11+ Best Products To Help You Get To Sleep (Buyers Guide)

Get To Sleep

In order to get to sleep you need a nice sleeping environment, the right temperature in the room and a few other elements present which will put you on the right track to getting a good night’s rest.

Getting to sleep can be a major problem for some people but no matter how long you’ve been having trouble getting a good night’s rest it is never too late to turn things around.

With a few of our very useful products and some changes in your nightly habits and rituals you can get your sleeping routine back on track into a more healthy and restful routine.

Getting a good night’s rest is extremely important for both your short and long term health. It is also vital in helping you to function and perform well in daily tasks and challenges.

Neglecting this will only come back to bite you later on in life because as more and more time goes by with having a bad sleep routine you essentially build up what is known as a ‘sleep debt’

Eventually this ‘sleep debt’ builds up to such a large amount that you end up breaking down entirely to the point of absolute exhaustion. I don’t mean to sound negative but this is the sad truth of what happens when you continue to neglect your sleep.

Onto the positives: Today we will review some very useful products which combined with a few changes in your daily bedtime habits will have you sleeping like a baby and waking up refreshed and energized ready to crush the next day with purpose!

Read on below to find out which products we think may be of good use to you.



Best Products To Help You Get To Sleep Faster


1. Grandre Memory Foam Bed In A Box – Medium Firm

One of the latest innovative crazes to hit the world lately is the bed in a box phenomenon, this is a fully functional mattress of any size that you choose which comes compacted into a box fully vacuum sealed, it expands to a proper full sized mattress after you open or cut the packaging off.
These aren’t air mattresses or some lower quality type of mattress, these are fully-fledged high performing mattresses that are just as good, if not better than your existing one! Simply purchase, unbox it and then place the mattress onto your existing bed base.
The one in particular that we are proposing that you try out today is the gel memory foam mattress in a box by Grandre, in our opinion this is one of the best mattresses in a box out there that you can get when comparing all of the current leading manufacturers to each other.
This one is a premium selling mattress with a 5 star rating across Amazon and all other trading platforms, it is highly regarded as one of the best mattresses in a box due to its comfort and quality workmanship.
This is a medium-firm mattress which we feel from personal experience is the best firmness level to use, mattresses that are too soft can actually cause pains and strains in the long term while the more firmer ones actually offer more support and comfort in the long term.
The Grandre Memory Foam Mattress provides pressure relief to injured or sore muscles and joints while you sleep, it’s made up of 7 layers made up of memory foam, comfort foam, high-density foam and individual pocket springs (yes, this all comes in a compact boxed size – how cool?)
The fabric on the mattress is highly breathable which will ensure that you won’t overheat during those hot summer nights yet it will also keep you warm during those colder winter nights.
The mattress is made up from certified and safe materials which means that you will not find any harmful materials on this mattress. 
A 100-Night free trial is provided and a 10 year warranty to boot. If you are not happy within the 100 night trial simply request to return and refund your purchase. In our opinion that is great customer service and a great deal for consumers such as ourselves.
After using this mattress for 5 weeks me and my partner noticed improved sleep, we managed to fall asleep faster and we were amazed that such a mattress can come out from a box! We highly recommend the Grandre Mattress In A Box.
The mattress performed well during those more strenuous activities as well which was a bonus (if you get my drift). Choose your mattress size and thickness level when you visit the product link below. 

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2. Bose SleepBuds 2

The Bose SleepBuds 2 are an innovative and unique piece of technology which can help you get an amazing nights rest. They are sleep buds and not headphones.

Instead of streaming music or podcasts they bring you relaxing and noise-masking sounds which will help you to firstly fall asleep easier and then secondly they will aid in keeping you asleep throughout the rest of the night.

They have been clinically tested and proven to help you fall asleep faster, the sounds have been engineered by Bose themselves and these sounds are specifically designed to block out unwanted noises and help you to get a better night’s sleep.

The exclusive Bose sleep app is where the audio plays from, from here you can access exclusive curated sleep sounds, download your favorite ones to the earbuds, control how loud or quiet the volume is and set up a personal wake up alarm if you like.

Use the Bose SleepBuds 2 to calm yourself down and put yourself into a relaxed and meditated state of mind or simply use them to help you get to sleep faster.

