11+ Best Smartwatches (Top Rated)

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Before writing this article we conducted a few days worth of testing and research on all of the main smartwatches out there in the current market.

We have come back with our best 11 recommendations which are suitable for all types of platforms or devices ensuring that you will find a smartwatch suitable for you in this post.

We have looked into how each smartwatch performs in terms of battery life, fitness tracking capabilities, display type, comfort, quality, cost and of course durability as well as delving into other information which you may find useful.

Each smartwatch runs off a particular OS (Operating System), you can see which OS each watch uses by clicking on the product link for each product to see that type of information as well as additional information.

Smart watches can basically mean your phone is still with you even when it is not because you can answer calls and messages from most watches as well as perform other tasks that you can do from your phone, instead all from your watch!

Read on below to see which devices made our top rated list.



Best Smartwatches in 2020


1. Apple Watch Series 5 Inc. GPS

Without a doubt, THE BEST smartwatch for iPhone users, the Apple Watch Series 5 is in a class of its own. It’s recent upgrade stands out the most to us – it’s always on display.

The fact that is is always on makes it feel more like a real watch as opposed to previous versions which take a while to turn on after flicking the wrist. When you are exercising or doing something frantic the last thing you want to do is have to flick your wrist in order to quickly see the time.

In this upgrade from the last version what you will notice is its improved speed and performance, longer battery life and improved compass and GPS capabilities.

This smartwatch continues to monitor all of your workouts like previous versions have done whether it be step or rep counting and the list goes on.

Apple are the innovative leaders when it comes to smartwatches so if you are an iPhone user there is only one legit player out there for this niche and this is it.

Color choices are available on the product link below.

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2. Samsung Galaxy Watch 

Just as good as the apple watch 5 series, the Samsung Galaxy Watch in our opinion is the best smartwatch for samsung users. It also boasts the always-on feature.

This smart watch boasts some serious class and style, with a sleek, excellent look and feel you almost cannot tell it’s a smartwatch and it just looks like a flash high quality traditional watch due to its classic look and stainless steel base.

Nonetheless it is in fact a smart watch, and a very cool one at that. It has a nice to the feel touch screen and the buttons you’d see on a traditional watch are very functional in the fact that they are used to navigate apps and widgets.

This watch is waterproof up to a depth of up to 50 metres, it monitors all of your fitness activities like any good smartwatch does and it has an active sleep monitor.

This pairs up via bluetooth as most smart watches do, the battery life on this watch is superb due to it’s latest upgrade.

Check the best smartwatch out there for samsung on the product link below.

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3. MobVoi Tik Watch Pro

The Tik Watch Pro has one of the best battery life lengths out of nearly any smart watch. This manufacturer aims to provide high end performance specs more so than external features but lately with the tik watch pro they have also been improving the external design as well as keeping the great performance specs that they are known for.

The tik watch brings an ambitious and innovative feature to the table with the display not only being a touchscreen but that it is actually 2 x screens combined into the same watch head.

The screen is an LCD screen which is where you control most of the watches controls as well as from the two side buttons as with most smartwatches.

Given the fact that this device has the ability to put itself into essential mode which is pretty much a power saving mode – the battery can sometimes last up to a few days without requiring any charge.

In terms of feel on the wrist it is slightly heavy but not to the point where it is unpleasant. This device has all of your usual bells and whistles such as fitness tracking capabilities etc.

This brand is a new player in the smartwatch market, but overall for the price in comparison to the more established players’ products the tik watch pro offers great value for money overall in terms of cost, performance and style.

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4. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 is a very good gadget for fitness tracking purposes, in comparison with its original version it has a virtual rotating dial as opposed to a physical one.

There are also some new features such as ECG and fall detection. 

With the virtual dial or bezel as it’s traditionally known you can navigate through all of your favorite apps. There are apps available for this unit such as youtube, spotify, twitter and much much more.

Most fitness tracking apps or features have been upgraded for this version such as the running coach which has been improved with superior metrics.

The look and style of the Active 2 features a round face giving it an old school look, you have color choices and strap choices to suit you on the product page.

Heart rate monitoring, GPS tracking and all other fitness tracking features are available with this unit. The Active 2 is suited to samsung users primarily and not really suited for the iphone users, for an iphone user we recommend the Apple Watch.

All in all we basically think that this is one of the best gadgets for fitness tracking if you are a samsung user.

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5. Fossil Gen 5

The Fossil Gen 5 is a fantastic choice for any android user. The manufacturer has been in the industry for almost 36 years!

It is slightly cheaper than both the apple watch and the samsung watches. If you want a smart watch which has superb compatibility with android devices – this is the one for you.

For style and design you have numerous options to choose from in regards to straps, stainless steel and bezel types etc etc. It runs pretty fast with 1GB of ram built in. 

The battery life is decent and how long it actually lasts for is down to what power mode you are running at the time.

