11+ Best Products For College Students (Top Rated)

products college students must have

Today we are going to show you some of the best products for college students which you can add into your dorm room.

When you are studying toward your life’s ambitions or goals you want to save money and time while you are a college student because money and time are of the essence during these times.

We understand that for college students saving money but still having high quality and useful products are very important, having studied in the past ourselves we know which products work well for students and which ones don’t.

From technology products to decor and much much more, you will find useful and high quality yet affordable products which will greatly benefit life for you as a college student.

These products will make your living quarters look and feel better while also providing great functionality at the same time.

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Read on below to discover the best products that you can add into your study quarters.



Best Products For College Students


1. Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Headphones by Active

Every college student should own a pair of bluetooth noise cancelling wireless headphones. 

In today’s modern world having such headphones are highly useful and valuable for concentration, focus and privacy.

These noise cancelling headphones eliminate outside noises of up to 24dB, they can block out city traffic noises, noise in a busy library or office and keep you focused on what you need to hear only.

Enjoy all of your movies, tv series and audio in natural high quality HD sound. Using advanced bluetooth v 4.2 technology as well as being compatible with older versions of bluetooth these headphones are compatible with most bluetooth enabled devices.

They produce clear and crisp quality sound, you can adjust them to fit your head comfortably with the swivelling ear cup and the extendable arm as well as the headband being foldable.

You get a whopping 35 hours of playtime for all day use and some! There is a built in rechargeable battery, you can also use these as a wired headphone if you prefer that with the included audio cable.

You are in full control with these headphones, there is a user friendly hands free function which enables you to make calls, choose music tracks, adjust the volume and turn the headphones on and off.

These headphones provide affordability and great quality which is important to any college student on a tight budget, for under $60 you will get a durable and reliable yet premium pair of wireless headphones which will be sure to keep you focused and entertained for hours on end.

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2. Strong Reinforced Mesh Pop Up Laundry Holder

Every college student needs somewhere to put their laundry or else their dorm room ends up in a complete mess, embarrassing!

The strong reinforced mesh pop up laundry holder is your one stop solution for that problem, it is very affordable, very portable and it takes up minimum space which for a college student is very important.

It is easily folded away to put under your bed or anywhere else and it pops up for use in a second, it is made from high quality reinforced and double stitched components ensuring that it won’t break on you like other similar products have done so in the past. This design has been enhanced to ensure durability and performance.

It can hold up to 50lbs worth of laundry, it is large enough to hold a week’s worth of clothes! (14.5”×14.5”×24.5”).

There is an extra side pocket on it to put laundry products into or a book for when you take it to the laundromat or wherever you do your laundry.

You can also use it for travel and a 30 day money back guarantee is provided.

On the product link below you can choose what color unit you want and you can choose from a 1 or a 2 value pack, these are super affordable coming in at under $9 a unit!

This is easily one of the essential must haves for any student out there.

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3. Pure Zone 3-in-1 Air Purifier 

A lot of dorm or student rooms tend to have poor ventilation or be prone to dampness and dangerous mold as well as cold temperatures.

This is where the 3-in-1 Air Purifier comes in, it will sanitize your air of 99.7% of dusts, pollen, pet dander, smoke and household odors.

It will prevent mold and dampness from building up in your room and help to keep it dry and warm. It is completely safe due to the fact ithat it never uses ionizers or ozone generators to help keep you safe from lung related illnesses.

It will also help prevent you from being more vulnerable to illnesses. It is very energy efficient and easy to use.

It has a nice touch button technology, you can easily select between 3 automated timer settings to save energy or run it non stop after choosing one of three fan speeds.

You get a 3-in-1 air purifier, a 3-in-1 air filter and a UV-C light bulb as well as a mammoth 5 year warranty! 

Keep your room healthy, fresh and dry by getting yours today on the link below.


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4. Anker Soundcore 2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Every student needs a portable bluetooth speaker! Whether it be to sound cast a tutorial or to play some music to help you focus and study or whether you have some friends around and want to jam a few tunes, this speaker comes in at under $40 but maintains the high quality that you expect and deserve as a consumer.

