11+ Best Kids Bedroom Furniture and Decor Products

kids bedroom furniture

Decorating your child’s bedroom and adding furniture are important to make your child feel at home, safe and comfortable.

Not only will it make their room look better, but it can change the overall vibe in the bedroom.

Today we will review the best 11 kids bedroom furniture and decor products, covering all different types and styles ensuring that there is bound to be something in todays article to suit everyone’s preferences and needs.

Not only are these products great for your child’s bedroom, but they are also changeable and suitable for any bedroom for children or adults given the fact that you can select from different sizes and color themes on the product page, so you may just find something for yourself or for somewhere else in the house at the same time.

From useful pieces of furniture to comfy bedding to trendy alarm clocks, it’s all here in today’s article.

Read on below to see which products made the cut.


Best Kids Bedroom Furniture and Decor


1. Children’s Chair Desk With Storage Bin by Delta Children

The Children’s Chair Desk With Storage Bin comes in many different color and theme choices, when you go to the check out buy now page, you have the option to select a unit from many of the different kids themes and colors – the black and white one above is just one of many color/theme choices.

This wonderful kids bedroom furniture item is suitable for boys and girls of ages 3+. Its dimensions are 20.47″ L x 22.83′ W x 23.23″ H.

It sits low tot he ground for easy access by your child, It has a large work surface, it is the perfect place for preschool kids and toddlers to develop their fine motor skills and will help them to learn with drawing, painting and writing plus much more – keeping them entertained while helping to prepare them for school!

It features a removable cup holder where you can put art supplies and there is a fabric storage bin under the seat where you can also store books, toys, art supplies or whatever you like.

It is very durable featuring a scratch resistant coating which will protect the color or theme on your child’s chair desk. It is made from non toxic engineered wood and fabric, it can wipe clean with a dry cloth.

Meets and exceeds all safety standards set by the CPSC, It is a great product to keep your child entertained but it will also help them to learn, It will look great in any kids bedroom or any area of the house.

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2. Princess Castle Play Tent With Glow In The Dark Stars by Fox Print

The Princess Castle Play Tent by Fox Print will enhance your child’s creativity and imagination, It is the best 2+ age suitable boy or girl toy in todays market.

It will provide comfortable shelter during outdoor trips as well as shelter in doors for any kids bedroom or area in the house. It is quick and easy to assemble – it sets up in seconds! The assembled tent size is 41. 5” x 41. 5” x 54”, It also folds away for easy storage and portability folding down into a compact 17″ carry bag.

Great for indoor and outdoor play and adventure time! It is decorated with beautiful hearts and glow in the dark stars, there is a window and a fold down door, it is fantastic for encouraging role play and for spurring the imagination.

It will give your child their own private play space to play or sleep. It is so versatile that you can put it in any bedroom, basement or outdoor play area!

The fiberglass poles are shock resistant, there are no accessories needed to assemble this wonderful product, It can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth and soap.

Created and tested to the highest children safety standards, this tent will be sure to keep your child entertained for hours while at the same time adding some great looking decor to their room.

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3. Comfy Kids Sheet Set by Amazon Basics

The Comfy Kids Sheet Sets by Amazon Basics are available in all bed sizes and there is a huge range of color choice for your sheet set when you go to buy them on the product link below.

They are super comfy, 100% polyester and there is a color to suit any boy or girls bed. You get a flat sheet, a fitted sheet and a pillowcase in each set for a great price.

They are perfect for any child’s bedroom, guest room, sleepovers and much much more.

The ultra soft microfiber fabric provides optimum warmth and comfort, they are suitable to use during all seasons!

They are machine washable and dryable ensuring easy cleaning and maintenance.

Certified to the highest textile and environmental standards, these sheet sets are an affordable, good quality nice addition to any bed or bedroom.

See color/theme and bed sizing sheet options on the link below.

These sheet sets are one of the most popular best selling sets online in todays market.

