front of the muscle.

By combining all of these exercises you can be sure to cover the entire shoulder region and be able to develop not only strength but good tone as well.

Back exercises include dead lifts, which should never be attempted by anyone with a history of back pain. This exercise focuses on the hamstrings and lower back. Single arm rowing and lying bent over rowing works the middle regions of the back.

For your arms:

there are two main areas to focus on

  • The biceps
  • And triceps

For biceps there is:

and triceps have

  • Overhead extensions
  • French press
  • And kickbacks

The standard bicep dumbbell curl can be done with bowflex dial dumbbells tooWith arm exercises it is not the weight that counts so much as the exertion needed to complete the set of reps. If you find that at the end of the 10 or 12 reps your muscles are aching then the weight is correct.

**If you want to avoid building but still want to tone use a lighter weight and do more reps with it.

For your legs you should try out half-squats which work the quads, hamstrings, Gluteal muscles, and the lower back. They can also be used with lunges as well for added resistance.


Training with adjustable hand weights can make you strong

Working out with dumbbells is very effective, and GREAT fun! Personally, I find everything gets easier if you get in an exercise routine that you like, and for many that means using dumbbells

You can always go to Google images if you want to get more ideas for variations on the basic exercises.

There are a number of variations on these exercises and by modifying them you can achieve a slightly different effect and work the muscles in a totally new way. If you are unsure of how to do any of the exercises mentioned after researching them, the best idea is to visit your local gym and ask them to show you how to perform them effectively.

If any exercise is incorrectly performed it could cause damage or injury, so if in doubt seek professional guidance before attempting it on your own.

So, “Go For It!”

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