The 3 Best On Line Shopping Tips For The Health Conscious

Online Shopping TipsI’m a health nut who loves to shop on line. I am not one to knock traditional on-foot shopping as it does have it’s advantages. Personally, I’d rather take an actual whiff of a scent I’ve never tried before rather than engaging in an imaginary sniffing session prior to buying it on line.

But when it comes to finding the cheapest, but top-of-the-line, health products I’d say hands down that on line shopping is the better option. In this article I am going to sing the virtues of on-line shopping, and tell you what strategies to carry out to help you find the best deals when shopping for health products.

The history of on line shopping actually dates back to 1979 in the UK with the launch of Videotext (and later that year in the US via CompuServe and The Source). But the springtime of on line shopping took place during the so called “dot-com bust” in 2000, some years after the birth of the WorldWideWeb (1990), Netscape (1994) and (1995).

Before the dot-com bust, the stuff that you could order on line was limited to pizza, books, cars, and bikes to name a few. Today, you can buy virtually anything from safety pins to free-range eggs, to fine pieces of antique, or the latest models of sports cars (and everything in between, of course). And anyone who has a credit/debit card or PayPal™ account can enjoy the click-to-shop convenience of on line purchasing.

One of the biggest reasons why I shop via the web is because there is no recession on line.

Say what?

Yes, you read that correctly. Just look at these statistics:

Forrester Research Inc. counted up 1.63 billion of internet users worldwide in the current year, and predicts that the global on-line population will rise to 2.3 billion in 2014.

The whole world knows that the United States has been in the worst economic doldrums since its last administration. But according to eMarketer the number of American on line shoppers shot up from 163.1 million two years ago to 178.5 million this year (2011). The trend is generally the same elsewhere in the world.

Sixty percent of American consumers shop on-line at least once in a quarter. That’s more than one half of the entire US shopping population!

E-commerce is booming, and ALL the largest companies have on-line counterparts. Some big names even do business exclusively on-line such as DELL computers, Zappos, eBay, and some major airlines. alone for example raked in an 8.7% sales increase from 2009 to 2010. Even the global manufacturing giant China, with it’s limited on-line market presence, is experiencing tremendous eCommerce growth with its highly successful business-to-business (B2B) site

I’ve recently seen a number of local companies closing doors and setting up on-line, and it’s likely to increase in the future. Surely the already vast on-line marketplace will only continue to grow and expand in the decades to come.

The Boons of Cyber Shopping

Recently, I got a new CrazyFit™ Vibration Plate for less than half price by shopping on-line compared to the nearest stores.

It was delivered to my door and took less than a week to arrive. With easy set-up instructions and a great no-hassle warranty, I was up and running in 40 minutes.

I don’t think I would be enjoying this steal of a high-quality health equipment right now if I decided to shop offline instead.

The good news is that you can achieve the same feat. All you need is a computer with an internet connection or a smart phone and you’re good to go.

The advantages of on-line shopping include:

1. Convenience

On-line shopping is king when it comes to convenience in a number of ways:

a. Wide variety of choices. You’d go crazy with the limitless number of options available to you due to the greater selection of providers on-line compared to physical stores.

b. Hassle-free shopping. You don’t have to drive to physical shops and canvas one store at a time. That’s because Newtonian physics does not apply when you shop on-line. You can be in as many as 10, 20, even 30 (!) stores all at the same time. And since you’re shopping via the World Wide Web, territorial barriers are non-existent as well. Can’t find the health equipment you’re looking for locally? Then check out on line sellers whose companies are based anywhere, for example, in the United States, Canada, or even Europe.

c. Speed of transaction. You don’t have to drive to the store and endure the traffic that driving from point A to point B entails. You don’t have to fall in line to pay for the items you’ve chosen. You don’t have to be stalled by the long sales pitches of well-intentioned, but persuasively argumentative salespeople who are determined to make you walk out of their store with a purchase or two.

d. Non-stop business. Unlike brick and mortar shops, the virtual doors of web stores are perennially wide open for potential customers. No need to wait for the mall to open in the morning. No need to rush to make it to the store before it closes at 8 pm either. You can shop at the most ungodly hour and on-line stores won’t care. Your transactions will still be processed instantly.

2. Shopping-related financial savings

Many people have turned to on-line shopping due to steeper gas prices. Going from one stall to another can also be physically exhausting, requiring you to refuel with some decent grub somewhere for you to carry on with your quest to find the perfect health supplement or sports equipment.

3. Rock-bottom merchandise prices can be yours

You normally won’t get these from physical stores. That’s because they have much higher business overheads compared to on-line stores. Also, consumer demands and continuously growing competition drive on-line suppliers to further mark down their prices. They also have coupons and bulk shopping discounts (particularly with health foods and supplements) that you won’t get from physical stores.

4. Safety and security

This is a very legitimate concern when shopping on-line. But the great news is that security software programs are constantly being upgraded to ensure the safest and smoothest transactions. A lot of stores regularly update their security system as well.

Consumer confidence is increasing in spite of the threats that hacking and identity theft pose when shopping on-line. Most stores also have iron-clad or unconditional money-back guarantees that make on-line buying just as reassuring as offline shopping. Shipment options enable you to approximate the product’s arrival date. You are also supplied a tracking number so you’ll know the delivery status of your ordered item(s).

Still Not Convinced That on-line Shopping is Safe and Secure?

I have personally enjoyed shopping on-line for the last 11 years without any bad experiences, but here are some tips to further help you protect yourself on-line:

  • The store has to be licensed. The store’s URL has to begin with “https://” as well.
  • Find out if an on-line shop’s security system is hacker-proof by googling the name of the of the store along with the word “scam” and look at the generated results. You can also check for third-party verification on the website itself.
  • Of course basic common sense rules apply when shopping on-line. Never use a public computer when making on-line purchases. And don’t forget to delete personal history after every transaction even if you are using your own PC.

If you are still iffy about an on-line store’s security measures you can send an e-mail to their customer support and ask technical or more detailed questions regarding the safety of shopping from their site.

So How Do You Find the Best Health and Fitness Products On-line?

Fortunately, just a little more than basic Google skills are needed to help you find the best product deals on line. Here are some tips that you can follow today to help you nail the best purchases on the web.

Read and compare product features really well.

It might take a few more minutes to navigate a site completely, but this still beats actual shopping for convenience and simplicity. Very detailed product specs help you narrow down the best choices that would suit your budget and needs. I, for one can be a very busy person, and I like to make the most of every physical fitness workout. I found the P90x schedule suits my rather hectic lifestyle. So I decided to buy it, and am now enjoying improved fitness and health.

Read customer reviews.

You simply make the most objective, educated choices when you shop on-line. Sales folks can be pretty biased by just informing you about the positives of the item you’re interested in, but when you shop on-line you find out about the plus and minuses of the product choices available, thanks to the plethora of reviews written by actual paying customers world wide who have already road-tested the products you’re interested in (on-line retail superstores such as Amazon and eBay post no-holds-barred customer reviews on their sites). These reviews helped me when picking the Bowflex dumbbells to enhance my P90x workouts over all the other adjustable dumbbells available in the market.

Compare prices and choose the best products without compromising your health goals.

A product or program might be cheaper than the others but if it doesn’t work out for you then you only end up wasting money and spending more, as you’d still have to keep on looking for the best product that would address your individual goals and needs.

In a Nutshell

On line shopping can be a really fun and rewarding experience. Not only is it faster, cheaper, more convenient, and secure. You will discover myriads of options you didn’t even know existed, which in the end help you make the best product choices. Take advantage of this revolutionary shopping method to improve your health and your life, today!

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