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4. Premium Weighted Blanket With Removable Cover by Quility

The Premium Weighted Blanket With Removable Cover by Quility is a 7 layered premium ultra comfotable and very warm blanket to suit anyone! child or adult!

It is 100% cotton, It uses the most advanced sewing technology and the highest quality durable materials to produce the ideal weighted blanket. It is also ultra breathable which provides optimum temperature control and comfort.

You get the complete set with your purchase – Every Quility blanket set comes pre attached and ready to use – you get the duvet inner and removable cover all together, It simply removes by unzipping the cover.

You can leave the cover on in the cooler winter months and you can take ti off during the hot summer months giving you one blanket which you can use all year round!

When you click the product link below, you will have ample choices in terms of color choice blanket sizing choice – there are sizes and colors to suit people of all ages from young children to adults! – Just select your sizing and color choice and check out.

You can choose a blanket wight to specifically suit you or your child! What weight you select is entirely up to you but if you are unsure in general it is good to select a blanket weight of around 10-12% of your overall body weight plus 1 pound.

This is a very comfortable, versatile blanket which offers great value due to its versatility, we highly recommend it for any kids or adults bedroom.

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5. Folding Step Tool For Children

This Premium Microfiber Bed Skirt by Bare Home is a great product for any kids or adults bedroom, you can choose from numerous color choices and there are sizing options to suit any bed size before you finalize your purchase on the product page via the link below.

It will make your bed look fantastic by draping over the bottom of the bed, It uses luxurious 1800 ultra soft double brushed 100 microfiber material.

Upon selecting your bed size your skirt sheet will perfectly cover your bed to size. By draping over the bottom of your bed it willhide the bed frame or box frame and it will hide the bed legs and in turn will make your bedroom look tidier and better overall.

It is low maintenance and easy to clean, it repels stains, resists wrinkles and fading, it is completely machine washable and you can tumble dry it on low tumble. To keep your bed skirt looking brand new and extend it’s life we recommend washing it with similar colors and on a cold wash, as well as gentle low tumble dry as mentioned above.

It is a hypoallergenic bed skirt meaning its fabric is less likely to host allergens in comparison to most other bed fabric types.

30 day risk free 100% product guarantee! If not satisfied you can return in within 30 days for a full refund.

This bed skirt will fit into any child’s or adults bedroom due to the fact you can select from various colors and bed skirt sheets to suit all bed sizes, see your options on the product link below.

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6. Folding Step Tool For Children

The Folding Step Tool For Children can also be used by adults, giving you peace of mind that it is strong, safe and durable.

It’s unique grip dot textured surface makes the stepping tool safe for everyone, primarily safe for children. It comes in a sleek modern purple color.

The anti skid foot pads make it safety certified and it passes all ANSI III safety requirements.

It is lightweight but sturdy and strong. It is easy to use and it can open up or fold down with one flip of the hand.

It can be used for many different purposes, you can use it as a step for in the kitchen, bathroom, closet, RV’s or just as a step for any hard to reach area.

The maximum standing height is 9″, it easy folds away for storage.

A perfect stepping tool for children and adults alike, with a nice look, this product is good for any home or RV!

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7. Kids Toy Storage Organizer by Tot Tutors

The Kids Toy Storage Organizer has 12 containers to hold toys or whatever your storage needs are for your kids bedroom.

The storage bins are removable for easy cleaning or organizing. They are rugged and interchangeable, you get 8 standard sized ones and 4 larger ones.

Upon going to the product link below you can choose from different colors and storage sizing options tailored to suit you.

It is very easy to assemble, use it to store toys, blocks, crayons or whatever you need to store, it is suitable for boys and girls of ages 3+

The 12 initial bins are included with your purchase, additional bins can be purchased as extras.

High quality engineered wood construction for the base which is very sturdy and durable, it is easy to clean and it includes steel dowels to support the toy bins.

perfect gift for children aged 3-8 years of age, use it to organize any nursery, bedroom, playroom or the living room!

