11+ Best Home Security And Safety Products

home security and safety

Your home should only have the best home security and safety products installed in it because these are the products which protect you and your family on a daily basis.

Your house is your sanctuary and private safe haven for you and your family, however sometimes you may encounter unwanted visitors.

With the possibility of such situations arising it is highly advisable to invest in a good security system which will not only secure your home but will keep you and your family safe giving you complete peace of mind.

In today’s modern world there are so many options out there with technology always moving, we have done all of the research to save you time and money by spending hours looking into the best products which will safekeep your home in today’s article.

From home surveillance systems to security alarms and much much more, in this article we have covered absolutely everything you need to get your home safe and secure.

Don’t pay the professionals tons of money to do something which you can buy and install easily yourself! We have reviewed affordable and easy to set up security and safety products that will be sure to dazzle and impress even the most sceptical shoppers.

Read on below to see which products and accessories you can buy to turn your home into a safe fortress.

Best Home Security And Safety Products


1. Arlo Pro Home Security Camera System Range

Secure your living space today with one of the best camera systems out there on the market.

The Arlo Pro home security camera system is a top of the line security camera system that will give you complete control and piece of mind.

From the product link above you can choose how many cameras you want and want type of system you may need.

It records in high def 1080 quality ensuring that you can clearly identify any unwanted guests or things anytime with ease.

There are flexible power options from wireless to plugged in connections, rechargeable battery is included.

There are some cool household extras you can optionally add on from the product link when you complete your purchase.

The cameras are weatherproof ensuring that you will be safe and secure 24/7, you can place them anywhere indoor or outdoors.

7 days of free cloud recordings which can recur are included, you can also live stream or view recorded video and audio footage for up to 7 days.

Wireless cordless setup providing you with no wire hassles!

If you want the ultimate security system for your home, this is it! Check out your options on the link below and you will not regret it.

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2. Ring Alarm 5 Piece Set (1st Gen) – (Works With Alexa)

If a home security camera system isn’t enough for you, why not install your own super advanced modern alarm system? 

Don’t pay the professionals over a thousand dollars to do it for you, do it yourself with easy setup for under $150!

The Ring Alarm 5 Piece Set is a modern home alarm system which you can set and edit to suit your needs.

The 5 piece bundle includes a base station, contact sensor, keypad, range extender and a motion detector – all easy to setup in your home.

With the ability to add panic buttons, smoke detectors, freeze/flood sensors, doorbells and much much more, this is a highly affordable and and bang for buck alarm set.

It is also fully compatible with Alexa, check it out on the link below!

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3. InvisaWear Smart Bracelet With GPS Technology

This bracelet could save you or your loved ones life, you would be surprised. Intrigued? Read on.

Upon giving the button on the back of the bracelet a quick easy double press, it will send a text message with your GPS location to five people in the event that you need help, absolutely amazing.

It uses minimal power via bluetooth and it is compatible with a free app which you can set up onto your phone. During setup it allows you to select up to 5 people that you want to have notified in the event of an emergency upon where they will receive a text and your exact GPS location instantly.

The app enables you to also instantly notify 9-1-1 of your coordinates.

No need to charge, you get a whopping guaranteed battery life of up to one year! It can last up to 2 years in some cases depending on the current charge on the bracelet.

When the battery does eventually die after one or two years you can simply purchase a replacement charm at a much cheaper discounted price far lower than the cost of your initial charm purchase.

No subscriptions or monthly payments are required and a money back guarantee is included within 30 days, a one year warranty is also included.

This is a highly innovative security and safety product which could potentially save your life, don’t hesitate to buy it, give yourself peace of mind today by checking it out on the link below.

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4. Multi Purpose Fire Extinguisher by Kidde

When it comes to home security and safety products every home should have at least one if not more fire extinguishers in the house somewhere because in the event of an unexpected fire without one you are quite frankly stuffed until the fire brigade arrive, which by then could be too late!

On the product link above or below you can select either 1 or up to 6 units in a value bundle depending on your individual fire extinguishing needs.

