11+ Best Family Picnic Products (Buyers Guide)

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Getting out for a family picnic or day out at the beach with your loved ones is always a day well spent but in order to make it an awesome day it pays to have the right items.

Today we will review some of the most useful products that can make your day out super convenient and more enjoyable.

From ground blankets, food storage, entertainment to bug repellents and much much more we’ve got all of your needs covered to ensure that everyone has a nice day out.

We will cover high quality, useful yet affordable items that we think should be a part of anyone’s day out.

Read on below to see which products we think will make that day out with your family that much better.


Best Family Picnic Products (Buyers Guide)


1. Igloo Cooler / Chilly Bin

Not only is a cooler a necessity but it is one of the best family picnic products you can pack when it comes to going out for a family picnic, the Igloo Cooler has got all your food and drink storage and cooling needs covered for a nice family day out at the park or beach.

It has a convenient bail handle which can fold down into the liner for easy stacking and storage. 

The lid is lockable (lock not included). There is also a handy media slot molded into the lid which can hold your cellphone or notebook standing up for hands free viewing.

The cooler features modern cool riser technology which improves cooling performance by elevating things away from hot surfaces.

Keep your lid closed to maintain temperatures. A cooler bin such as this is essential for keeping your food and drink cool during those nice sunny days out at the beach, parks or wherever you may be. Get it for under 30 bucks on the link below.

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2. Picnic Time Portable Folding Sports Chair by Oniva

Another product out there which will make your family day out more enjoyable is this lightweight comfortable portable folding chair which has a strong aluminium frame made by oniva, a trusted pic time brand.

Boasting an impressive range of features when it comes to chairs, this chair has a cool accessory panel which includes a variety of different pockets to hold all kinds fo your personal items. It also has an insulated beverage pouch, a zippered security pocket and a side table which can pop up or fold down.

It is a super comfy extra wide seat and it’s made from durable and strong polyester canvas material, it has padded armrests. The chair has a 300lb weight capacity.

Take it anywhere you like! It folds up easily and it has a handy adjustable shoulder strap plus two handles making transport simple. No more difficult carries.

You get a lifetime warranty with your purchase and a money back guarantee, this is because picnic time’s products are built to last and they back that up in every step of the way.

On the product link below you can choose your color chair from the available colors, check it out.

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3. Plush & Water Resistant Picnic & Outdoor Blanket

Another one of the best family picnic products which anyone who’s headed out must have! This picnic blanket is super plush and comfortable yet fully functional with waterproof capabilities and more.

Choose from 3 different nice looking colors from the product link above, this is a premium, machine washable blanket which you can simply machine wash then hand out to air dry naturally.

The top of the blanket is made of premium sofor many other things.

There is a durable and functional strapped stuff sack to make your days out at the park or beach easy and timeless. There is also an external pocket to hold all of your essentials while the wide open sack allows for fast rolling up and for storing it after use.

Its sizing dimensions are 72″ x 57″. This large outdoor blanket is suitable for up to 3 adults or 5 small children. 

It is 100% weatherproof, not only that though, it is also windproof and sand proof. Stay dry and comfortable with this versatile outdoor blanket.

You won’t regret this purchase for your family and it will stand the test of time which means great value for you as a consumer.

When you are about to head out with the family to the beach or park for a picnic, a ground mat or blanket is one of the first basic essential items that you needa and this is the only one you need.

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4. Premium Extra Large Picnic Basket by Scuddles

In terms of durability, quality and versatility you cannot go wrong with this Premium Extra Large Picnic Basket.

Not only do you get the basket but you also get 4 plates, 4 stainless steel forks, 4 stainless steel knives, 4 stainless steel spoons, 4 wine glasses, 4 washable napkins, salt and pepper shakers and a bottle opener – Talk about value.

This picnic basket serves as a cooler as well with great insulation to keep cool things cool and hot things hot! The basket is collapsible too which makes for great storage and portability.

The handle and the leather straps are super strong, this basket is suitable for 2-4 people. It is perfect for any family day out and it is also a great gift.

Use it at the park or the beach, this basket is also environmentally friendly and it features various compartments within it to keep each type of item away from each other and it helps you to keep things organised and tidy.

The basket is fully insulated to help keep the temperature of your items intact. It is 15 inches long giving you a large basket to hold everything that you need for a great day out with the family.

Having a picnic basket is one of the best family picnic products when it comes to days out with the family, this one ticks all of the boxes and you will not regret this purchase!

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5. Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker by Zosam is a staple for any day out with the family, you’ve got to have those sounds cranking on a fine day out with the family!

being IPX6 waterproof, it can be taken anywhere in any conditions, use it in the shower too if you need to, the IPX6 also protects the speaker from dust and sand as well as being waterproof.

Using advanced 4.2 bluetooth technology, it can be used with all bluetooth enabled devices. It will automatically connect to the last device it has been paired with.

It produces amazing deep bass and hifi 10w full-bodied stereo quality sound with its dual drivers and you will enjoy clear, crisp and loud sound every time.

It has extra features including the ability for multiple connections, SD/TF card and AUX insert and input. It has a high quality battery which provides up to 10 hours of non stop playback. It has a super strong shell made of iron and rubber, it is so durable that it can withstand accidental dropping. 

There is a 30 day money back guarantee in the event you are not happy but we doubt it will come to that, secure yours today on the link below.

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6. Anker PowerCore Portable USB Charger

Join 50+ million other satisfied customers by using the Anker PowerCore Portable USB Charger. It is highly popular and highly reliable.

It can charge most phones 6 times over, tablets at least 2 times and any other USB device multiple times!

