Seagull S6 Original Acoustic Guitar Review – Features, Build Quality & More

Seagull S6 Original Acoustic GuitarWhen I became interested in learning to play an acoustic guitar, I knew I wanted to find one that had the best possible features, but as a beginner, I didn’t want to spend a fortune. So I did some research that helped me to narrow my options for real reasons, and not just because it was the first inexpensive instrument I saw.

I checked out several websites that helped me to know what features to look for in a beginner’s instrument. As a result, I found that the Seagull S6 original acoustic guitar met all my requirements for price, construction and sound. In spite of it being great for a novice, it would also serve as an instrument that could transition me into a more advanced guitar when the time is right.

The main features that sold me on this particular Seagull Guitar were the sound, the beauty of the wood and the extra strength and durability of the neck. When you put down good money on an instrument, you want to be sure that you are making the best choice you can. The quality really is in the build…

Appearance of the S6 Original Acoustic Guitar

I knew that I wanted a guitar with wood construction. This was not just because of the appearance, but I also understood that different types of wood have different sounds. The S6 by Seagull has four different types of wood involved in the construction:

  • The top is made of solid Cedar
  • The back and sides are made of domestic Wild Cherry
  • The neck is solid Silver Leaf Maple or Mahogany
  • The bridge, saddle and fret-board are made of Rosewood

The finish is lacquer. So, it’s not only beautiful to look at, but the sound is great. The Wild Cherry provides a unique tone blended with the warmth of the Mahogany and the crisp definition of the Maple. The Rosewood fret-board is easy on the fingers.

How The Neck Shape Helps Playability

Every part of a guitar is important, but I out found that particular care is taken when making the Seagull S6 neck:

  • It begins as a solid piece of wood (the craftsmen who work on the neck of the instrument are called Luthiers)
  • They do the sanding with careful attention to precise specifications, and, I was a little surprised to learn that the neck plays a role in sound production, as the vibrations contribute to the overall richness of it’s tone.
  • The neck must be slim enough for a beginner to be comfortable in all hand positions, and more acoustic players use the entire neck for chords.
  • Moving beyond those open chords played on all parts of the neck requires a slim and comfortable neck.


Sound Quality fo the Seagull S6

The combination of woods provide a guitar that sounds warm yet crisp. The tones are very appealing, with a dark warmth that sounds better than other cheaply-made instruments. I had read about the tone before, yet it wasn’t until I stood in a local music store and asked the salesperson to demonstrate the sounds made by several different brands and models of acoustics, that I really got it. Even a novice with an untrained ear, such as myself, could hear the difference. This Seagull Acoustic Guitar has a mature sound, nothing tinny or brittle.

The Stability Of The Neck

Some other features about the neck construction really caught my attention. The strength and the stability of a guitar neck can be affected by the way the headstock is produced. The description of how Seagull creates the headstock proved to me that it is stronger than a less expensive instrument. The S6 cuts the neck piece at a 45 degree angle. The top piece is then glued into place, but the grain of the head stock is reversed from that of neck section. This method provides incredible stability with no twisting or splitting of the neck pieces due to weakness of the joint.

Check For Lowest Prices For The Seagull S6 Guitar Other Features At A Glance

  • Made in Canada
  • Select Pressure Tested Top
  • Double Action Truss Rod
  • Tapered Headstock for precise and stable tuning and great for open tunings
  • Tusq nut and compensated saddle for better intonation
  • Dimensions: 11 x 44 x 17 inches ; 8 pounds


Tuning Minus The Twist

When I thought about the tuning process, the next feature that helped to sell me on the S6 became obvious. If you put tension on one of the strings to tune it, a guitar neck can be pulled out of balance which will require more effort to tune it. You will need to go back and tune the strings a second time, just to bring the notes into proper balance. In the Seagull, the arrangement of the strings doesn’t pull to one side or the other. It is more of a straight run from tuning mechanism to the bridge.

A Double Truss Rod – More Control Over The Neck

Another feature included in the construction for necks of Seagull acoustics is a double truss system. Most guitars have an adjustable rod of metal built into the instrument. When the neck develops a bow caused by tension on the strings or humidity changes, the usual practice is to loosen the adjustable truss rod and allow the neck to revert back to it’s optimum alignment. The Seagull uses a double truss so that the rod can move in either direction. This provides much better control over the neck.

