11+ Best Radar Detectors For Your Car

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Speeding fines, sneaky check points that try to catch you off guard, these are things that can cost you a lot of money.

Now by no means are we encouraging unsafe driving, but sometimes these speed cameras or zones are quite sneakily placed, which we think is unfair to you, the driver.

This is where radar detectors come in, they can help you avoid sneaky speed cameras and help you to avoid silly fines which none of us have time for, right?

Today we are going to review the best 11 radar detectors on the current market across all price ranges including ones which have cool extra features.

Don’t become victim to another sneaky speed camera or mobile unit ever again.

Read on below to see which 11 radars made our best of list.


Best Radar Detectors


1. Uniden R3 Extreme Long Range Radar Detector

The Uniden R3 Extreme Long Range Radar Detector produces industry leading performance in radar detection, featuring advanced false alert filtering this radar is the ultimate choice for drivers who require the best level of protection from speeding tickets.

With the built in GPS technology, the R3 can remember and mute common false alerts such as automatic doors in retail stores which can give off false detection’s. It will remember these false detection’s via your regularly driven routes gps memory.

It is equipped with pre loaded speed camera and red light locations with regular free firmware and database updates to ensure your radar will always remain up to date and ready to keep you informed. It comes in a sleek black color.

featuring a multi color OLED display that allows for all useful information to be displayed at once, this will improve your overall awareness and enable you to keep your eyes on the road with no unsafe distractions.

Voice alerts can be used which enable for hands free use and will provide clear communication to you, the driver, voice alerts can be programmed to fit your driving style so that you can stay focused on the road.

Collision avoidance is another safety feature built into this radar detector, adding even more safety to the unit.

The Uniden R3 Extreme is in a class of its own when it comes to radar detectors, it will  help you avoid speeding fines while at the same time keeping you safe from collisions and distractions, don’t get caught out by that sneaky speed camera ever again and get yours today.

Both single and double suction cup mounts included as well as a cigarette adapter cable and a carry case. Mount on your dash or you window –  you choose.

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2. Uniden DFR7 Super Long Range Radar Detector

You will see a few Uniden radar detectors featured in todays article because Uniden are the leading provider in radar detectors and because more than 1 of their products meet our Best 11 requirements.

The Uniden DFR7 Radar Detector provides super long range sensitivity by offering wide band protection from all radar and laser guns, as well as offering advanced false alert filtering which as mentioned above in the prior product review is the ability to differentiate false detection’s such as automatic retail doors from actual speed camera or laser signals.

Gps technology is also built in to this radar, meaning that the DFR7 can remember and mute common false alerts along your regularly driven routes to prevent you ever having to listen to the same false alert twice.

Red light and speed camera locations are pre loaded into the radar and you will be alerted whenever you are approaching one, free database and firmware updates keep your radar up to date for life.

Voice alerts allow for hands free operation and provide crystal clear communication, you can program these alerts to suit your driving style so that you can keep your eyes on the road.

OLED display is easy to read, displays radar frequencies and again, gives you collision avoidance features to ensure your safety.

A very productive and useful radar for any driver, don’t get caught out by those sneaky speed cameras ever again.

Mount on dash or window. 

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3. Cobra RAD450 Radar Detector

The Cobra Radar Detector offers long range radar detection, when you are in flat, open conditions the range goes up to at least 2 miles, wow!

The IVT Filter TM system reduces false alerts so that you only hear about what you need to hear about.

Featuring an eye catching OLED display, this high quality display displays band identification icons and a numeric signal strength meter to provide the driver with accurate information.

This radar promptly detects radars and laser gun so that you can instantly adjust your speed within a second, never get caught out again.

1 year warranty is included you can know you are getting a top quality radar detector, mount on dash or window.

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4. Escort Passport S55 Radar detector

The all new Passport S55 is one of the most advanced high performing laser and radar detector in today’s market.

With improved radar protection, high performance laser protection and auto sensitivity mode.

It will give you long range warnings on all laser and radar bands, long range K and Ka band radar performance including instant-on POP mode.

As always with any radar we review, the ability to detect false signals is built in to this radar detector.

Compatible with Escort Live, and exclusive real time ticket protection network which can warn you of upcoming alerts received and reported by other drivers in the area, Escort live also gives you access to local speed limit data and over speed alerts.

It can alert you either visually or by sound. Mount on dash or window.

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5. Uniden R7  Extreme Long Range Radar Detector

The Uniden R7 is in a class of it’s own, this radar detector is for the driver who requires first class top quality radar and laser detection at the highest end.

With industry leading performance, It has advanced false alert filtering preventing you from distractions so that you can focus on the road while getting notified of any and every speeding camera, laser gun or police officer.

It features dual antennas with directional arrows which means that the R7 detects threats from all directions offering 360 degree protection, the arrows will show the direction of the threat, it even shows the band and signal strength for each detection, how good!

GPS technology is built in to the R7 so that it can remember your driving routes and false alerts.

As with every decent radar detector, it will alert you of any speeding cameras or red lights, the radar is kept up to date with the built in firmware which has access to the up to date database.

Voice alerts allow for hands free operation and they provide crystal clear communication, they are programmable to suit your driving style to prevent distractions while you are driving.

Large ultra bright OLED display and the radar is completely undetectable.

Single and double suction mounts are included with your purchase, as well as cigarette lighter cable adapter with USB and a neoprene carry case.

Mount on your dash or window.