It gives out high speed charging anywhere, anytime. You can charge up to 3 devices at the same time with the 3x USB ports provided on the device.

It charges devices up to 2 x faster with its dual micro USB ports. It only takes 6 hours to fully recharge the power bank.

You get the power bank unit, 2 x micro USB charger cables, a travel pouch, a welcome guide and 18 months worth of customer service with your purchase.

Choose from between a black or white unit on the product link below and start enjoying all of your devices out on the go now.

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7. Bug Soother Spray Repellent

Bug Soother Spray is a must for any day out with the family, there is nothing worse than getting out to your chosen spot with a whole bunch of nice food and drink only to find bugs lurking all over you and on the food and drink!

This spray will repel all of those nasty bugs such as gnats, no-see-ums, sand fleas, black flies, mosquitos and much more!

You can use it anywhere, anytime. Some common times or ares it is used is during fishing, hiking, biking, golfing, camping and farming etc etc.

Don’t have your day cut short because of irritating pesky bugs but instead repel them all day or night with this wonderful bug soother spray.

You can use it on you, your kids and your pets, some farmers even use it with farm animals such as horses and chickens believe it or not.

Bug soother is made in the USA by ‘simply soothing’ which is a family business in America. They have 15 years of experience in the industry with a huge emphasis on high quality for a good price.

Don’t get caught out by heading out with no repellent, hit the product link below to get your top quality bug repellent today.

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8. All In One Umbrella System

One of the best products for a day out with the family on the market, the All In One Umbrella System has had many many hours put into designing and creating this absolute masterpiece of an umbrella system.

Thousands of hours have been spent on designing, engineering and testing this product out before it was officially released. Invented and manufactured in the USA to a very high standard of quality and workmanship.

Very handy for all beach goers or picnickers, this is the beach umbrella that will not blow away like most other umbrellas which can be very dangerous and cause serious injury to others.

Very easy to set up wherever you are, click the product link below to see just how easy it is to get up and running anytime, anywhere.

Easy to transport with it’s included extra large carry bag, padded strap and handle. The umbrella and base weigh less than 9 pounds and the base folds up to the size of a paperback book! The base weighs 120 pounds when it’s filled with sand.

You get a free 3 year protection plan and a 3 year frame warranty with your purchase.

This is truly a wonderful and innovative beach umbrella system, a first of its kind. It’s tried and tested by us and by many other beach goers, it is quickly becoming the leader in umbrella systems. You will not regret spending the money on this umbrella system as it will last you for a lifetime, remember – quality over quantity when it comes to purchasing things, try it and you will not be disappointed.

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9. Clip-It Round Mixing Bowl Set by Komax

With the Clip-It Round Mixing Bowl Set you can keep all of your food super fresh, sealed, tidy and organised.

This set will not only keep all of your food clean and safe but it will prolong the freshness and life of your food and ensure that it can last for an entire day out and then some!

These bowls are super light, easy to clean and they are designed to last. They are made from food grade BPA free plastic.

The set gives you four different sized bowls to ensure that you can do everything from storing small or larger items of food to mixing a salad up on the go while you’re out.

This clip on lids keep your food sealed and fresh and the bowls are leak free and non absorbent. They are completely dishwasher, freezer and microwave safe making them super convenient and versatile.

The bowls can also stack easily and neatly on top of each other. Komax who are the creators of these wonderful bowl sets have received awards and great customer feedback regarding these products.

They are a trusted brand in the industry, they provide you with safe, durable, high quality food storage solutions.

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10. Extra Thick Flexible Cutting Board Set

This Cutting Board Set is another highly useful product for the beach, the park or wherever you are headed with your family or friends for the day.

They have nice easy grip handles on the top and they can be hung up or put away into a bag or into the car for easy storage and portability.

You get 4 different colored cutting boards so that you can easily keep track of where you cut meat, vegetables, fruit etc across the different boards.

Made from BPA free materials, these cutting boards are durable and safe to use. They are very flexible, lightweight and easy to carry around and put away for storage.

It can be annoying when you go out for a family picnic but realize you forgot to chop up this or that, don’t get caught out by that annoying problem and buy these very affordable cutting boards today on the link below.

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11. Coghlan’s Pop Up Portable Trash Can

Whenever you head out for a nice family picnic or day out with the family a lot of trash can build up quickly and sometimes there may not be a trash bin around if you have found a nice quiet secluded spot.

This is where a handy Pop Up Portable Trash Can comes in. This one is 19.5 x 24 inches in size and it can fit up to 30 gallon trash bags inside of it.

It has a handy fully zippered top and it easily collapses for easy storage and portability, it also has velcro straps.

It is easy to carry and easy to clean with its polyethylene material, use this bin to keep your chosen spot or area tidy and clean, use it at the beach, a park when you are camping or wherever you are.

It is spring loaded for quick pop up assembly, on the product link below there a 5 different bin sizes ensuring that you can purchase one to suit your needs.

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In Conclusion

In the article above we’ve covered a range of different types of products, products that if you combine them together and buy each one over time you can create the ultimate day out for your family.

You don’t need to buy them all at once however, the complete list will simply provide you with all of the necessities and then give you all of the extra bells and whistles.

The absolute essential items in our opinion from our experiences which you should have for any day out are items such as a cooler bin, a picnic blanket, bug repellent and food storage. I would start there and if your budget allows for it then go ahead and build up your picnic arsenal with the additional products which we have featured today.

A good day out with your family is priceless, invest in these products and you will be investing in a good quality day out with your loved ones – money well spent in our opinion!






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