11+ Best Body Mounted Cameras (For Video & Photo)

body mounted cameras

The ever changing world of cameras are always updating and evolving, sometimes it’s hard to keep up with all the latest trends.

Today we will be reviewing the best body mounted cameras covering 11 of the best in depth. 

We will highlight each products features as well as their usability.

Whether you’re a professional photographer or video creator, a vlogger or a recreational content creator you will find the reviews in this article very interesting and useful.

From easy carry body mounted cameras to the more concealable body mounted cameras, this article has got you covered.

Read on below to see our highly recommended body mounted camera products.


Best Body Mounted Cameras


1. Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 Action Camera

Product highlights: Ultra HD video creation, built in GPS and external sensors for added feature capabilities, LCD color touchscreen, optional voice control, Image stabilization.

The Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 Action Camera is in a class of its own when it comes to body mounted cameras.

It has the ability to create Ultra HD video and photo, to be specific it can produce crystal clear 4K/30fps footage, 1080p/120fps, or slow motion capabilities of 720p/240fps.

G Metrix which means built in GPS and external sensors giving you the ability to connect to Garmin devices to capture performance data such as speed, elevation, heart rate and G-force.

Features a 1.75 inch fully functional LCD color touch screen which can be used in or out of the waterproof case.

Option to use voice control is available: shoot footage hands free by using voice commands if the situation requires it.

3 Axis image stabilization – Captures steady footage up to 1080p/60fps

A truly remarkable body mounted camera, whether your in a calm setting or out and about getting wet or dirty, this durable device provides the goods.

Our users who have tried it couldn’t recommend it any more which is why it comes in at number one.

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2. (Latest Gen) PatrolMaster 1296P UHD Body Camera with Audio

Product highlights: ultra compact slim design, one button control capabilities, built in lcd display, water and shockproof, long battery life, night vision recording.

The (Latest Gen) PatrolMaster 1296P UHD Body Camera with Audio is a unique, durable, feature packed high quality body mounted camera.

It has a wonderful sleek and compact design with a built in 2 inch LCD display and a neat one-button operation feature.

With the one-button operation feature, users can easily record video & audio, take pictures, turn the device on or off, change the resolution/image size by pressing the corresponding button.

Ability to record in night vision mode as well as at ultra wide angles with face detection, USB cable included.

The built in 3000mAh rechargeable battery is superb, it gives you 40 hours of standby duration, 18 hours of 1080p video footage, 20 hours 720p video footage, 10000 photo snaps, 10 hours of audio recording from a full charge.

The PatrolMaster is very durable being that it is both waterproof and shockproof, making it ideal for outdoor use, or for people in security jobs such as police work, security guards and bouncers.

It can sit on you and continuously record in a stealth like manner if that’s required via the built in security guard feature – how cool.

All in all a very neat, durable handy camera.

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3. Mini Body Camera

Product highlights: built in charger (no cable required just plug into PC), compact & very concealable body mounted camera, affordable yet produces decent quality footage, suitable for any types of recording.

The Mini Body Camera is sleek, mini yet affordable high quality body mounted camera.

It can produce up to 1080p quality content with the added ability to add an SD card up to 128gb (SD card not included).

No charging cable required, there is a handy charging port concealed at the bottom of the device, simply plug into your PC to charge.

Suitable for anyone’s recording needs, whether you work in security, want to keep an eye on your children for safety reasons, want to record a lecture or are in the outdoors, whatever the need may be the Mini Body Camera has got you covered.

The built in lithium battery provides up to 3 hours of recording time (much longer than the standard 1 hour recording time these batteries usually provide). you can also record while charging.

This is a very affordable hidden camera for users of any level of skill, making it a great purchase for users at all levels from beginner to advanced.

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4. Waterproof Video Sunglasses

Product highlights: fully waterproof, ultra HD recording, impact resistant, one touch button operation, safe built in rechargeable battery and built in memory.

The Waterproof Video Sunglasses provides a unique type of body mounted camera, sunglasses !

The awesome shades are full waterproof – can be used for all water sports, outdoor uses you name it. A first of their kind.

They are impact resistant (both the frames and the lenses) and they are 100% UV resistant offering eye protection as well as high quality recording capabilities.

These video sunglasses enable you to record amazing ultra full HD 1080p video with audio, crisp photographs, while also protecting your eyes from the sun.

They are very comfortable to wear. They feature a very safe built in rechargeable battery and a built in 64GB memory.

The one touch button feature enable you to turn on, turn off the device and also can be used to take snaps!

Vibration alert for when recording commences,

You can playback your recordings on your PC or TV via the free included USB cable.

An innovative and fun way to record content no matter where you are while at the same time protecting your eyes from the sun in style!

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5. Beantech HeadsUp Streaming Video Recorder

Product highlights: records full HD videos and Hi Res images, has its own App to stream live content to your private networks or social media, bluetooth capabilities.

The Beantech HeadsUp Streaming Video Recorder is a true one of a kind body mounted camera device.

This neat little device can record full HD video, take stunning hi res images and you can use it over bluetooth if you wish.

You can stream to phones on your private network with the Heads-up App and view live or recorded files with no need for internet or cell service.

Uses a built in safe rechargeable lithium battery.

This is a very innovative camera device and it is also affordable, highly recommended by our users who have tried it so far.

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6. Waterproof Polarized Spectacles 2

Product highlights: HD video and photo recording, water resistant, charge while out on the go, free accessories included.

The Waterproof Polarized Spectacles 2 are another very cool option from our range of sunglass cameras, these ones are fully polarized and water resistant.

they can even take a video or photo under shallow water!

Get this – you can charge this device while you are out and about up to four times by using the included charging case!

You’ll be able to capture up to 70 videos from a single full charge!

