11+ Best Cardio Machines For Your Home

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Having some of the best cardio machines in your home is absolutely crucial when it comes to getting fit and healthy from your own living quarters.

Cardio is one of the most beneficial forms of exercise that any person can do for numerous reasons.

Doing regular cardio not only improves your overall heart health but it helps you to burn calories, get fitter, improve stamina and endurance, look and feel better as well tone up and improve your overall physique.

You don’t need to join a public gym to access all of the various types of cardio machines available because we have them all here ready to order and deliver to your home so that you can work out in your time and on your own terms.

We have reviewed 11 of the most useful exercise machines for your home covering all of the different types and styles that are available.

All products which we will review today are suitable for both men and women of all ages and of all skill levels.

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We’ve spent countless hours compiling this list and made sure that we’ve handpicked only the best quality, best selling and the most useful fitness gear for you to try out.

Read on below to see what ones made the cut.


Best Cardio Machines For Your Home


1. Nordic Track T Series Treadmill

Product highlights: Get fit fast, has cool features, durable, free iFit 1 year membership, one touch controls, simple storage, aux music port and dual built in speakers for entertainment.

The Nordic Track T Series Treadmill is a must have in any home gym if you are serious about improving your cardiovascular health and overall fitness and health.

You get the treadmill and a free 1 year iFit membership will give you unlimited workout programs plus other helpful info, it is a great free inclusion.

Equipped with cool features such as a heart rate monitor, one touch controls, 10 degree incline and 0-10 mph speed setting options it is more than your basic run of the mill treadmill.

The smart response motor is very effective for speed, interval and endurance training. This treadmill is very easy to use and it is packed with useful features.

An aux port is built in for all of your audio needs as well as dual 2 inch speakers to keep you entertained and motivated around the clock during every workout.

The innovative space saver design with easy lift assist makes for very easy space saving storage.

The unfolded dimensions are 73″ L x 36″ W x 54″ H and the folded dimensions are 38″ L x 36″ W x 67.5″ H. 20″ x 55″,

You can activate incline mode if you require this, you can go from 0-10mph in terms of speed and this treadmill has a user weight capacity of 300 pounds.

Over all we believe this treadmill is very good in terms of quality, storage, portability and value for money, it is cheaper than most other treadmills which can be well in excess of up to $4000. Plus, this is one of the most popular and best selling models to date. 

You can walk, jog or run, it is all up to you. One thing that is for sure though is that by using this treadmill just a few times a week you are improving your physical and mental health.

Suitable for both men and women.

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2. Magnetic Rowing Machine by Sunny Health and Fitness

Product highlights: Large LCD screen provides all data, extra long slide rail to suit most users size, 8 levels of magnetic resistance, easy portability, non slip pedals, foam grip handlebars, get fit fast.

The Magnetic Rowing Machine by Sunny Health and Fitness is a serious piece of equipment that will get you fit fast, it is suited for users of any level of fitness or experience and it offers 8 different resistance levels via the easy to change twist knob.

A large LCD screen shows you the time, count, calories burned, total counts and scans etc. The scan mode shows you your progress to help you track all of your fitness progress.

The extra long slide rail offers 48 inches worth of length and 44 inches of inseam length which means that the rower can accommodate users of any size.

Built in transportation wheels provide easy portability, just tilt and roll it out to put it away for storage or to bring it out for use, no need to strain your back when trying to lift it.

The dimensions are 37L X 19W X 53. 5H inches which makes for minimum space consumption.

The textured pedals are non slip to ensure your safety even during the most intense workouts. There are also foot straps to lock your feet in which will prevent you from feeling unbalanced and they will help you to remain focused on your fitness goals.

The handles are non slip featuring comfortable foam which helps to prevent calluses and also helps to keep you focused during your workout.

The humble rowing machine is a great cardio machine to help boost stamina, strength and over all fitness levels while at the same time displaying to you all of your progress and calories that you have shredded off.

If you just use it for 15 minutes a day even that can make a profound difference in your overall physical and mental well being.