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6. Escort Max360 Laser Rador Detector

The Escort Max360 Laser Radar Detector is another one of our high end radar detectors.

It features unique auto learn technology which helps the radar to customize itself to suit your driving style as you go, It has GPS features, IVT filtering and auto sensitivity to prevent false alerts by learning your routes and your vehicle speed.

With 360 degree protection, it will pick up threats from all around you and will show arrows on the display screen pointing toward the threat.

Access to the Escort Live app which gives you exclusive access to the escort community where other drivers share and receive over 100 million alerts per year!

The Escort Live app will notify you of police radars, live traffic updates, speed limits in certain areas, speed camera locations and red light areas.

Included is a free travel case, smart cord USB with auto mute for power and a premium mount for easy installation on the dash or window.

A top notch radar detector which will not disappoint you.

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7. Innoo Tech Anti Spy Detector & Camera Finder

The Innoo Tech Anti Spy Detector & Camera Finder is a handy hand held camera and GPS detector that can be used in the car, office, home, bathroom, important meetings etc in order to protect your sensitive information.

It helps to detect hidden cameras or GPS trackers so that your sensitive information is protected and safe.

Easy to use and highly portable with a powerful built in battery, high quality and new optimized button feel.

It provides full range detection and included with your purchase is the device itself, the signal antennas, power adapters and USB cable.

This device picks up hidden cameras or devices that are trying to spy on you by alerting you with an alarm sound upon spy detection. 

The closer you are to the source of any spy ware, the faster the alarm will sound, you can adjust the sensitivity settings.

This is the ultimate tool if you have sensitive information to protect or if you suspect that someone is spying on you or trying to track you.

Use for anything, anywhere, anytime. This product is highly affordable generally pricing for under $50.

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8. Whistler CR65 Laser Radar Detector

The Whistler CR65 Laser Radar Detector is a unit which provides all of the features that a good radar detector should have for an affordable price!

Typically this unit goes for under $60, while at the same time not sacrificing quality for cost. A perfect gift or radar detector for any beginner or for someone on a tight budget.

It offers 360 degrees of complete detection and protection, a mounting kit and 12V power cord are both provided with your purchase.

It features different modes such as Laser stealth mode, laser ally and LTI truspeed S mode.

Additionally it has a POP mode which is an advanced speed detection feature that responds to brief short bursts of radar.

False alert detection is built in which will prevent you from being distracted by fake alerts or unimportant signals such as retail store automatic doors etc.

A great radar at a great price!

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9. Cobra ESR800 12 Band Radar Detector

The Cobra ESR800 is another good quality, functional radar detector at an affordable price which doesn’t sacrifice quality for cost.

It features 12 band radar detection capabilities as well as voice alert features.

Voice alerts verbally notify you when threats are ahead of you, keeping you safe from distractions while driving,

The voice alert will provide you with specific band detection, There is a built in ultra bright easy to read data display.

Comes with all accessories to get it going and can be mounted on the dash or window as always.

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10. Escort iXc Radar Detector with Dash Camera

A top quality radar detector with a high definition video recorder! 

Providing long range radar detection as well as high quality video recording capabilities, it’s got all you need in one.

Compatible with the iRadar app which will give you real time crowd sourced speed camera trap alerts, it is pre loaded with red light and speed camera locations using GPS for android and iphone.

The camera is a high resolution camera with options to manage its content via your smartphone, enabling you to view, share and edit your videos. Full HD 1080p quality.

The Escort iXc radar detector has ultra fast response times and warns you early when a threat looms, it will detect in front and also behind you.

Charging cable, mounting tools are all included, mount on dash or window.

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11. Radenso Pro M Radar Detector

The Radenso Pro M Radar Detector provides extreme range of up to several miles of threat detection enabling you to pickup radars, cameras and laser long before you get there.

Exceptional false alert filtering by analyzing the DNA of radar signatures, it will filter out all types of false alerts by using radar cruise control which is a user friendly feature.

Built in GPS which provides route memory and helps the device to learn how you drive.

Red light and speed camera alerts will keep you ahead of sneaky speed cameras or cop cars and tell you when a red light is coming up.

The built in USB port allows you to access free monthly updates which you obtain from home ensuring your radar will always be kept up to date.

This is another one of the more high end radars due to its long range capabilities, we have tried it and we highly recommend this radar detector.

All required accessories to operate it are included and it can be mounted on the dash or the windscreen.

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In Conclusion

All radars which we have reviewed today can be easily mounted onto your dashboard or window, each product comes with all the necessary accessories to set it up and keep it powered.

At the end of the day you just want a radar which will do the basic things such as detecting speed cameras, radars and lasers.

Whether or not you want the extra features is up to you, there is a radar for everyone’s budget but keep in mind the more you pay can potentially give you a faster,higher performing radar detector as well as some very useful bonus features.

So read the reviews above and choose which radar looks like it will best suit your individual needs and requirements.

All radars reviewed in todays article are of the highest quality, they are best selling and will do the job for you.

Final Verdict


We at wise buyers like all of the above radars, but if we had to choose just 1, we would go with the Uniden R3 Extreme Long Range Radar Detector due to the amazing features and quality it packs.

It has all the core features you should get from a good radar detector as well as having all the right accessories included to get it set up fast.

It has all the extra bells and whistles in terms of extra features and it is why we rate it in at number 1.

It is one of the top selling most popular radar detectors on Amazon to date.