Truly powerful sound with 12W of pure audio and enhanced bass from dual drivers, it has an advanced digital signal processor which ensures that you get pounding bass and zero distortion at all volumes.

Experience intense bass with the patented spiral bass port with low frequencies providing beats that thunder home even harder.

It is outdoor proof meaning it is safe to use in the rain, it is also safe against dust and spills, use it anywhere, anytime!

Once fully charged it will give you 24 hours of non stop playback with its high quality li-ion battery, a full day of sounds!

Easy to use, affordable and durable, this speaker is suited for any college student to use anywhere, anytime.

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5. Super Soft Reversible Plush Blanket by Sherpa

Another highly useful product for students this year is a Super Soft Reversible Plush Blanket. Use it to keep warm anywhere, anytime whether you are in bed or staying up late studying.

On the product link above you can choose your color choice and blanket size. Made from microfiber cashmere velvet material which is very warm and feels very luxurious.

It is reversible offering you a color to suit any room. It looks sleek and modern and will match up with any decor theme that you’ve got going on in your dorm or college room.

As mentioned above the dimensions for the blanket are up to you, simply select your blanket size and color choice on the product page.

Easy to care and maintain, you can chuck it into a cold machine wash on gentle or delicate wash. Tumble dry it on low heat or air dry it.

The color will not fade and the fabric will not deteriorate or shed even after multiple wash cycles have been done.

The manufacturer backs its quality so much that they offer a 100% money back guarantee if you are not happy. 

Enhance your dorm rooms appearance and enjoy some luxurious comfort and warmth by getting yours at an affordable price today on the product link below.

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6. Modern Contemporary Rug by Safavieh Evoke

Another one of the products college goers must have have is the Modern Contemporary Rug. Select a circle or square shape rug, select your rug size and then choose your color from the available colors and you are one step closer to sprucing up the appearance and feel of your room.

They suit any style of decor, they look sleek and modern and are comfortable to walk or chill on.

They are an easy to care for rug and they do not shred due to their refined power-loomed high quality design.

Made from premium polypropylene fibers which provide high comfort and durability.

The sleek 0.35 inch rug thickness allows you to place it underneath all furniture and entrance ways.

Safavieh has been a trusted leader and brand in furnishing for over 100 years providing the best quality style, trends and workmanship. 

Make your room look and feel better today by checking out the link below where you can choose all of your preferences for your own rug.

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7. Memory Foam Mattress Topper by BedStory

This is another product that we highly recommend for your dorm room because every student has a bed and every student needs a good night’s sleep to ensure that you perform at your highest level when it comes to your goals and studies.

The Memory Foam Mattress Topper provides just that, it will help you to get an improved nights sleep, it will improve the overall comfort and warmth of your mattress no matter how uncomfortable or comfortable it already is.

From the product link above you can choose if you want a 2 or 3 inch thickness for your mattress topper, you choose what size topper you want in accordance with the size of your bed, all bed sizes are covered for selection choice on the link.

It is made from memory foam which will not only help with overall comfort but it will help to relieve pressure points which are very common in students due to sitting all day at a desk.

It has an easy to wash removable cover, it is very durable and breathable featuring a cool ventilated design which keeps you refreshed and comfortable due to its ability to provide proper airflow and prevent overheating.

The memory foam supports your lower back allowing you to maintain a neutral spine during sleep. Your bed can easily be enhanced and improved by simply adding this affordable high quality mattress topper to it.

Fully safe on the skin and certified to US standards it is suitable for anyone and to top that off you get a massive 10 year warranty included with your purchase which is a testament to the confidence of the seller believing that they are providing one of the best quality and most popular mattress toppers out there in today’s market.

Check your sizing options on the link below, this is a purchase any college student should have and you will not regret it.

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8. 5 Piece Bed In A Bag Comforter Set by AmazonBasics

Yet another one of the products college students must have by AmazonBasics, the 5 Piece Bed Set is all that any student needs to get their bedding needs sorted all in one stop!

You get a comforter blanket, a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, a sham and a pillow case! You can select your size and color preferences from the product page link above or below.