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3. Lanos Folding Exercise Bike

Product highlights: affordable, 2-in-1 upright and recumbent bike, foldable to save space, 10 levels of resistance, strong construction, large LCD monitor, tablet holder, anti slip pedals, comfy seat

The Lanos Folding Exercise Bike is compact, easy to use, durable and it is jam packed with fitness features that will get you fit and active in a heartbeat.

It is a 2-in-1 upright and recumbent bike, upright position helps to improve your overall fitness levels and helps to boost your heart rate while the recumbent position is a more comfortable and natural reclined body position which helps to get rid of body fatigue and eliminates soreness in the muscles in the upper body while you sit back and exercise.

It has a maximum user weight of up to 330 pounds, this bike is foldable as well as providing for simple storage.

With 10 levels of magnetic resistance there is a level for any user’s experience level. The flywheel is quiet and smooth and the bike has a sturdy and durable construction.

This bike will not interfere with watching TV, listening to music or while you need to talk on the phone due to its quiet flywheel.

The large LCD digital monitor clearly displays the distance completed in miles, it shows you your speed, time completed, calories burned and heart rate pulse so that you can track your heart rate with the pulse rate sensors.

There is a built in tablet or phone holder – how cool? The seat is adjustable and cushioned with a backrest providing optimum comfort and flexibility.

The pedals are anti slip to ensure maximum safety and focus, the bike features a space saving foldable design which can fold down to half of the assembled size making for a great storage solution as well as having a built in transportation wheel making it super easy to move around without straining your back or having to lift it.

Folded dimensions are 22” L x 20” W x 55.5” H. It is easy to assemble and it comes with full instructions on how to do so.

A customer satisfaction money back guarantee is provided with this product offering a full refund or product replacement if the user is not happy for any reason at all.

This exercise bike is very affordable in comparison to some other exercise bikes out there which is why we have featured it today because we want our readers to save money wherever possible. This is a great value for money exercise bike with what you are getting for the cost.

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4. Nautilus Elliptical Trainer Series

Product highlights: Get fit in your home, sync with reality app which enables you to race through numerous locations with other users, compact but fully functional design, 16 levels of resistance, console displays all data, fixed and moving handlebars.

The Nautilus Elliptical Trainer Series are a compact range of elliptical trainers that will help you to reach all of your fitness goals quickly.

Suitable for users of all experience levels due to their 25 different levels of resistance which can easily be changed via the dial.

All machines in this range have the unique ability to sync up with the Nautilus Trainer 2 app which enables you to connect with your friends and go through 19 different virtual locations together featuring 27 routes while continuing to track your pace and distance.

The streamlined consoles in this range display to you your heart rate, calories burned, distance, speed and time.

You as the user can choose to grip your hands on the fixed handlebars or you can use the moving handlebars if you prefer that, both are gripped and both have built in heart rate sensors.

These are outstanding cardio machines for your home with a number of cool extra features and functions, in particular we really found the app which you can access very cool.

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5. Seated Under The Desk Portable Elliptical Trainer by Cubii Jr

Product highlights: Great portability and very compact, use it anywhere even under your desk or in front of a chair, low impact on joints, 8 levels of resistance, very very quiet, quick and easy to assemble, built in display monitor tracks all fitness data,

The Seated Under The Desk Portable Elliptical Trainer by Cubii Jr is a fantastic cardio machine for your home, it can be put under the desk and it can be used while you work or study or you can sit on a chair and place it in front of the chair. 

This makes for easy fitness training while at the same time doing other important things so there’s no need to sacrifice work duties when you can do both at once! Keep fit while you sit.

Cubii is one of the world’s leading compact ergonomic elliptical home cardio machine developers.

With 8 levels of resistance there is a level to suit every user, progress up the levels over time at your own pace.

It is extremely quiet with a smooth gliding motion, it is fast and easy to assemble, just the 4 screws and it’s ready to go.

The built in display monitor tracks real time, RPM, calories burned as well as strides and distance.

All in all it is a very useful, effective cardio machine for your home which is also innovative due to the fact that you can multitask while using it – how easy?

Compact in size it takes up minimal space, it can be moved anywhere quickly and it can be used anywhere.

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6. Twist Stepper NO. 045 by Sunny Health and Fitness

Product highlights: compact size and easy to move, twist action hits cardio and muscles, durable, LCD monitor, removable resistance bands included, adjustable height, suitable for all users.

