11+ Best Child Safety Products For Toddlers (Essential Safety)

child safety products

You should invest in only the best child safety products when it comes to preventing harm to your little one because any type of accident can be absolutely disastrous for a child who is a baby or toddler.

This doesn’t mean that your child should be locked up in a cage 24/7 and miss out on exploration though. By implementing some of these safety products into your home your toddler can navigate the house without fear of injury or being hurt.

As well as providing extra safety to your baby or toddler these products will also keep the functionality and look of your home intact to what they were before installing these products.

Don’t take any chances when it comes to the safety of your child, read on below to see which products we highly recommend to ensure optimal safety in your home for your children.

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Read on below to find out which products will safekeep your home for your children.


Best Child Safety Products For Toddlers


1. Door Knob Safety Covers For Baby and Toddler

These super easy to install Door Knob Safety Covers are designed for one purpose only, to prevent your baby or toddler from entering rooms which may be dangerous to them such as the bathroom with the toilet or a store room with hazardous objects or chemicals etc.

There are numerous options with products like these but this particular set has had great feedback from parents all over and it’s highly recommended to keep your baby or toddler safe.

These covers make it easy for adults to still access any room that they need to but make it very difficult and impossible for your toddler to access the room.

They are also environmentally friendly if you are conscious of that. (They come in a pack of 4).

Very affordable and a valuable set which could potentially save your precious child’s life, don’t take the chance and get yours today on the link below.

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2. Door Lever Lock by Tuut

For the doors that don’t have knobs the Door Lever Locks (2 pack) are your other option which will prevent your toddler from entering hazardous or unsafe rooms or areas which use the lever type of handle on the door.

Easy to install with zero tools but unlike like some other door lever child safety locks out there which only prevent the door handle from being moved up or down, these ones prevent the handle from being moved in both directions.

To top that off you can also use these locks to secure window handles, drawers and faucets etc. They are easy to setup and easy to remove or transfer.

Ensure that your entire house is safe for your toddler by purchasing these door lever locks in combination with the Door Knob Safety Covers if your house has both types of door handles and give yourself peace of mind today.

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3. Corner Protector Guards For Furniture by CalMyotis

Dining tables, smaller tables, wood burners and TV cabinets – just to name a few. These are just some of the everyday household furniture items which have sharp corners on them which can be dangerous for your toddler.

This is where these neat little Corner Protector Guards For Furniture come in handy. They are easy to install and easy to remove, they come in packs of 12, 18 or 24.

They are see through which means that they will not affect the look of your decor inside of your home and they fit perfectly over the corners of tables to prevent any potential harmful injuries to your baby or toddler.

The adhesive patch inside of the corner protector is durable making it easy to transfer, install and remove.

These are very affordable yet very effective in the job of keeping your toddler safe around the house.

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4. Easy Step Baby Gate by Regalo

For years and years one of the must have pieces of safety equipment in any household has been a baby gate, these pop up gates prevent numerous potential accidents and hazards from affecting your loved little one.

The Easy Step Baby Gate is a fine example of a child safety product which is affordable yet highly effective. This baby gate not only looks great but it also has great functionality, it can expand to fit almost any doorway.

Adults can easily use the walk through feature to go through the gate without having to try hop or jump over the top of it. The design of this baby gate is superior to other models of the past.

It is very affordable, highly durable and it will ensure that any doorway you wish to secure from your baby or toddler is well secured.

Easy to install and easy to move or uninstall, the easy step baby gate provides safety for your child at a great price.

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5. Magnetic Child Safety Cabinet Locks

Sometimes the locks that are already installed on some cabinets are simply not enough to prevent your toddler from getting into them as they age and get smarter.

This is where Magnetic Child Safety Locks come in, these locks are super easy to install and they will make any cabinet that much more secure to keep your toddler or baby safe.

They are designed so that your child cannot see them from the front of the cabinet which also keeps the look of your decor or cabinets to how they already are.

You simply hold the magnetic key up to the door to easily release the lock, each set comes with 20 locks and 3 keys giving you a cabinet locking solution for the entire house!

These sets are amazing bang for your buck coming in at just over $20 a set, it doesn’t get much better than that.

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6. Infant Optics DXR-8 Baby Monitor

There’s nothing worse than when you are in your own bedroom and you hear a thump or bump from your child’s bedroom without knowing for sure what has happened or whether your little one is okay or not.

This is where the Infant Optics Baby Monitor comes in, you can always be in the know visually and with sound, know what your toddler is up to without having to leave the room.

This baby monitor has interchangeable lenses and a remote controlled camera making it super easy to keep an eye on your child at all times.

With this baby monitor you can see your baby before they climb or fall out from their crib and prevent any injuries from happening, you can hear and see what is going on in their bedroom at all times giving you complete peace of mind all day or night.