All of the pieces in the set complement each other wonderfully to give you a stylish looking complete bedding set.

Made from 100% warm polyester microfiber fabric giving you a soft and gentle feel. The comforter filling is also made up from 100% polyester giving you great warmth.

Made to the highest quality standards, these sets are run thru vigorous tests to ensure that they meet high safety and environmental standards.

Choose from the vast range of different colors and choose to buy 1 set or you can select the value pack which gives you 4 different complete sets for a discounted overall price per set.

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9. Multi Use Folding Laptop / Food Desk

Another one of the highly versatile products college students must have this year, the Multi Use Folding Laptop and Food Desk can serve many useful purposes for the everyday college student.

It can be used as a travel desk, a laptop stand, a bed tray, a bed table, a book stand, a picnic table, a gaming desk, a beach table, a portable office desk, a kids study desk, a workstation, a standing desk, a writing desk and much much more, how cool!

There are many storage compartments within the desk including compartments for your pens, paper and office supplies. It has a super strong hold closure lid on the top to securely hold your items on the top.

It folds flat for optimum space saving and storage, use it anywhere and anytime with ease. The in use size is 17.5″L -W 12″ H 7.5″

It is durable and made from high quality components, it is built to hold all of your belongings neatly and can store up to 7 pounds! You can count on this desk.

100% money back guarantee! Choose your color on the link below, this is a highly versatile and portable mini desk that you can use for many different things and you can take it anywhere no matter where you are.

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10. Slide In The DM’s Adult Party Game

Adults only! This is a fun and entertaining card game for college students created by ‘what do you meme’ which contains mature content for ages 17+ only, NOT intended for children!

Compete with your college buddies or family by sliding (metaphorically) into the judges DM’s! Simply pair your funniest card with the chosen DM card in each round to create a combo that makes the judge laugh the most.

Players simply take turns drawing a DM card while the rest of the players compete to play the funniest play card, once everyone has chosen their play card to submit face down the rotating judge will give a point out to the funniest one, the player with the most points at the end of the game is crowned the winner!

Inside of the box you get 150 ”DM” cards, 350 ”play” cards with instructions. Printed on premium quality playing cards, thick with a nice glossy finish. Shrink wrapped in a custom box.

A fun and entertaining game which you can play with all of your college buddies while drinking or while sober to give you a break from study time and let loose!

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11. Dimmable LED Desk Lamp With USB Port by TaoTronics

Whether you need to study late at night or whether you have a dorm room mate who needs to sleep which means you need to turn out the lights but still have some light to see what you are doing without disturbing your room mate, this lamp will be great for you!

The Dimmable LED Desk Lamp With USB Port is a beautifully designed multi functional lamp which is gentle on the eyes and flicker-free, perfect for reading or studying during those late nights when you need to get projects or assignments completed.

There are 5 color modes and 7 different brightness levels which provide you with any light strength from very dim to very bright, there is also a very useful USB port to ensure that you don’t need to sacrifice charging your mobile phone or other device in order to have light.

The lamp is fully adjustable from multiple angles on different parts of the study lamp so that you can achieve whichever angle you want the lamp to point toward with ease.

The LED bulb is extremely energy efficient and can save you up to 75% on energy in comparison with standard light bulb or lamps.

This is an elegant yet highly practical study lamp which you will not regret buying, on the product link below you can also choose from 4 different colors for the frame of your lamp, check it out below!

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In Conclusion

Studying at college is a big part of many people’s life but it doesn’t have to be a boring or difficult part, with the products that we have reviewed above today you can make your college experience more enjoyable and easier.

We at Wise Buyers understand college students need to save money which is why we made sure that we have only reviewed high quality yet affordable products in this article.

By adding some of these products to your dorm room you can make your living space not only look and feel better but you can also make it more functional and practical. All of these products are best sellers and many college students have already bought them hence their high performing trending sales behavior online and in stores.

You may find some additional useful products in another one of our relevant reviews here which reviews the best 11 office products, feel free to check it out.

We wish you all the best with completing and succeeding in your chosen qualification and thank you for reading this article.






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