They are super comfortable and they fit superbly to most people, there are 3 sizes included to ensure that you have a size to fit you perfectly which means that even if you toss and turn during the night – they will not fall out and they will continue to keep you in a peaceful night’s slumber.

Enjoy all night battery life with up to 10 hours from a single charge, they will not sound off or raise an alarm or beep any sounds when they are about to go flat or when the battery dies.

We tested the Bose EarBuds 2 for 2 weeks, we found that they really helped in getting us to sleep faster but most importantly that they helped keep us asleep throughout the entire night with the sleep-inducing sounds.

We highly recommend giving these a go, they are definitely worth the cost due to how well that they actually do work.

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3. BlueHills Premium Oil Diffuser With Remote

The BlueHills Premium Oil Diffuser With Remote comes in 2 different sizes, 600ml and 1000ml, it also comes in various different base colors for you to choose from on the product selection page.

This oil diffuser provides you with aromatherapy from within the confines of your bedroom! It has 7 different colored LED lights to toggle between, various different mist modes, the tank is very easy to clean and it has a safety auto-switch feature which prevents it from overheating in the event of it running out of water.

It also gives you the function of a humidifier, use it to improve the air quality levels in your home and to remove dampness and mould, it will cover the stench of cigarette smoke odour as well as pet odours.

It also protects you and your family from allergies, dust and excessively dry air. It will run all night long before it needs to be emptied due to its large capacity holding tank.

It has inbuilt timers, low to high mist output settings, auto-shut off features and a remote control! – how cool? 

This is the perfect device to set a high quality of air up in your sleeping area while also providing you with nice aromas and sleep inducing lighting, this combined with all of its added features such as timers, its low or high mist output setting and the fact that it has a remote control make it super easy to use and very convenient.

It comes in at a super affordable price of just over $30, for this price and for what you are getting we think that it is a high value sleep promoting product.

This is the perfect item to help you or your loved ones get to sleep faster and to make your room more nicer in the evenings, perfect for you and perfect as a gift for anyone else, check out color and sizing options on the link below.

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4. Hatch Restore – The Ultimate Sleep & Wake Up Device

The Hatch Restore is an amazing device that can do a bunch of tasks all in one. It can be used as an alarm clock, a device which produces sleep inducing white noises and lighting effects, use it as a night time reading light or use it to help you get to sleep.

You can set up a customised sleep / wake routine with this cool device and program it to learn your sleeping habits. Use your favorite sounds and lighting effects to help you get to sleep easier.

The built in sunrise alarm clock wakes you up in a peaceful way which supports healthy cortisol levels. You can control it via the exclusive app or via touch.

Create your perfect night time sleeping mood by choosing from the library of relaxing and blissful sounds, lighting effects and white noises. The soft style type of light doesn’t put out the blue light which is what keeps you awake in the night, blue light is typically the type of light put out from normal lights or mobile devices.

The Hatch Restore is a pretty cool sleeping gadget in our opinion, the fact that it can help you get to sleep and also wake you up is very handy, we bought one ourselves and haven’t looked back, if you want a multifunctional gadget which can aid you in getting a better nights rest than we highly recommend the Hatch Restore.

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5. FitBit Charge 4 Smartwatch

When you hear the word smartwatch you may instantly think of fitness tracking but these innovative devices can also have great benefits in regards to improving your sleep and tracking your daily sleeping habits.

The FitBit Charge 4 is not only great for tracking your quality of sleep but also for many other aspects in regards to maintaining good overall health. 

It has detailed sleep tracking features such as helping you to learn when you sleep best and when you’re at your most restless state, it learns these details about you with your input and adjusts them as you make changes.

You can wear it while you sleep and due to its design it’s very comfortable and doesn’t disturb your quality of sleep from wearing it during the night, the key to getting a good night’s rest is with being consistent in your sleep routine and this device helps you to do just that.

It has 24/7 heart rate tracking capabilities and a few other bonus abilities. You can use the FitBit Charge 4 to monitor your sleeping habits and you can use it for other fitness purposes so this makes it a high value purchase in our opinion, think of it as killing 2 birds with one stone.