GPS, heart rate monitoring, speakers and health monitoring are the usual suspects in terms of features which you can expect to see on the fossil gen 5.

Wear it in the shower or in the swimming pool with no worries as it has superb pressure and water resistance.

It uses Google Fit to track all fitness activity. You can install other 3rd party apps if you wish to.

All in all as stated earlier this is a smart watch suited for the android user.

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6. FitBit Versa 2

The FitBit Versa 2 is a fantastic option when it comes to fitness tracking due to the fact that this was the fitbits main purpose since the early day of its creation.

This upgraded version of previous fitbit units has seen some much needed improvements such as upgrading its display to a AMOLED type of display which means that you no longer have to deal with the brightness issues as seen with the previous versions of the watch.

It has a nice looking design which is very comfortable to wear and it offers lots of customization options when it comes to look or style which you can see on the product purchase page from the link below.

You can use Alexa on the fitbit to enable voice control. The battery can last for up to 5 days which is super impressive! That of course is dependent on how you use your fitbit.

This is a fitness focused smartwatch which means that you can expect to see most of the fitness tracking features such as heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, menstruation tracking and much much more.

The FitBit Versa 2 is one of the ultimate gadgets when it comes to fitness.


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7. Withings Steel HR Sport

The Withings Steel HR Sport smart watch is a styley classic looking smartwatch which has a minimalist type of look. It has a silicone strap which means that it is gym-friendly.

It has a superb battery life, this watch is a hybrid type of watch and it is probably one of the best hybrid ones out there in today’s current market, hybrid means that it looks like your usual watch but has super smart features built in.

This is for anyone who wants decent fitness tracking but at the same time looking classy and slick. You will find most of the usual fitness tracking features with the steel HR sport.

It is good for tracking sleep as well as knowing the difference between light and deep sleep. You will be given a sleep score rating after each night.

A decent overall smart watch which offers a minimal look, style and functionality all rolled into one. Choose from a black or white unit on the product link below.


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8. Huawei Watch GT 2

With the Huawei Watch GT 2 you are getting superb battery life with this one, as a matter of fact – we were able to get in over 10 days worth of use from a single charge!

It is reasonably priced and it has a nice looking design and feel to it. The design is such of a traditional time piece. It has a OLED 1.4 inch display and there are two buttons on the side.

It runs its own software which is a bonus giving users a decent alternative to the wear OS. It is an excellent device for tracking fitness to boot!

Color and sizing selection choices can be seen from the product link below.

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9. Garmin Vivoactive 4

The Garmin Vivoactive 4 is a smartwatch which can track nearly every sport imaginable.

It looks like a traditional watch and it boasts a serious high performing battery life to boot.

In terms of cost it is much more affordable than the apple or samsung units. It is essentially a mid range priced watch.

The GPS tracking on it is absolutely amazing and it has decent storage for music and apps.

It has superb fitness tracking abilities and it is durable and tough making it suitable for wearing anywhere.

There are much much more unmentioned features with this watch, check out your purchasing options on the link below.

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10. Xiaomi Amazfit

This Smartwatch is very very affordable coming in for under $80! Xiaomi has been in the industry for years and they are a well established and trusted manufacturer when it comes to smart watches and gadgets.

The Xiaomi Amazfit has an excellent battery life – we got nearly 120 hours out of a single charge! It is waterproof and dust resistant.

It is compatible with both android and IOS. It can track sleep and fitness activities and the notifications are easy to read and understand.

For the price and also for its versatility with being compatible with both iOS and android we think this unit is a fantastic buy. There are many color options on the product page link below.

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11. Motorola Moto 360 Sport

Many athletes and sportsmen absolutely love the Motorola Moto 360 Sport due to its functions and durability.

The display on this watch is very good, it adapts to both day and night conditions quite well. 

It is very comfortable to wear and navigation between apps and features on the device are fast performing and efficient.

It is very lightweight and suitable for wear in any sporting or training environment. 

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In Conclusion

Deciding what smartwatch to buy can be a difficult decision due to all of the different models and types that are available, however, some things to consider or think about before buying any smart watch are listed below.

Device – always check if the smartwatch that you are about to buy is compatible with your type of device or mobile phone, for example does your device run a iOS or android system? or any of the other ones?

Check what OS (Operating System) the smartwatch runs off of.

Wrist / strap sizing – always check or select a wrist size suitable to your wrist or comfort preferences, strap options can usually be seen on the product page or by delving deeper into the product information page.

Looks or Durability – Are you looking for a more functional smartwatch which can handle being on you in the water or on you during sports or training? In that case you may want to go for a unit which is more so designed for sports or fitness, one which is known to be rugged and durable.

If you’re after a smartwatch with more style you may want to go for a more in between smart watch such as a hybrid or minimalism type of watch. 

Always check the specifications of any smartwatch before you buy it for compatibility specs on the product page, luckily for you though our review above has listed most of that information for each product to save you some time.

Thank you for reading our article today.

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