11+ Best Car Electronic Accessories

car electronic accessories

When you drive you should only use the best car electronic accessories out there to ensure optimum safety and performance while driving.

The average person spends a lot of time in their car each day, the average person also spends a lot of time with their mobile phones.

Today’s article will review everything from phone holders, usb chargers, power inverters to fm radio transmitters, you will find a review on all of them in the below article.

We’ve put together a list of affordable yet high quality products that you will find highly useful for your car.

Do you have no hands free kit installed? No mp3, aux or bluetooth car stereo installed? No worries! You will find a cheap product in this article which will turn your car into a hands free fully capable beast!

After you have read this article we guarantee you will find at least one if not numerous useful products that will suit you and your car.

Read on below to find out which gadgets could optimise your driving experience.


Best Car Electronic Accessories


1. Universal Windshield and Dash Phone Car Mount by iOtti

The Universal Windshield and Dash Phone Car Mount by iOtti is an easy to use one touch lock/release mobile phone holder designed to hold all phones such as iphone, samsung, LG, nokia, huwei plus most other phones.

You can quickly put in or release your phone with the easy one touch mechanism.

It features adjustable viewing angles going up, down or side to side, it easily mounts onto your dashboard or windshield screen.

Holds all phones from 2.3 inches to 3.5 inches.

The suction cup is super strong, the one time use dashboard disc and reusable suction cup combine to make for superior suction to your desired surface.

The foot on the bottom of the mount can be adjusted up or down, side to side or it can be removed to hold smartphones and cases of all different sizes.

Having a phone holder like this in your car makes for safer easier map navigation, answering incoming calls and gives you a hands free safe and legal driving environment.

I think these phone holders are a must have for any driver with a mobile phone and I highly recommend this one after using it myself.

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2. Smart USB Car Charger by Max Boost

This Smart USB Car Charger by Max Boost is a very useful car electronic accessory that can be used by many different types of devices.

The 24W / 4.8A USB car charger will charge your favorite mobile devices including the ipad, iphone (at fast charging speeds), ipod, htd, galaxy, blackberry, mp3 players, digital cameras, PDAs, headphones and whatever else has a USB charging port.

The double injected frame is durable and has a soft grip, you can choose from a black or a white unit.

There is built in circuit protection which will protect you and your devices from short circuiting, over heating, over currents and over charging, the charging will automatically stop when the battery is fully charged!

Dual smart USB ports will identify your devices quickly to provide efficient device charging.

It has a nice compact design for added portability.

Inputs can be 12-18 volts. Outputs are DC 5v 4.8A or 24 watts (shared by 2 ports). A 1 year warranty is included.

This unit is highly useful and very affordable, it’s handy for travel or for everyday driving use. A must have in any drivers arsenal.

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3. Bluetooth Car FM Transmitter by Nulaxy (#km18)

The Bluetooth Car FM Transmitter by Nulaxy is one of the best FM transmitters in today’s market. The Nulaxy km18 wins in today’s market due to its superior quality and reliability.

It is compatible with almost every device out there, use it to play your favorite songs on your car stereo through bluetooth, tf card or aux cable. It also features exceptional noise reduction technology to provide you with crystal clear quality sound.

It has a nice big 1.44 inch LCD display to help you visualize phone calls, music or car battery voltage. It is the ideal screen size for car drivers in terms of safety while driving in mind with its design.

It brings bluetooth to your car, the ability to answer phone calls with a press of a button, a voltmeter function to monitor the quality of your car battery and it gives you 3 different ways to play music in your car plus much more!

It features great safety functions making it a super safe, highly useful car gadget.

This device is a highly cost effective way to give your car all of those fancy cool features without spending hundreds of dollars on upgrading your car stereo system all by purchasing this one off affordable product for under $20!

On the product link below you can choose from a variety of colors to suit you, see your options below and get yours today!

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4. Power Inverter For Your Car With Dual USB Ports by Bestek

Bestek are America’s leading power inverter brand, this Power Inverter With USB For Your Car is very useful for not only plugging in regular plug type connection devices into your car while you are on the go but it also features 2 extra useful USB ports enabling you to plug in multiple devices at once across all device types.

It provides up to 300 watts of continuous DC to AC power and 700 watts of instantaneous power with the 2x AC outlets and 2x USB ports.

It is not only affordable for under $30 but it is super lightweight and compact, it’s perfect for vacations, work trips and camping.