Ability to send your favorite moments on snapchat or wherever else you’d like to share.

Included in this set are the Glasses them self, the charging case which can hold 4 charges, a charging cable, a carry case and a cleaning cloth – talk about value!

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7. 1296P HD Police Body Camera

Product highlights: option to secure with password, built in 32GB memory, 1296p HD recording, top quality night vision recording, long battery life, surface mount.

The 1296P HD Police Body Camera is the ultimate option for secure recording.

Highly regarded by people within the policing and security sectors. It has the option to encrypt the content with a password if you require this.

Has a large built in 32GB memory and it can record top quality 1296p HD content.

Has built in high intensity infrared LEDs, not only can it record clear quality content in the dark, it can do this from up to 50 feet away in high quality.

The camera can be connected to any computer for disk readability, The long life powerful 3500mAh lets you record footage for up to 10 hours in a row.

It also has a neat 2 inch LCD screen which enables you to instantly watch recordings.

Mounting type: Surface mount.

This camera is the ultimate security gadget, perfect for your shift as a police officer, security guard or a bouncer.

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8. Camcorder 4K Rechargeable Mini Body Camera

Product highlights: head mounted device, can be used as a webcam, up to 4k HD quality recording capabilities, 64GB memory expandable to 128GB, wifi function, rechargeable battery, multiple accessories included.

The Camcorder 4K Rechargeable Mini Body Camera is a state of the art recording device with recording quality capabilities of up to 4k HD!

Hands free mounted on the users head – perfect for designers, doctors and surgeons, power engineers, sculptors and painters etc.

Ability to connect the camera to your phone via the app and ability to connect to other devices via WiFi.

Can record in multiple resolutions below 4k HD if you require 1080p and others.

Built in high quality battery.

Comes with the device itself, users manual, headband, micro USB cable, portable carry case, 2 x headband brackets, small wrench, soft rubber sleeve, screw head, hook and a 1 year warranty is offered.

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9. VTech Kidizoom Action Cam 180 (Camera for Kids)

Product highlights: perfect camera for children, good for shooting on the go content, slow + fast motion shooting, 180 degree rotating camera, accessories included to mount it on anything, includes free games, built in battery.

The VTech Kidizoom Action Cam 180 (Camera for Kids) is the perfect camera for your child to begin explore video/photography as a hobby.

It has features which enable the user to take slow and fast motion videos and photos.

It comes with free accessories which enable it to be mounted on a bike, skateboard and more and there is also the option to buy a waterproof case which enables you to record under water.

Includes 2 free platform styled games one of which being a reality game.

Rechargeable Li-on battery with a non stop photo taking and recording time of 2.5 hours.

It has a microSD card slot, being able to take a 32GB microSD card (sold seperately).

The camera can record 240 minutes of video or take 278,400 photos, wow!

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10. OHO Body Action Camera Hunting Glasses

Product highlights: perfect for hunting and outdoors, 15M pixel photos and 1080p HD video, polarized, impact resistant, very affordable, SD card storage capabilities up to 32GB

The OHO Body Action Camera Hunting Glasses are the perfect fit (literally) for anything outdoors and hunting.

They are highly durable by being impact resistant, they are also polarized to protect your eyes from the sun.

The lenses are interchangeable if you wish to try other lenses from the sellers range designed for all sorts of things.

They are very affordable and sit at a cheap price.

16GB SD included, option to expand to 32GB.

Built in rechargeable battery, these glasses meet all required safety standards.

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11. JoyPlus 360 Degree Spherical Panorama VR Camera

Product highlights: shoot 360 degree photos and videos, real time streaming, connect it to your social media accounts, multiple modes, great portability, built in wifi.

The JoyPlus 360 Degree Spherical Panorama VR Camera is a very neat bit of kit for the everyday content creator.

It has great abilities to capture 360 degree photos and videos.

You can use the App designed for it to live stream your content directly to your android or iOS device over the built in WiFi.

Ability with the app to instantly upload content to facebook and twitter.

Multiple modes are available which include social mode, panorama, planet, hemisphere or VR mode – wow!

Fantastic Portability – The JoyPlus allows for great flexibility due to its size. The Built-in wifi allows you to shoot content wherever you are.

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In Conclusion

Whether you require a body mounted camera for work or as a hobby, there are some important factors to consider whichever ones may be relevant to your needs.

It is imperative that you consider the size and comfort of the camera, its durability, its point of view and its ease of use, with comfort and size and point of view being the most important here.

Point of view is what your camera sees or in essence what your recording will look like, these days most body mounted cameras have a wide style viewpoint by default with some even having an ultra wide point of view.

your point of view can also be affected by where you place the device.

Comfort and size in regards to body mounted cameras

The larger body cameras tend to offer more features but in saying that dependent on your needs the lighter the device, the better, you will have to compromise here and decide what’s more important to you or find a balance.

Durability is another area when you will need to consider on what to compromise with, more durable tough devices tend to be heavier.

Lighter devices while still durable – may break easier than your heavier type of devices, so again choose a device with a durability level suitable to your needs.

Ease of use can be dependent on the user or level of experience, because any device can be easy to use once you get to know it.

One button operational cameras ensure that you can’t accidentally press the ‘wrong button’ giving you one less thing to worry about.

As always, after recording content you want to be able to easily transfer and edit your content so consider that as well when buying.

Final Verdict

All of the cameras featured in this article are decent, each one can potentially suit a user better than another one depending on the users needs and preferences, however if we here at wise buyers had to choose one,

The Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 Action Camera would be our #1 pick.

Highly regarded by our users, multiple levels of HD recording capabilities of up to 4k, many added features, voice control options and at a good price for everything that it can do, it’s our must buy for today.







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