Check out your color options on the link below.

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6. Supreme Plush Luxury Gel-Infused Memory Foam Pillow

The Supreme Plush Luxury Pillow is a gel-infused memory foam premium pillow which is on the the softer side of pillows in comparison to your traditional firmer types of memory foam pillows.

The purpose of the gel-infusing feature is to provide pressure relief and superb comfort, the pillow never goes flat and it has been developed by doctors to provide fantastic postural support.

This pillow is suitable for any sleeping position whether you sleep on your side, stomach or on your back as it adapts to you and your sleeping habits.

It not only feels super comfortable but it helps to keep your spine in the proper postural alignment where it should be, it is also super comfortable to boot and it will have you never looking back at any other pillow after you’ve tried it!

The zipper removable cover ensures that you can easily remove the cover for machine washing as well as for adjusting thickness and comfort levels with the pillow if you need to.

Its breathable technology and fabric keeps you cool and fresh all night, the Supreme Plush Luxury pillow is made in the USA and it has passed all industry consumer regulations and standards, it’s made in an eco-friendly environment too, it is perfect for anyone worried about allergies and dust.

120 night like it or love it return policy – if you’re not happy with it simply send it back at no cost to you! Check out your pillow sizing options on the link below.

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7. Lofus Soft Plush Weighted Blanket

The Lofus Soft Plush Weighted Blanket is a super comfortable and relaxing weighted blanket which can help you or anyone else get to sleep faster.

The weight of the blanket gives off the feeling that it is cuddling and comforting you which creates a relaxing environment to promote sleep, use it on the couch or in the bedroom.

It has an amazing 7-layer construction which is how it gets its maximum level of softness, it provides warmth and the blanket adapts and conforms to your body shape.

It is durable and easy to clean, it is fade-resistant during washing, it’s smudge-proof, you can can spot-clean it or put it into a commercial washer. This blanket is perfect for anyone who struggles to get to sleep or for anyone who needs some added comfort and warmth in their bed.

Use it indoors or outdoors when camping, this is a superbly comforting blanket which can be used for many things! We love the one that we purchased and it now is a mainstay on our main master bedrooms bed.

Weighted blankets have been scientifically proven to aid in the relief of anxiety and also with the promotion of healthy and good quality sleep.

On the product link below you can choose which color blanket you want and when stock is available you can choose what size of a blanket you would like.

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8. Lemomo Blackout Curtains

Quite an obvious solution for difficult sleepers is a decent set of Blackout Curtains. Having such curtains are essential for blocking out unwanted street, vehicle and moonlight.

These types of lights even in the dimmest of forms can have a dramatic effect on whether or not you can get to sleep and also whether or not you stay asleep, especially if you’re a difficult sleeper.

Even having them for situations where your day doesn’t require you to wake up until well after the sun rises is a plus, you could be a night shift worker, a college student, someone who starts work later or someone who works from home, this is where these curtains are great for all of those reasons.

On the link below you are in charge, choose which color curtains you want, choose your size and you are away! We’ve used these curtains ourselves and still use them now (black color), we highly recommend them as we think they do a great job of keeping unwanted lights out.

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9. Blue Light Blocking Glasses – Unisex

Blue Light Blocking Glasses are the latest thing hitting the globe when it comes to sleep-aids and sleep-promotion. These affordable glasses let you use your mobile phone, laptop or computer right up until bedtime without your eyes absorbing all of the unwanted blue light which can keep you awake.

Blue light is omitted from electronic screen devices such as tablets, mobile phones, computers and laptops. When you absorb blue light close to bedtime this can prevent you from getting to sleep and in the long term it can also have additional negative health effects on you, here you can read this Harvard study on the effects of blue light on the human body if you would like to know more.

These glasses also help to reduce eye-strain while you use all of your favorite electronic devices and they help to prevent fatigue. They feel comfortable to wear and they look professional as well.

On the product link below you have many color and model choices, these glasses are suitable for both men or women, check it out.

The manufacturer provides exceptional customer service and warranties.