It uses fast charging technology on all 4 ports and it can charge all of your laptops and tablets, mobile phones or whatever else you need to charge anywhere at anytime.

It features multi protection with the built in 40 amp fuse which will protect you and all of your devices. Its safe charging design protects against overheating, under and over voltage charging as well as short circuiting. 

The durable metal housing provides you with advanced protection from dropping it and from bumps while driving, the smart cooling fan system will keep the car power inverter very quiet while in use, the fan will run faster when the device gets warmer or when the output power goes over 70 watts.

18 months warranty is included.

A super cheap, highly useful and lightweight product that any driver will find useful, get yours on the link below today.

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5. Air Vent Universal Smartphone Holder by Beam Electronics

This Air Vent Universal Smartphone Holder easily fits on to your air vent as the name suggests.

It features an easy to use quick release button on the back of the unit to slide open and take out your mobile phone and vice versa to put the phone back into the holder.

It has 360 degree fully rotational capabilities to provide the best viewing angle for any driver while also promoting safe driving giving you hands free capabilities.

You will safely be able to navigate via google maps, listen to music or send and receive phone calls all via hands free.

It has been put through a broad range of quality tests, it fits most cell phones such as all iphones, samsungs, LGs just to name a few and all other phones.

The fact it can be operated with single handed operation ensures your safety. It is very easy to install into your car and putting in your phone or removing the phone is easy and pain free, no tools are needed to set it up.

A 1 year warranty is included, simply pop it into any air vent in your car and you are away!

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6. Motorcycle and Bicycle Phone Mount by GUB Bicycle

We haven’t forgotten about motorcycle and bike riders today, the Motorcycle and Bike Phone Holder is all that you need to hold your phone securely while riding your motorcycle or bike.

It comes in 3 cool colors which you can choose from when you check out on the product link below or above.

It has adjustable width’s which can be changed to suit most mobile phones and GPS devices. You can can adjust the width anywhere from 50mm to 100mm and it can hold 4 to 7 inch phones.

It is made from super strong alloy and sponge. The metal phone mount will tightly hold onto your device ensuring no damages occur while you ride. The sponge also protects your phone.

The new design does not obscure your screen and displays your phones screen to you easily and clearly while keeping you safe.

It has 360 degree rotation capabilities, you can change it at will with no need to reinstall it again.

Can be installed on a wide variety of handlebar sizes. Use it on motorcycles, MTBs, road bikes, e bikes, folding bikes or even on a scooter. If it has handle bars – you can mount it.

Check out the color options on the link below. 

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7. Car Audio Cassette to Aux Adapter by Arvista 

Now we don’t discriminate here at Wise Buyers but some cars are still running on the old cassette player setup, fear not because right here right now we have found a solution for you to be able to hook up your phone or mp3 player to that old cassette unit provided that the device you are trying to plug in has an aux port on it.

With the Car Audio Cassette to Aux Adapter by Arvista you simply insert the cassette unit into your cassette player and plug the aux cord into your phone or music device and you can then enjoy any sounds or playlists that you desire to hear!

Maybe you don’t have an outdated car but you have a classic vintage collectible car which for obvious reasons you don’t want to remove original factory units from which is understandable when you’re trying to preserve its originality.

It will put out premium high quality sound on a secure connection. It has signal loss resistant materials and corrosion resistant materials.

Not only does it look elegant but it has been tested for long lasting durability, it has been tested to handle 15000+ bends on the cord and 10000+ plug in and outs. A lot of corded devices typically fail long before this amount of use.

The included cord is 3.5mm (male audio stereo cord which is connected to the converter). There is a product manual included and you are covered for up to 16 months for product replacement in the unlikely event that you encounter any product issues.

Modernize your classic or vintage car today!

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8. Bluetooth Hands Free Call Car Charger by Lihan

The Bluetooth  hands Free Call Car Charger by 2x USB ports which will charge most usb devices. The input is 12v/24v, there is both a smart usb charge port and a regular port, both are suitable for any usb device.

This wireless bluetooth FM transmitter adapter can transfer calls, play MP3 music and it can transfer your phone call audio to the car speakers. It is compatible with most mobile phones, ipads and other devices.

It will give you hands free capabilities, it has a nice built in microphone, you can switch to hands free mode automatically from music that is playing when a call comes in. With 1 button you can answer, reject and end calls, you can recall or call contacts too.

There is a cool car battery voltage function which will show you your car batteries current voltage to ensure that you can keep an eye on your car batteries health.

