11+ Best Men’s Beard Trimmers (Buyers Guide)

men's beard trimmer

Sometimes maintaining or sprucing up your facial and body hair can seem like a chore but with the right men’s beard trimmer it can be easy and painless.

Having a regular grooming routine can do wonders for any man’s confidence and self esteem while at the same time keep you looking younger and fresher.

Today we are going to review the best 11 mens beard and body grooming tools, most of these products which we are about to review can also be used to trim your body and hair on your head as well as being able to keep your facial hair in tip top looking condition.

We have factored in versatility as well as bang for buck in this review to bring you only the most useful and high quality men’s beard trimmers.  

If you’ve got some out of control body hair or if your beard or mustache needs touching up we’ve got you covered.

In the current climate it has been becoming more and more common for men to take care of not only their facial grooming needs themselves but also a lot of men have started cutting their own hair from home with the recent covid pandemic.

Read on below to see our featured list of mens hair grooming tools tailored to suit the modern day man.

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1. 18pc All In One Trimmer by Philips (Model #5750/49)

This is an amazing value All in one trimmer which you can use for your face, head and body featuring 18 pieces to cover all of your trimming needs.

You will get maximum precision with the innovative dual cut technology which features 2 more self sharpening blades that will continue to work hard for you even after 4 years of use.

This lithium battery operated device provides 3 hours of cordless run time or else you can use it while it’s plugged in for unlimited use.

The high quality motor and drivetrain have been reinforced with tempered steel which will provide many years of use and endurance.

The unique cutting guards are made from reinforced fiberglass material which prevents bending and buckling which will ensure an even trim every time, the blade material is steel.

With all of the bits and bobs included in this set you are getting great value and quality for under $35. This men’s beard trimmer has got you covered from head to toe.

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2. Wahl Edge Pro For Face, Hair And Body

Get precision lines and beautiful sharp edges with the Wahl Edge Pro, it uses zero overlap blades which will give you exceptional line definition, you get the power of a full sized trimmer in your hand in the form of a compact easy to use sized men’s beard trimmer.

Edge Pro gives you a super close shave without causing nasty razor bumps, perform high quality professional trimming and shaving from your home!

12 individual blade guards are included in this wonderful set which will let you trim your beard or hair at any short or longer length.

The Wahl blades are highly durable and they will stay sharper for longer in comparison to some other sets out there on the market, this quality is across the board in the set from the trimmer, clippers to the detailer which are all included.

Wahl is a trusted brand used by professionals from all over the world in the salon and barber industry since 1919.

The blades in this kit are self sharpening meaning that this product will last you for years to come with next to no maintenance, it will make you hair and beard trims easy and fun!

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3. Cordless Men’s Beard Trimmer by Hatteker

This is a handy Men’s beard trimmer which includes 3 different attachments which are suitable for all facial hair styles.

You get a hair clipper, beard trimmer and a detailing trimmer which you can trim and detail any area of your face with, this trimmer is also highly useful for all of your body hair.

The ceramic titanium blades are self sharpening and they are designed to stay sharper for longer, they give you high performance precision so that you can obtain any style or look with ease!

You get a number of different attachments so that you can trim hair to any length of your liking. There is a sleek LCD display on the trimmer too.

Runs on a high quality lithium ion battery with a powerful durable motor, the battery will give you a run time of up to 2.5 hours after just 90 minutes of charging.

This is a quiet but high performing machine essential for anyone who wants to perform high quality precision men’s grooming.

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4. Waterproof Cordless Hair Trimmer by Hatteker

This men’s beard trimmer by hattekar is 100% waterproof, it can be cleaned very quickly and easily, just rinse the blades under running water and you’re done.

It features a powerful and long lasting motor which is designed to achieve maximum output and performance, it will provide strong power and fast speed without overheating or getting too noisy.

It has a sleek nice looking LCD display and a one key lock, the battery charging state is displayed in percentages.

The battery will provide you with 2.5 hours of runtime and the trimmer is cordless giving you easy access and use anywhere, anytime.

It comes with all of the attachments that you could need so that you can choose any length to trim at which suits you.

If you want a water safe, high quality men’s beard trimmer that will do the job for you at a great price then this is it.

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5. All Purpose Styler by Gillette

Gillette has been in the business of men’s shaving and grooming for a very long time, this Men’s beard trimmer isn’t just a beard trimmer but it is a premium razor and edger.

In the pack you get 1 trimmer, 1 proglide blade refill, 3 different comb attachments to cover different hair lengths, 1 battery and a handy little organizer.

It is completely waterproof and shower safe so that you can use it anywhere that you want to.

The comb sizes are 2,4 and 6mm to cover any style you choose to pursue. Fits all gillette 5 blade razor refills (exc. gillettelabs)

There is a nice easy grip handle to give you precise effortless trimming and shaving and the precision edger is designed to help you get nice looking defined lines.

For under $20 you cannot go wrong with this one, get yours today on the link below.