This fire extinguisher can fight class a,b and c fires and it is UL rated 1-A:10-B:C meaning that it is suitable for most common fires in households.

The easy to read gauge tells you when your fire extinguisher is charged and ready for use.

It is very easy to use, simply pull out the safety pin and the valve and hit the trigger.

It is lightweight and made with commercial grade quality. It has a newly designed up to date metal valve, handle and lever which meet all appropriate safety standards.

Don’t risk your precious items and home being burnt down to a crisp and put the threat out before it gets too big by buying your fire killer today on the link below.

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5. Fake TV Burglar Deterrent Light.

This is a highly innovative and genius home burglar deterrent product, it stimulates the light of a 40 inch LCD HDTV!

It will make your home look occupied when you are out keeping sneaky burglars or unwanted break ins at bay.

It uses a simple one switch operation, it is perfect for when you need to get out for a vacation or even when your are just out for the evening.

It consumes the power of a small night light and the AC adapter is included.

For under $40 you can get this easy to setup device running and go out with piece of mind, check it out on the link below.

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6. August Smart Lock Pro For Your Home

This innovative home security sand safety device is one that enables you to lock and unlock the doors in your house without using any keys!

It works with Alexa for voice control (hub required, alexa device and hub sold seperate). Alexa can notify you when your battery is running low so that you can easily replace them. You can set up smart re orders through the interface making it automated and painless.

With your voice you can tell Alexa, Siri or Google assistant to control the door to lock or unlock the door (use whichever system you prefer).

You can control access for anyone, you can choose who to grant it to and you can choose how long of a duration they get access for, whether it be for a few hours, a few days or a few weeks, even down to a few minutes, you are in full control.

Door sense is another great feature which tells you if your door is securely closed and locked or not.

With the ability to track who is coming and going with a 24/7 activity feed you will always know every bit of information on who is entering your property and when.

This auto lock system is fully compatible with most single-cylinder deadbolts but not mortise, rim cylinder or interconnected locks.

You can keep your existing lock and keys and use them whenever you wish, the device easily attaches to your existing deadbolt.

The door will lock automatically behind you and it will unlock as you approach, the August Smart Lock uses bluetooth energy (BLE) technology as well as having a bonus encryption mode.

If you want to make your home more secure in a very cool and modern way while at the same time having information on every person that accesses your property then this is the product for you!

Check it out on the link below.

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7. Video DoorBell 2 by Ring

A modern day doorbell with video capabilities which lets you see, hear and speak to people from your phone, tablet or echo device.

It includes awesome privacy features such as the ability to customize privacy zones and audio privacy settings so that you can focus on what’s relevant to you.

You can get notifications whenever motion has been detected and with Live View feature you can check on your home at anytime from the ring app from wherever you are.

Very easy to set up by connecting to WiFi via the ring app and mounting the doorbell in your desired location – easy as that!

It is powered from a quick-release rechargeable battery pack or it can connect to any existing doorbell wiring.

You can also record all of your videos and review what you have missed from your live stream video for up to a whopping 60 days.

You can connect your ring doorbell with Alexa if you like to hear announcements on your compatible echo device when your doorbell is pressed and you can also see a live view of your camera.

Simply talk to any visitors by saying “Alexa, talk to the front door.” – how cool!

This a very handy device for not only easily communicating with people effortlessly at the front door but for live streaming surveillance of your home while you are out and about giving you complete peace of mind.

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8. Sliding/Patio Door Security Bar Lock (Childproof)

Introducing one of the best selling and most popular sliding and patio door locks out there in today’s market (according to business insider).

This is a child proof anti lift lock for any sliding or patio door in your home, on the product page link here you can select what color and size of bar you would like, there is one to suit every sliding door out there.

Easy to install and it is fully adjustable in length from long to short, you can still leave your door partially open without taking the bar off.

Quick and easy to install – simply install it on the inside or the outside of the track (instructions included). check the installation video which can be found on the product link above or below first to make sure that it will work with your door (works with most doors.)