Cleverly Built Heel Makes It Stronger – Keeps It In Tune

The store salesman tuned one of the other models, played a few chords and then handed the instrument to me. By the time I got my hands positioned correctly and played an open chord or two, it was obvious that the instrument was already slightly out of tune. I read that the Seagull S6 doesn’t have that problem. Different players put varying amounts of pressure on the heel of the hand. This can slightly affect the ability of the guitar to stay on pitch. The Seagull solved this problem by adding a maple dowel through the heel of the neck, thus making the neck stronger and less likely to get out of tune.

Neck Pitch Perfection – Superior Joinery

The angle of the joining between the body and neck of a guitar is called the neck pitch. If the angle is too open, the tone of the guitar will be tinny. When the angle is too far to the front, the guitar sound will be dull and will be missing the high frequency resonance. The superior S6 wood to wood joining is not only at the precisely correct angle, but it doesn’t include any glue to ruin the rich tonal qualities.

Saddle – Sound Quality And Less Slippage

The Tusq nuts and quality saddles are fully compensated. This further improves the sound quality. The seating means there is less slippage and constant retuning required. I found it amazing that every detail of these guitars has been precisely selected to give beginners and intermediate players full enjoyment.


What You Should Expect to Pay for the S6?

The Seagull S6 Original is an exceptional acoustic guitar, but can be found for as little as $419.00 through some Internet vendors. You can expect to pay as much as $569.00 retail in some places. consistently offers the best price for a “new” guitar at around $400.00, or $315.00 for a “Used” one, and you get all the advantages and security that comes from shopping on Amazon, and many times FREE shipping too.

Check For Lowest Prices For The Seagull S6 Guitar

Warranty Information

It took a bit of searching, but here’s what I found out about their warranties on their guitars – 1 year for braces and electronics, 2 years for bridges, 3 years on the neck. Pretty standard stuff. It is also possible to take out accidental cover for $66.99 at Amazon when you buy a guitar there. It’s called a SquareTrade 3-Year Musical Instrument Accident Protection Warranty and features

  • 3-year coverage from date of purchase: drops & spills, electrical & mechanical failures
  • Fixed or receive full replacement cost in 5 days or less-guaranteed
  • Free 2-way shipping for repairs
  • 100% parts and labor covered with no deductibles
  • Cancel anytime-full refund in first 30 days

The service has over 5,000 5 star reviews at Amazon, with an average rating of 4.68 out of 5, and has been recommended by NBC, Forbes, and Fox News. You can even transfer the cover to another person if your guitar changes ownership.

User Reviews And Feedback

When it comes to real-user and customer feedback, the Seagull S6 is practically faultless. Obviously, this is a guitar that everyone really loves! Pretty much 100% of purchasers who have left comments and feedback around the web give the S6 a “5 out of 5” star rating, so the overall average is 4.9… Wow!

It’s rare to see a product that gets such good feedback from people who have shelled out hard cash to get a product, but there it is. Some of their comments include

  • “It might be the best $400 I’ve ever spent”
  • “is a fantastic guitar that plays beautifully and sounds better every year”
  • “You could spend a lot more money and not get an instrument this nice”
  • “For $400, it’s hard to imagine that you’ll do better”
  • “it sounds great, feels good and plays so very well”
  • “you get a quite a bit more of what really counts”
  • “It’s designed to be played, not displayed on a wall. If you’re serious about guitar playing, stop reading this and go get one”
  • “I have been playing this guitar for 7 years… never gotten sick of this guitar and play it daily”
  • “it sounds great and is easy to play”
  • “the quality of the S6 cannot be ignored”
  • “but they undeniably built one of the best guitars I’ve ever played”
  • “Buy one and go to sleep knowing that you got a steal of a deal”


User Complaints

It’s hard to find any negative comments about this guitar, the only comment I could find was from a guy who purchased one and it got damaged in transit – I’m sure that happens sometimes, but is rectified rapidly to everyone’s satisfaction. He still gave it a 4-Star review! Not bad!

Where To Buy

You can purchase this one from online retailers like or others, but from what I’ve seen, the best deals are always at Amazon for new stuff. Especially with the free shipping option available.

You can SAVE about 30% on a brand new machine (compared to the more expensive ones I saw on the web), or 45% on a refurbished or used one. Personally, I like the “trust” factor that comes from shopping with the Amazon giant.

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