The Twist Stepper NO. 045 by Sunny Health and Fitness is a compact and easy to move cardio machine for your home, it is extremely functional given the fact it enables you to train cardio but also hit any muscle in your body with the included removable resistance bands.

Twist action will help you to tone your buttocks and thighs while also completing a quality cardiovascular workout. You can hit deep muscles in hard to reach places while at the same time adding no stress on your joints.

The digital lcd monitor will show you the total count, calories burned, time and a rep count.

You can use the removable resistance bands to hit the arms, chest, back and shoulders for a full workout, if you don’t wish to use them that is no problem, simply remove them.

The step height is easily adjusted via the height adjustment lever giving any user the required level that they desire.

This cardio machine for your home is highly portable and it offers both cardio and muscle targeted training all in one, it is easy to assemble and easy to use, what’s more is that it is very affordable which is why it makes the cut in today’s review.

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7. Vibration Exercise Machine by LifePro

Product highlights: choice of 3 colors, suitable for anyone, relieves pain, easy way to exercise, stimulates nerves, soothes joints, helps fight chronic pain, accelerates recovery from acute injuries, upgraded model from previous version, lifetime guarantee.

The Vibration Exercise Machine by LifePro is an easy to use cardio machine for your home, it is ready to use right out of the box.

Suited for users of any level of experience, this machine is ideal for helping with recovery, for healing chronic pain, back pains, sore joints and it will give you immediate relief.

It can be used for all of the above or it can be used for a high intensity workout or vibration session given the fact that there are many levels to suit any user of which you can switch between.

The machine stimulates your nerves and blocks out pain while relieving built up tension and soothing your joints as it will train your brain to focus on motion and not the pain.

It can also help you to regain strength, flexibility and range of motion. It will help you to regain muscle tone, it will strengthen the density in your bones, boost your metabolism and much much more. There are numerous advantages and benefits that you can obtain by using this vibration machine.

You will notice relief and a feeling of calm from the first use, you will not be disappointed. 

In this upgraded model from the previous version, it features not 1 but 2 motors with a 3D range of motion. depending on your fitness goals or levels of pain that you are experiencing, you can choose to use 1 or 2 motors, or both in tandem, it’s all up to you.

You will get a lifetime warranty with this product when you purchase it as well as some built in live support included as well as a comprehensive library which features training videos and tools. Have peace of mind knowing it’s covered for life.

If you have joint problems or if you have a heart condition or use a pacemaker we would recommend seeking medical advice before using a vibration trainer.

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8. Vibration Platform Fitness Machine by Confidence Fitness

Product highlights: Improves muscle strength, improves circulation, improves overall fitness levels, Increases bone density, easy way to get fit and toned.

The Vibration Platform Fitness Machine by Confidence Fitness is an easy way to get fit at home.

It will tone, sculpt and define your entire body hitting all muscles at once.

It can improve muscle strength, improve circulation, increase bone density and most importantly it will improve your general fitness levels.

It is suitable for everyone of any age or skill level and it can be used by anyone, any time, anywhere.

Easy to set up, easy to move around, it is a great addition to any users home gym, we think it is a great cardio machine for your home.

If you have joint problems or if you have a heart condition or use a pacemaker we would recommend seeking medical advice before using a vibration trainer.

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9. 2 in 1 Folding Treadmill by GoPlus

Product highlights: Available in 3 different colors, fold up for hand rails or fold down for no hand rails, super quiet motor, non slip running belt, multi functional led display, bluetooth speaker, phone holder, remote control, easy to more and store.

The 2 in 1 Folding Treadmill by GoPlus is one of the more innovative cardio machines for your home in today’s current market.

It features the unique ability to fold the hand rail and platform down so that you can use it as a running floor for jogging or you can leave them up for faster running.

It has a super quiet motor ensuring nothing else that you need to do at the same time will be interrupted, multi task while you get fit!

It also runs off of a shock resistant system, the belt is non slip to ensure that the user is very safe while using the machine.

The led display clearly shows the time, speed, distance and calories while tracking your progress in real time enabling you to check your data at a moments notice.

As an extra bonus there is a built in bluetooth speaker, a phone holder and a remote control enabling you to connect your own music up from your phone or other devices while also enabling you to connect with friends while you train.