This is not a pressure mounted bar (pressure mounted bars can shake loose and come off). 

Mounts in the middle of the door at a comfortable height, not on the bottom which enables you to open your door without kneeling down low.

Burglars who see this bar on any door are generally deterred as they know it will prevent them getting in and makes it not even worth their time to try.

Secure your sliding door today and check it out on the product link below.

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9. Wireless Driveway Alarm by Guardline

The Wireless Driveway Alarm by Guardline is a superior driveway alarm that monitors who or what enters your driveway for under a hundred bucks!

It can be setup within minutes and is super easy to install, the wireless outdoor sensor is fully expandable and it can be quickly set up with plug and play.

Simply place your sensor or multiple sensors if you get them  (up to 16 sensors) anywhere on your premises and when a person, vehicle or larger animal moves within 40 feet of the sensors smart eye a signal will be sent to you that will chime in your home exactly like a long range door bell does.

It is super reliable and can reach up to 500 ft (has been fully tested in real life settings with trees, buildings and walls to ensure that it meets its wireless range claims.

It uses infrared technology to pick up motion and heat so that you won’t get false alarms from leaves and any other false alerts. There is also optional sensors which reach even further radiuses.

These sensors have been put through very rigorous testing so they are highly backed by the manufacturer. They are highly durable and of a very high quality, you can rest assured that these driveway sensors will have you covered 24/7.

One of the leaders in the market for these types of products with over 250,000 customers served since 2001 means that you can know you are buying a top quality product.

2 year warranty is included as well as exceptional USA based customer service.

Secure your outdoor space and driveway today and check out your options on the link below.

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10. Outdoor Solar Lights by Litom

The Outdoor Solar Lights by Litom is a solar powered waterproof outdoor motion detector light, it will charge itself during the day and provide you with high quality LED motion light detection during the night.

Place them anywhere that you like. They feature wide range capabilities due to their world first design, they have 50% more angle and area light coverage than most other competitors lights.

When motion is detected they will come on for 20 seconds, they will then prolong the time turned on if motion is again detected not long after the initial detection so that you know it’s not a false alert.

The range of one light can reach up to 200 square feet and 800 square feet if 4 lights are used in unison together.

There are 3 convenient modes on these lights, they are perfect for using them around your front door, garage, deck, driveway, porch or on any pathway.

These high quality lights have a 36 month long life span and they are fully waterproof, the LED lights have passed the FCC certification protocols, these could be the most reliable solar lights that you will ever buy!

On the product link below you can choose how many lights you wish to buy etc, get yours today and secure your property.

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11. Frosted Non Adhesive Window Film by Coavas

Do you have any windows that you don’t want people to be able to see through from the outside? The Frosted Window Film by Coavas is just for you then!

This window film not only enhances your privacy in any room on any window but they also block 96% of the sun’s harmful UV rays.

There are two different kinds of window film for you to choose from, the pure frosted window film or the whole frosted window film.

Easy to install and easy to remove! They also control glare from sunlight, they block too much heat from coming in during the summer and they retain warmth in the winter months.

No adhesive so that you can remove them with no residue left behind. You can reuse and re apply them if you like as well.

No need to spend money on blinds or curtains! Simply purchase these affordable window film sheets and install them quickly and easily.

There are some handy installation tips on the product link below as well as some additional purchasing options, check it out. 

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In Conclusion

We made sure with this article that we reviewed all different types of security and safety products to ensure that any need that you have for securing your home is covered.

All of the products which we have reviewed today are very affordable especially in comparison to what you would pay someone else to install or setup these types of items.

They are all simple to set up, move around or uninstall. You and your families living space is of the utmost importance to you and we get that, that is why we’ve handpicked products which we truly believe will save you money and give your home some decent security and give you and your family peace of mind.

You never know who is lurking about when you are or are not home, don’t take any chances and secure your home easily and safely by investing in these superb products, you will not look back.






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