This is a modernized sleek looking baby monitor with some pretty cool features, get yours today on the link below.

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7. Indoor / Outdoor Banister Guard by Kidkusion

When it comes to railings children just can’t keep away from them, these Banister Guards by Kidkusion are easy to install and they will prevent your child from getting their arms, legs or head through the railings while at the same time maintaining the look of your staircase or hallway.

These guards don’t mess with your existing theme or decor as they are near impossible to see, they simply zip tie to your banister inside or outside of the house.

If a child is to fall through the railing of a banister the results can be disastrous, for the sake of simply taking a few moments to install this type of product you can prevent a serious fall or injury to your child.

You can extend the length of rail protection by purchasing additional units. Don’t take the chance of your child getting hurt and get yours on the link below.

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8. Banana Boat Kids Sunscreen SPF 50

In our opinion one of the most important safety products or preventative measures to protect your children is ensuring that you have proper sun protection, whether it’s summer or a cloudy day the sun’s harmful UV rays are always lurking, Banana Boat Kids Sunscreen will protect your children all day long.

On the product link below you can choose how many bottles you want to buy from the single or twin value pack range. Banana Boat has been in the industry for years providing quality high sun protection during that span. 

This sunscreen stays on the body even after sweat and water, the bottles are spray bottles making for easy application. 

Fragrance, alcohol and sting free, water resistant for up to 80 minutes it will provide broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection for your children.

Don’t take a chance with painful sunburn or skin diseases caused by the sun affecting your child, grab this high quality sunscreen today.

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9. Puzzle Foam Play Mats For Kids by Pro Source

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use these Puzzle Foam Play Mats are a highly versatile and affordable play and safety solution for any family or household.

With 2 different sizes to choose from all budgets and requirements are covered. When children play at a very young age they can be sure to fall over or tumble and when that happens you want to make sure there is something on the surface to soften the blow or fall.

Place these mats anywhere inside or outside, they can easily be cleaned with a swift wipe, they’re easy to assemble and take apart and they can easily be stacked away when not in use.

There are so many other types of play mats out there on the market but these are the classic type of play mats which never fail to entertain and keep your child safe set at an affordable price.

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10. Anti-Tip Furniture Kit by Family Care

Dressers, tv stands, tv’s and shelving are just some of the common household items which can tip over and harm your child if they are left unsecured when your curious child goes to grab one of them.

The Anti-Tip Furniture Kit enables you to easily secure any piece of furniture in the home so that when your toddlers come into contact with them or decide to pull on them they won’t be able to tip over such an item which could cause serious harm or injury to your child as well as expensive damage to TV’s and other items.

The straps which come in the package can be easily mounted onto to your wall or your furniture ensuring that you have a strong and secure hold.

Attach them to shelving, TV stands or directly onto the TV, dressers or Office equipment, whatever item needs to be secured is no problem for the anti-tip furniture kit.

As well as protecting your child from accidental tip-overs these straps will protect your belongings in the event of an earthquake in turn killing 2 birds with one stone.

Coming in at just over $15 these strapping kits provide that extra bit of safety in your home for a great price.

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11. Graco 4Ever 4-in-1 Convertible Car Seat

Car seats – something every child has to have, what if we told you this though, buy this car seat and never have to replace or buy another one again from the age of 0-10 years for your child.

Yes that’s right, The Graco 4Ever 4-in-1 Convertible Car Seat is the only car seat that you need for your child whether they are newborn right up until they are a big 10 year old!

This seat grows and changes with your child, it can be used as an infants rear-facing, harness buckle seat as well as being able to convert into a backless booster seat for bigger kids! This means that this is the only seat that your child will need in the car from newborn up until they reach 10 years of age!

Due to it being the only seat you’ll ever need to purchase for your child it makes it all worth the price tag of around $300. You can buy cheaper options but in the end you will need to upgrade and buy a larger seat anyway as your child grows, this seat saves you time and money in the long run.

It is guaranteed to last for 10 years of safety with no additional purchases or upgrades being required, check it out on the product link below.

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In Conclusion

There are potential hazards all over the show when it comes to children, with the products we have reviewed above though the risk for your child will be much much lower of getting injured or harmed if you are to purchase and implement some or all of the products above into your living environment.

Babies and toddlers are curious beings and you can’t blame them for that, by installing some of the above products they can freely explore and navigate around your home without you having to worry that they will harm themselves by mistake.

All products that have been reviewed today are safety certified and highly popular throughout america and throughout the world, they are products which are highly useful for any home.

You cannot put a price on the safety of your child, don’t risk it and invest in the safety of your child today by following our recommendations above.

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