It supports USB, bluetooth, TF card, MP3 and wma players. It has anti interference properties which will keep the signal of your sound and music at a crystal clear level of quality.

You can listen to music while charging your device, it will also automatically play music from your previously used devices when you turn it on with its inbuilt device memory.

A 1 year warranty is provided. Get yours today.

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9. Air Vent Magnetic Car Phone Holder by Vic Seed

This Air Vent Magnetic Car Phone Holder by Vic Seed easily clips on to any air vent in your car, the super strong magnet is compact in size but the magnet is very strong with it using a rubidium N52 magnet.

It provides ultra strong suction power, it can hold small or large phones steadily and rest assured that the magnet will not interfere at all with the phones signal in any way shape or form due to its modern design.

It is very easy to install, no brackets, clamps or cradles are needed to set it up. You can transfer it around easily as well, it is a highly cost effective time saving product for any car.

It can rotate up to 360 degrees and it is very flexible, there is an angle it can do which will suit every user.

It can hold any phone of any size or brand, you name it and it will hold it securely.

It has a reliable and durable compact design, it is made of high quality alloy and liquid silicone. It will save space in your car as well as giving you hands free capabilities with any mobile phone device.

It will not scratch your air vent due to the rubber material on the clip, a 12 month warranty is provided with your purchase.

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10. Privacy Device Shielding Bag by Mission Darkness

What is this product you ask? Well the Privacy Device Shielding Bag by Mission Darkness is a military grade bag designed for law enforcement officers or for anyone who requires ultimate security and protection from unwanted interference or listeners.

It is EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse) protection approved! It has been tested and it complies with military standard 188-125 specifications, it preserves integrity and privacy with all electronic devices.

It is 100% shielding of Wifi, bluetooth and cell signals including 5G networks. GPS, RFID and radio signal interference are prevented from accessing your data too, nothing and no one will impose on your sensitive private information or broadcasts.

The dimensions are 9.75″ L x 9.5″ W, the inner dimensions are 5.5″L x 9″W, it has a double roll and velcro closure.

Every bag is easily brandable with the closable pocket on the back for you to place your company or agency name onto it. It has been uniquely serialized for asset tracking.

It is high grade water resistant with nice nylon outer materials.

If you work in law enforcement or any similar type of agency or organisation where you require top level privacy and security with your calls and information, this product is the one for you.

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11. Magnetic Car Phone Holder (Dash Mounted) by Bestrix

The Dash Mounted Magnetic Car Phone Holder by Bestrix is a dash mountable phone holder which features a super strong magnet that will hold your mobile phone device safely and securely while also looking fantastic.

Its elegant appearance will give your dashboard a luxurious look, it can rotate up to 360 degrees and it has an arm that you can adjust to suit any angle to satisfy you. It will not block your view while driving or when you are charging your devices.

This elegant looking product fits all dashboards with smooth surfaces, it is super easy to install with the suction cup, simply remove all air from underneath before locking the lever.

It has a nice silicone surface which will hold your phone during every bump on the road, it will give you and your phone a smooth easy enjoyable ride.

This phone holder is made from the highest quality materials. The superior quality ABS plastic offers flexibility and durability, the strong gel base will keep your device stabilized on your dashboard and the magnet will keep your phone in place at all times.

It is compatible with each and every type of smartphone.

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In Conclusion

When you are driving your top priority should be safety and keeping an eye on the road, often times though many drivers are distracted by their mobile phones and due to having no hands free kit installed in their vehicle they sometimes opt to pick up their phone while driving which can be very dangerous.

Many of the products reviewed above can turn your car into a hands free vehicle or at least improve safety conditions for you while driving.

They will last and provide you with multiple uses while also improving the overall safety level for you while you drive.

A simple phone holder can be used to display map navigations or send and receive calls with one touch of the phone screen or by voice command with no need to pick up and unlock the phone due to having no phone holder or thereby dropping it and trying to pick it up while driving which is very dangerous.

If your car has no mp3 player or has an old cassette deck player or something like that a simple adapter will give you the ability to play music from your favorite devices without having to spend outrageous amounts of money on upgrading your car stereo system.

No need to worry about your phone or devices battery going flat because you forgot to charge them at home, with the USB chargers or power inverters reviewed above you will be able to use or charge any device on the go no matter where you are.

Thank you for reading today’s article, we are sure that you have found something useful and something that will improve the safety for you while you drive. 





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