The remote control is handy for adjusting the speed of your movement or to stop the machine instantly, there is also a safety key which you can use to shut down the treadmill immediately in the event of an emergency.

This treadmill is very easy to move around and to put away for storage due to the compact foldable design of course, built in transport wheels make this even easier, you can store it under the desk or bed – how cool!

A truly innovative and amazing product, we have recently tried this product and what makes it stand out to us is its ease of use, its portability and versatility as well as the ability to hook up your own tunes and entertainment.

We at wise buyers highly recommend this cardio machine for your home.

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10. Exerwork 1000 Folding Exercise Bike With Fully Adjustable Desk by Exerpeutic

Product highlights: Fully adjustable large desktop, extra comfortable seat, exercise while you work, folds away for storage, 8 levels of tension control.

This is another new innovative and exciting cardio machine for your home, with this one you can get fit while you work! No need to sacrifice one for the other.

The sliding desktop is large and it is fully adjustable, you can move it forward, back, up, down, tilt it and set it for standing or seated positions. 3 angle adjustments are available which are 0, 16 and 33 degrees. It also has 5 height adjustments of 41″ up to 45″.

There is a handy storage drawer, armrest and a nice LCD screen built in.

The seat is thick and comfortable using AirSoft technology making for a very comfortable user experience, adjustable to fit 5’1 to 6’3 user height.

The unit can handle users of up to 300 pounds. It uses a semi recumbent design for more effective and comfortable work out sessions.

It can easily be folded up for storage and you can fold it even when it is fully assembled.

8 levels of magnetic tension control adjustments are available ensuring that there is a level of resistance suitable for any user of any experience.

This cardio machine for your home is suited for anyone who likes to multitask. Get fit while you work, it can hold your laptop, tablet, phone or whatever you require it to hold while you smash out your fitness goals.

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11. DeskCycle 2 Under Desk Pedal Cycle Exercise Machine.

Product highlights: cycle while you work, fits under your desk, easy to move, leave it in your office or take it home, quiet and smooth, works with low desks as well, 8 resistance settings, adjustable leg.

The DeskCycle 2 Under Desk Pedal Cycle Exercise Machine is a pedal or biking exercise machine that you can fit under your work desk or put in front of a chair and workout on it while you work in the office or do whatever else you need to do.

It is easy to use, highly portable, you can burn calories while you check your emails or work on whatever else in the office – how coolis that?

It works with low or high desks and it is quiet and smooth ensuring that you can stay focused on your work without any distractions.

You can adjust the leg positions and there are 8 different levels of resistance for you to choose from, a level for everyone from beginner to advanced is there to be used.

The lcd screen provides 6 handy functions, all in all this a very handy portable cardio machine for your home or office and we highly recommend it after trying it out this year.

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In Conclusion


All of the cardio machines for your home or office that we have reviewed above are suitable for men and women of all ages, they are all easy to use and each one offers you their own different extra functions and features.

All of the above products will help you to burn calories, to get fitter and to achieve an overall better sense of fitness and wellbeing.

I believe and know from personal experience from trying all of these machines that all of the above will help you to burn fat, tone up your muscles, improve your overall cardiovascular health, improve your mental well being and confidence, help heal injuries and pain, build strength and improve your general fitness levels so in my opinion I don’t feel the need to recommend just one machine in today’s review.

Factor in how much space you have available at your home or office and choose a suitable product from the above to meet your spatial and individual fitness requirements.

Regular exercise is very important in the fight against obesity, mental health issues and overall cardiovascular health. By just exercising a mere 10 minutes a day this can have profound positive impacts on your health and in your daily life.

Over time the more that you exercise the more you begin to love it and it can become a fun activity that you enjoy as opposed to feeling like a chore.

Regular exercise combined with a decent wholesome diet can literally change your life.

While we are discussing fitness equipment for your home you may also be interested in reading our other review on the Best Home Workout Products For Your Home

It is never too late to start and exercise does not judge or discriminate anyone of any body type or age, make the first step in changing your life by choosing a product above which is suited to you. I know fitness has changed my life. Thank you for reading this article and good luck with your fitness journey.






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