11+ Best Bicycle Tools And Maintenance Products

bicycle tools and maintenance

You should only use the best bicycle tools and maintenance products when the time comes to work on or repair anything on your beloved bike because your body and safety is on the line every time you ride it.

Bicycle / Bike riding is a fantastic way to get outdoors and experience great scenery while getting in exercise at the same time.

We all love a good cycle session during a nice sunny (or rainy) day. Overtime however, the elements and conditions of varying terrains can affect your bike in a bad way if you do not keep up with regular maintenance.

During the winter months especially this is where rust can come in due to moisture or water etc getting all over the parts on your bike.

Even in the dryer months, certain aspects during this time can also adversely affect your bike but fear not because we have got you covered in today’s article which will review and inform you of some pretty handy and useful products that you can use to keep your bike in prime condition.

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They are all affordable and easy to use, read on below to find out which products you can keep at home to keep your bike running in tip top shape.


Best Bicycle Tools and Maintenance Products


1. The WD-40 Bike range featuring all purpose lube as well as other specific lubes

When it comes to bicycle tools and maintenance  WD-40 is world class and is a well known long standing brand that knows how lubricate and prevent rust on many different types of things.

The product we are promoting specifically here is the wd-40 all purpose lube (all in one lube) for bikes. From the product link above and below you can choose whether or not you want the all in one lube or you can choose from individual bike washes, degreasers or choose a dry or wet lube all from the same high quality wd-40 bike lube range.

With the all in one lube though it is convenient and easy to use, simply apply the all in one lube to your bike chain evenly, it will provide high performance lubrication for dry, wet and any other conditions.

It will prevent squeaks and in turn extend the life of the chain on your bicycle, the formula also contains corrosion inhibitors to give you long term chain performance.

It also prevents damages caused from friction, the formula will not build or gunk up inside the chain links or the drive train because it is a no-wax formula.

The entire WD-40 bicycle lube product line has undergone extensive testing by internal and external scientists, bike retailers and professional mechanics, this bicycle lube is like no other.

This brand and type of lube is community approved and recognized in the fact that wd-40 bike brand sets up user friendly cleaner stations at local bicycle events around the world. They visit sites and set up shop to engage with cyclists to discuss bike maintenance.

This lube is an all in one, super convenient lubing solution for your bicycle for any weather conditions and it is set at a very affordable price, a must have in any cyclists arsenal. 

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2. Multi Tool + Case by Crank Brothers (#M19)

This Multi Tool + Case is a highly useful essential piece of kit for any bike rider, don’t get caught out when something on your bicycle or bike goes bust, be ready to fix or attend to anything with a simple all in one tool straight out of your pocket.

It features a whopping 19 highly useful tools jam packed into one compact tool. I will list some below but you will have to check out the product link to see the entire list as there are too much.

It includes two philips and two flat head screw drivers.  

It has a highly useful universal chain tool and it has four spoke wrench sizes.

It has all the main tools that you need in the event of an emergency for a repair or a quick fix all while being able to fit inside your pocket or carry bag for convenience.

This tool will save your behind and I highly recommend getting it, I use it myself and it has saved my butt a couple of times when i’ve been out cycling far from where I parked my car or where the self serve repair stations were and it takes up minimal space in my bag, I highly recommend!

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3. Universal Bike Chain Tool by Oumers

The Universal Bike Chain Tool by Oumers is a practical, durable and well made tool for any cycling enthusiast.

It has a sturdy metal frame with good grips coated by rubber providing comfortable and non slip handling.

The integrated chain hook will hold your links during assembly with ease and it also has a chain pin breaker.

With its smart design your chain will be easy to break and easy to re chain. There is a pretty cool groove on the top which makes it easy for you to see how far you have popped the peg out making any chain repair job on your bike quick and easy for any user.

It has a compact design and it easily slips into any small or large carry bag or pocket.

It is a highly universal tool which will fit all bikes, it will fit all common bicycle chains of 7/8/9/10 speed etc.

Don’t waste your money paying a bike mechanic to do a job which is actually quite easy when you have the right tools, buy this affordable tool and do it yourself, you will not regret this purchase.

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4. Portable Bike Repair Stand by Bike Hand

The Portable Bike Repair Stand by Bike Hand is a superb highly useful tool which will save you money by being able to work on and repair your bike yourself without putting it upside down on the ground causing gradual damage to your beloved bicycle.

It is light, strong and easy to move around. The repair stand is built from high quality light aluminium with durable plastic clamps and pieces.

You can adjust the height on it to suit any bike as well as the tilt or the angle which in turn lets you position the bike to any position to suit the job that you need to get done fast.

The rotating head enables you to rotate the bike 360 degrees, the stand can hold a standard 55 pound or 110 pound bike at any angle, on the product link below you can choose a 55 pound or 110 pound suitable stand.

There is a cool foldable magnetic tool plate included giving you easy tool storage solutions while working on your bike.

This specific stand has been proven to be one of the most reliable and durable bicycle repair stands for over 10 years now, it’s suitable for home or shop use. 

A 5 year warranty is offered for this spectacular tool.

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5. 8 Piece Precision Bicycle Cleaning Tool Kit by Anndason

This 8 Piece precision Bicycle Cleaning Tool Kit by Anndason includes a professional bike chain scrubber, tire scrubber, wheel brush, chain cleaning brush, tapered detail brush, sprocket scraper, sprocket brush and a bike cleaning mitt – talk about value!

Suitable for all bicycles, for the free wheel type designs simply attach the cleaner to the chain and use the pedal to turn the chain, for bikes with coaster brakes the bike just needs to be elevated or simply turned upside down.

There is a different brush in this kit for every single part of your bike, you’ll be able to remove dirt and grime from the most evasive places all over your bike.