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6. Norelco One Blade Hybrid Electric Trimmer by Philips (Model #QP2520/90)

This Men’s beard trimmer by Philips is a game changing electric grooming device with technology specifically designed for men who want to make their stubble, beard or facial hair look neater, tidier and better overall.

The replaceable oneblade lasts for up to 4 months, the rechargeable oneblade can trim, edge and shave any length of hair on anyone.

The dual sided blade provides precise edging and line definition to give your style that finishing touch that will be sure to dazzle and impress.

Compact and easy to use, this men’s beard trimmer is a great purchase at an affordable price and it will be a purchase you will not regret, check it out in full detail on the link below.

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7. Smart Beard Trimmer With Memory & Digital Touch Screen by Remington

This sleek modern looking, high performing Men’s beard trimmer is lithium powered and its cordless design will provide you with up to 50 minutes of run time. You can also use it corded while it is plugged in for continuous use.

It has a neat memory that is built into the trimmer which stores your previous trimming lengths saving you time and effort.

It is fully washable for easy maintenance and it has a beautiful looking digital touch screen.

It has auto turbo technology senses and the cutting speed will adapt to suit your beard.

There is a whopping 175 different length settings for you to choose from as well as offering .1mm increment length increases when you wish to adjust it which provides very good precision to any and every length of beard that you wish to obtain. Settings and length adjustments are all displayed on the easy to use touch screen.

If you want a long lasting, high quality men’s grooming tool that can do it all then this is your product!

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8. Complete Hair, Face And Body Groomer For Men by FiveHome.

This Men’s beard trimmer set is an affordable, waterproof mens hair grooming set which you can use on your hair, face or body!

High quality titanium blades mean you will get great bang for your buck with this set as well as durability.

There is 5 adjustable blade positions that you can choose from by adjusting the dial quickly and easily as well as coming with 4 different commonly used trimmer combs which are removable.

The rechargeable battery can provide a whopping 240 minutes worth of cordless running time after 3 hours of charge, you can charge it via USB making it perfect for travel or for anywhere else in or out of the home.

The LED displays let you know how much battery power remains in percentage so you are never caught out.

This is a multi functional hair trimmer which you can use for your beard, hair and body. It also has a detail trimmer so that you can perfect any facial hair style.

In the set you get a cordless clipper, a comb, 4 guards, a cleaning brush, a USB cord, instructions and a 12 month warranty.

This is one of our top value pick suggestions and guess what? It’s under $30! Get yours today on the link below

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9. All In One Beard Grooming Kit by Conair

A simple yet effective Men’s beard trimmer, the all in one grooming kit by Conair has all of your men’s facial hair grooming needs covered.

In regards to removable attachments you will get a shaving foil trimmer, a nose and ear trimmer, a 5 position comb covering any length of hair trimming that you want to obtain, jawline combs and a detailing blade.

This pack is all that you need to maintain a good looking and tidy face from your beard, mustache to your nose and ears.

It can be purchased for as little as over $28, what value!

If you want an affordable grooming kit which you can buy all at once then this is the kit for you, perfect for travel or in and out of the home.

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10. 5 In 1 Professional Men’s Beard Trimmer by Ceenwes

This is a very useful Men’s beard trimmer set which comes with all of the bells and whistles that you need for the ultimate shaving experience.

When you buy this set you will get a beard trimmer, a design trimmer, a hair clipper, a nose and ear trimmer, a body trimmer, a five in one trimmer for the beard, face, body and hair, it so so versatile you will not need to buy any other men’s beard trimmer tools.

The high quality steel blades have been tempered giving you a long lasting life span and a clean precise cut every time you need it.

The device is fully waterproof and the blades and guards can easily be removed for rinsing or maintenance.

It produces minimal noise and vibration giving you a smooth and enjoyable men’s grooming experience each and every time.

The perfect gift for any man, it will help him to remove any unwanted nose, ear or body hair as well as giving him the ability to trim any facial hair or hair on the head with ease and comfort.

Perfect all in one grooming tool for any guy who wants to look his best.

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11. Multifunction Adjustable Beard Trimmer by Suprent

Here we have a sleek and compact trimmer which you can take with you anywhere on the go or you can simply use it at home.

It features an amazing 19 different precision length settings in 0.5mm increments giving you complete control on your trimming needs.

It cuts and trims cleanly and quickly with its high quality ultra sharp 211 stainless steel blades.

It has a handy LED light indicator which will tell you when it’s low on power, when it’s charging and when it has a full battery.

Suprent has been in the men’s hair grooming industry for 5 years now with over 100,000 customers all over the USA, they are an emerging leader in the industry.

A 12 month warranty is included with your purchase.

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In Conclusion

Maintaining hair on any area of your body is easier than you think, once you get rid of the initial overgrown jungle that you may or may not have it is simply a case of maintaining it by regularly putting in minimal time once or twice a week.

The products mentioned above will do exactly that, there is a set or men’s beard trimmer for any guy out there from the list we have compiled today, each kit will be fine for most of your grooming needs.

Give yourself the grooming that you deserve, over time it will become an easy habit and in the long run you will feel much more confident, happier and youthful.

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