Check the product link below to explore size dimension options and also your color options.

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8. Mella Children’s Trainer Alarm Clock by Little Hippo

The Children’s Trainer Alarm Clock by Little Hippo is not actually just an alarm clock, but it is designed to also help your child get to sleep by helping them to feel relaxed, safe and secure.

Not only does it look superb with its amazing design, but it uses colors and facial expressions to teach your kids when it’s time for bed and when it is time to wake up.

It is an all on sleep gadget that has 3 sleep sound options and 5 different night light colors! they will soothe your child to sleep.

It has three different alarm sounds as well as silent countdown for timed activities for older children.

It is durable and has a very safe construction comprised of child safe ABS and silicone, the Mella alarm clock is FCC, RoHS, CE, REACH and CPSIA approved in terms of safety and certification.

100% satisfaction guarantee, little hippo stand behind their products, if you are not happy, contact customer support.

This is a highly useful and innovative kids alarm which will soothe and keep your child occupied yet sleepy for bed time, and ready to wake up energized in the morning, it looks fabulous and suits any bedroom, with the product link below, you can also choose which color unit you would like, see color options below.

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9. 3D Butterfly Removable Wall Stickers 24pc Set by 

These cool 3D Butterfly Removable Wall Stickers come in a 24pc set, you can choose what color butterfly’s you would like on the product link below.

You get 16 small, 4 medium and 4 large stickers. Tape is included. They are super easy to stick on, just apply to dry clean and smooth surfaces.

They can be used to add decor to anyone’s bedroom or you can use them to decor a themed party, use them as photography backgrounds, for christmas, birthdays or weddings!

Made of PVC material, they are durable and anti dust collecting stickers. They are easy to wipe and clean to ensure that they last you for a long time.

100% money back guarantee, 60 day money back policy if you are not happy.

These are beautiful and will liven up any room or party, simply click the product link below and select your color choice and you are away!

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10. Animal Themed Children’s Plush Chair by Sweet Seats (Choose Your Type of Animal)

These Animal Plush Seats are not only super comfy and warm but when you go to the product link below you can choose an animal from many choices offering you different colors and suitable seats for boys and girls.

The plush cover can be unzipped and easily removed for easy cleaning and maintenance.

The zipper area is completely child safe, the seat is very lightweight and easy to move around or store away.

Suitable for boys and girls of ages 18 months and up. 

Sizing dimensions are (14″L x 19″W x 20″H). Perfect fit for any room or area.

These children’s seats are super comfortable, look cool and there is a theme or color to suit any child (see your options on the product link below)

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11. Deluxe Portable Baby and Toddler Chair by Baby Delight

These Deluxe Portable Baby and Toddler Chairs have options to suit babies from 3 months all the way up to 75 pound toddlers or children, when you click the product link below, simply select your choice, color options available too!

Made from polyester, these can be used indoors and outdoors, they have a removable snack tray and sun canopy.

There is a 5 point removable harness to ensure your little one is kept safe, secure and comfortable.

The fabric is resistant to fading, stains and mold ensuring durability.

The dimensions are 24.5″ tall x 23″ wide x 22.75″ deep and it weighs  just 4.9lbs!

Suitable for babies aged 3 months and older right up to 75 pound weighted children.

Check out your color options on the link below.

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In Conclusion

Most of today’s wonderful products which we have reviewed are not only suitable for your childs bedroom but they are also suitable for any room in the house due to the option to select colors and sizes on the check out page.

All products are made to high quality and safety standards, because this matters when you or your children are involved.

The products featured in todays article are designed to add to the appearance in your chosen room by adding to your decor or theme.

They are all comfortable and very useful, make any room in your house nicer and more comfortable by purchasing some of the products featured in todays article, you will not regret it.

Given all of the different color choices you have upon check out on the product pages, there is something to suit any theme or style.

We hope you enjoyed todays article and find something nice to spruce up your home, Thank you for reading.





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