Cleaning a chain with this kit is very easy indeed, just mount the chain scrubber under the bike chain and then put some degreaser into the scrubber, hold the chain scrubber with one hand and turn the pedal with the other hand in a counter clockwise direction for simple and efficient cleaning.

This cleaning kit can be used to wash and maintain the entire bike from top to bottom, it can also be used to clean daily household items, for under $27 it gives you a bicycle cleaning kit which is affordable and highly practical.

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6. SmartGauge D2 by ToPeak

The SmartGauge D2 by ToPeak is the ultimate tire pressure checking tool, don’t squeeze your tire by hand, get safer, more accurate and precise readings with this handy tool.

It’s used by professional and recreational bike riders and it’s made from high quality materials and components.

It has been thoroughly tested to ensure durability and high quality and it weighs only 65g!

You can use it to read psi readings on bike, car and other tires, a CR2032 battery is included.

It can read up to 250psi / 17bar making it highly versatile. It is digital.

Tire psi levels are extremely important for user safety, often times users squeeze the tire and think they are all good but often times they can be a moment away from a horrendous accident due to having the incorrect tyre pressure set on their bike.

This is where this product comes in to give you precise, accurate and safe psi level readings so that you are always one step ahead of that scenario.

Highly affordable and highly reliable, we highly recommend it!

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7. Finish Line Premium Grease Made With Teflon

This Teflon Based Premium Grease by Finish Line is formulated with teflon fluropolymer which provides advanced rust and corrosion inhibitors as well as extreme pressure additives.

This grease will prevent distortion and wear in headsets, hubs and bottom brackets even in downhill biking and grand tours.

The built in functional thickener will prevent corrosion and rust even in saltwater! It prevents washout and water emulsification with the polymers that it contains.

It has been tested and approved to a high standard and it is used by leading bike and bearing manufacturers as well as recreational cyclists everywhere.

If there’s one grease you need to keep your bike in tip top condition and free from corrosion and rust here it is.

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8. CM-5.2 Chain Cleaning Tool Cyclone

The CM-5.2 Chain Cleaning Tool Cyclone is the only tool that you need to clean your bicycle chain.

It can hold 2 ounces of fluid solvent for cleaning and it features durable sponge materials which draws the solvent from the chain as it exits the cyclone reducing mess and drips.

There’s a magnet at the bottom of the solvent area which draws in particles that are scrubbed from the chain and in turn this keeps them from being redistributed on the chain during cleaning.

Works great with all multi speed bikes and some single speed models.

Easy to use, very affordable, get yours today.

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9. DRY Teflon Chain Lube by Finish Line

DRY Teflon Chain Lube by Finish Line is a superb top selling highly reliable dry lube for bicycles.

It goes on wet but then sets itself dry as a wax like synthetic film which helps to keep your chain clean by not absorbing unwanted amounts of grime, grit and dust.

It is one of the most popular, best selling and most versatile bike chain lubricants on the market today.

It is highly versatile in the fact that it can be used for many road and off road bikes.

It contains synthetic oils with teflon which will give you slick, long lasting protection and performance.

You can choose what size bottle of this fantastic lube you want from 2oz bottles all the way up to 1 gallon bottles, there are amounts to suit anyone’s lubing requirements.

Bottle amounts and pricing for this best selling bike lube can be seen on the product link below.

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10. Bike Care Pack by Finish Line

This Bike Care Pack by Finish Line has all that you need to for essential bike cleaning and maintenance.

It comes with a Multi bike degreaser, a dry teflon lube and a bottle of super bike wash – great value for under 20 bucks! (all in 4oz bottles)

It is one of the most used cycling lubes in the world and it is made from only the highest quality ingredients.

It greatly reduces drivetrain and bearing friction, these 3 products which come in the pack are all that you need to keep your bike in top condition.

For under $20 the pack boasts great value and quality, if there’s one kit for bike maintenance that I’d highly recommend it would be this one.

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11. Multiple Release Bike Repair Stand by SongMics

This Multiple Release Bike Repair Stand by SongMics can support bikes of up to 66 pounds with tubes ranging from 1″-1.6″ (suitable for most standard bikes)

It boasts premium steel tubing and quick release buttons for fast height and other adjustments, it has foldable legs giving you convenient and easy storage.

It can rotate 360 degrees and can be adjusted in a number of other ways relieving your back and body from pain or from putting yourself in awkward positions while carrying out your bike repairs.

The tube can be put away easily due to being telescopic and thee legs fold down for super easy storage and portability.

When you buy this repair stand you are getting a top quality bike repair stand which has quick release adjustment levers, it comes with a free magnetic tool tray and handlebar rod and the seller gives you a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

I have used this stand personally and I would highly recommend it for any bike enthusiast who wants to fix things on their bike themselves with ease and comfort.

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In Conclusion

Whether or not you carry out regular maintenance on your bicycle or bike is completely up to you but fail to do so at your own peril.

Regular maintenance on your bike will save your time, money and health in the long run by preventing serious injury due to non maintained parts on the bike failing on you but also big repair jobs arising due to neglect which in the end will cost you a lot of money from having to pay a mechanic and they will love to charge you high labor rates as well as extorting you for pricing on the parts by the way!

All of these bike tools and bike care products are affordable, easy to use and take little time to apply or use, regular maintenance using minimal time will save you in the long run in every aspect.

These tools and care products usually last for good lengths of time and can be used for other things and tasks around the house.

They are good products to have in your work shop or garage because the bike mechanics will charge you a fortune not only for their time and the parts but in reality they will be using a lot of the products mentioned in today’s review anyway.

We wish you well with looking after your own bike and hope you enjoy getting out there exploring the outdoors.

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