The Pros And Cons Of Home Workouts And The Classic P90x Schedule

Classic P90X Schedule Home WorkoutHaving been lucky enough to try both the public gym and the home workout at some stage in my life, I’ve found there are benefits and disadvantages to both choices. Here I will showcase my ideas on this, and let you decide which way you will go. But, and it’s a big BUT, remember, you really don’t need to decide on either one, as there is another option…

There are many perks that come along with working out at home. For one thing, if you value your privacy when working out, then you get all that you are looking for by working out at home, which in many cases means you will focus better and workout harder. There is also no need to buy a gym membership and that helps to save a great amount of cash. Just pick up the P90X program, and away you go.

Also time can be saved by not having to travel back-and-forth, and you decide the opening hours, which makes it ultra-convenient [for example, when I was in college, I liked to workout from about 6am to 8am before the gym was even open. Luckily for me, as I was a Karate instructor there, I was allowed a set of keys to come and go as I liked, but you may not have this luxury

  • Privacy
  • Better focus
  • Less distractions
  • No costly memberships
  • Save on travel time
  • No travel costs
  • No queues for equipment
  • No small talkers to steal your valuable time

When you don’t have to queue to use certain pieces of equipment, you can get your workout done faster, and with better flow… resulting in greater results overall, and they come more easily. My experience in public gyms is that there can be a lot of time-wasters that go to the gym to “shoot-the-breeze”, and steal your valuable time. You really need to learn to get around them and focus on the task at hand for best results.

Why NOT Workout At Home?

There are a few disadvantages to working out at home in preference to going to the local gym that I thought I would like to mention here

For many, the atmosphere at a good gym [with a lot of serious guys and girls, that are there to do the business] is a perk that is too valuable to miss out on. In such a good atmosphere, you just get inspired to do your best by the power of association, and workouts feel easier than ever. By working out at home exclusively, you could miss this altogether.

There is danger when working out at home of becoming unregulated, by missing days, and if you’re not very organized you can end up messing around and getting nowhere. It can take a lot of personal discipline. You can easily lose motivation and “space-out”, resulting in a big nothing.

You need to get organized and set out a routine that you will stick to. Initially, pick a certain number of days and times that you will do it without letting yourself get distracted, and STICK TO IT…

Remember, setting up a home gym normally requires an investment of cash, and although it will be a well worth while investment, still it is an investment, and will have to be funded somehow. You need to work out a budget of what you can afford to spend over say, a year, and either pay it up-front or over time.

You will miss-out on the social-side of working out if you only do it at home. Any decent gym has a few aspects to this, not only is there the usual daily interaction with the trainers and instructors at the gym, who can offer valuable experience and know-how from years of personal success, but also at a good gym you will find organized events including parties at holiday times and other social events to help bond the members in a healthy atmosphere.

There is a real “buzz” that goes on at a gym that is practically impossible to create at home. Meeting new people and making new friends are all part of life at the local gym.

  • It can be harder to focus for some
  • You can become unregulated
  • Loss of motivation
  • Need to be organized and disciplined
  • No social element at home
  • No personal technical guidance at home
  • You may need to buy equipment

As I said earlier, my realization is that although you can choose one option or the other, in reality, you have another option, which many of you will have realized already, and that is, that you can do both! And why not? I personally could not exclude either option from my life.

Getting the best of both worlds!

Get all the benefits of personal guidance, social life, encouragement, and great facilities at the local gym. If you are in it for the long-run, especially in today’s economic climate, you can haggle a great deal with your local gym for a flexible membership that allows you full use of their facilities. Just go and ask.. trust me on this one, as I am in touch with several gym owners who will accept practically unheard of deals for long-term memberships today.

While setting up a small home gym is neither difficult, nor fiercely expensive either. Just get your hands on some practical equipment for the job, for example, the space saving “tools-of-the-trade” like the Bowflex 552 dumbbells are perfect for an almost instant home gym set-up because they can replace 15 individual sets of normal dumbbells thus saving you a ton of space. If you need an organized routine that you can follow at home for fantastic results, then look at my classic P90X schedule review. It’s got the best feedback at Amazon for almost any fitness related product that I have ever seen. Getting a well respected and proven exercise plan like the P90x can make it easier to see the success you want when working out at home.

So I hope my experiences in this area have been helpful to you in deciding whether you would like to take out a membership at your local gym, or to set-up a home gym, or BOTH!

Important Factors To Consider When Setting Up A Home Gym

The Importance of Space

When it comes to checking out personal equipment, size matters a great deal. One of the best places to set up your own exercise area is a spare bedroom. An extra bedroom will provide you with a good area for many different types of exercise.

Another important advantage of a spare bedroom is the privacy that it affords. This is very important when you are just beginning an exercise program. It is no ones business if you can only do ten minutes on the treadmill, or only a few repetitions on your machine.

When you have your own room, you can separate your exercise from the rest of your daily activities. This can give it a special importance. You also are more likely to use the room and stick with your program, when the room has a special purpose.

Another space that you may wish to consider is the basement. Unfinished basement space can be the ideal workout area. There is no need to spend a lot of money fixing the area up. Just make sure that it is clean and you have plenty of room.

Of course, you may not have a spare bedroom or basement space to utilize. That is still no reason not to exercise. A corner in the living room is all that you need. However, you will have to purchase your equipment based on space first, and then exercise needs. For example, you may need to buy something that will fold up and easily store.

Choosing the Right Equipment

Maybe you are into lifting weights. Perhaps a good cardio workout is the most important thing that you are looking for. Whatever the reason, you will need equipment. One of the best ways to save money on equipment is with combination machines. Many machines are made to give you an excellent total body workout, and these items should not be overlooked.

When you are shopping for equipment, it is important to know as much about them as you can. One excellent way to learn about the proper equipment is the Internet. Online reviews can be an excellent source of information.

Online Reviews

When you look over online reviews, they will not all be created equal. For example, some reviews will be about a certain kind of machine, and at the same time, there will be ads to click on, to buy this machine. This is not always the most reliable kind of review.

If a review recommends a specific product and also sells the product on the same web page, the author of the review has a special interest in the product. However, this does not mean that it is a bad or defective machine, it only means that you should do some more research before buying.

Which Machine to Buy

There is no set answer on which kind of multiple purpose machine you should buy. This will depend on the kind of workout that you want and need. For example, you may only wish to walk on a regular basis. In that case, a treadmill may be all that you need.

Yet, you may wish to work out your entire body, and you will have to look closely for the right equipment. One of the best ways is to try before you buy. Look for equipment that has a money back guarantee. This way, you will have very little to lose, and everything to gain. Also, look for demonstration models in department and sport stores. This can give you a good feel for the machine, before you buy it.

If you know someone that is into fitness, talk to them about your plans. They may have some excellent suggestions. Also, if you have friends or family with exercise machines, ask to use theirs for a week or so. This will give you an excellent way to evaluate the machine.

Maybe someone has equipment that they no longer use. This happens all the time. You may have the perfect chance to pick up some great gear for a very low price. There is a lot of used exercise gear gathering dust, that has seen very little wear and tear.


Do plenty of research before you buy anything, and try to check out things that friends, neighbors, or family have. You may get to try before you buy. This may also be the perfect way to pick up some very inexpensive and effective exercise gear, secondhand. The best reviews for exercise equipment are found at because they are from confirmed purchasers.



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