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10. Leesa Luxury Hybrid Cooling Pillow

The Leesa Luxury Pillow is made up from ventilated gel material which promotes cooling and air circulation to give you a comfortable and breathable nights sleep every time.
The outer and inner materials used in this pillow feel like no other, upon testing out the Leesa Pillow we quickly discovered how comfortable it truly is and when they say luxury they aren’t kidding, this is our main pillow since we first tried it out. 
It adapts to your head and it customizes itself to suit you, if you want a pillow that is the only one you need which will help you get to sleep faster than you must give the Leesa Pillow a try. 
Sizing options are available on the link below.

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11. Joseche Bluetooth Eye Mask

The Joseche Bluetooth Eye Mask is a neat little sleeping mask that uses the latest bluetooth technology (compatible with all past versions of bluetooth) to playback soft relaxing sounds or music to help you get to sleep via any of your devices.

Pair it up to any mobile phone, tablet or stereo via bluetooth. Built in speakers mean that headphones are not required (you can still use them if you prefer to though).

The mask itself is very comfortable and soft with its velvet feel and padded cushioning, the design of the mask ensures that all unwanted light and distractions are properly blocked out while you’re trying to get to sleep.

You can take out the components for whenever you need to machine wash the material part of the mask with no issues and then simply put them back in once you’ve washed and dried it, it will not shrink or become deformed during washing.

It has adjustable velcro straps to ensure that you can set it to optimally fit you each time you need it. You can adjust the position of the built in lightweight speakers to playback at any position or volume to suit your preferences.

This is not only a great mask for aiding you in getting to sleep at home but it is perfect for use while travelling, all in all this is an exceptional weapon in your arsenal for getting to sleep faster and it comes in at a reasonable price which you can see on the link below.

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In Conclusion

Sleep is one of the most vital things that we need when it comes to feeling and looking good, it also will go a long way with helping you to have more productive days, getting decent sleep on an on-going basis is highly beneficial for both your short and long term health.

Not getting enough sleep on a regular basis can increase your risk of high blood pressure, heart disease and many other unwanted health problems.

As a person myself who has struggled a lot to get to sleep in the past I know what it’s like to struggle with sleep, using most of these products myself I can say personally that they have helped me tremendously.

You don’t need to buy them all but by trying them out I’m sure that you will find at least a few that will be useful in aiding you with getting to sleep quicker and having a better night’s rest.

Aside from these products it is very important to get into some good bedtime habits on a daily basis and to try and stay consistent with them.

Try to avoid having any caffeine at least 6-8 hours before bedtime, this may sound drastic but caffeine can stay in the body longer than you may think, I myself tend to not have any caffeine after 2pm as I aim to get to sleep by 10-11pm.

I find that when I do have caffeine after that time I end up struggling to get to sleep, everyone is different though, find out your cut off time for caffeine and apply it.

I highly suggest that you get some Blue Light Blocking Glasses if you plan to use electronic devices such as your mobile phone or computer in the evenings as these glasses will help block out the unwanted blue light which can prevent you from getting to sleep, this will ensure that you can still use any device that you wish to in the evenings without compromising your sleep.

Try putting your mobile phone on ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode or Airplane mode. Things such as app notifications, phone calls and text messages can come through at all hours of the night and these can wake you up, by simply putting your phone into DND mode you can block all of those out and receive the missed notifications in the morning.

Try taking a warm shower before bed, this has helped me tremendously in regards to feeling comfortable for bed and getting into a more relaxing mood.

If you are susceptible to light I highly recommend using the Eye Mask or setting up some Blackout Curtains, by simply darkening your sleeping area you will greatly increase your chances of getting to sleep faster and with staying asleep.

Lower your bedrooms temperature by opening a window, using a fan or turning on your air conditioner. When struggling for sleep you need a colder and not a warmer overall temperature.

Lowering your body temperature will help with staying asleep and it will prevent tossing and turning, it has been clinically proven that lowering your body temperature promotes better overall sleep quality and it can also aid in getting to sleep faster.

Aim for at least 7-8 hours of sleep per night with 8 being the optimal number, everyone is different though and some people may find that anywhere from 5-9 hours per night is sufficient for them depending on their age and lifestyle.

Thank you for reading this article today, now that you know how to get to sleep faster you can start improving your sleep regime today and take that step toward enjoying a more healthier and productive life.








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