11+ Best Power Sanders (Buyers Guide)

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When it comes to sanding down furniture or surfaces for any projects that you are working on, whether that be at home or during work, power sanders are much, much easier and faster to use as opposed to doing it all by hand.

We will review all of the best corded and cordless battery operated power sanders in this article today, we will offer you a range of sanders which come in at all kinds of prices from cheap, medium to the more expensive higher quality power sanders.

We will look in depth at each ones cool features as well as give you advice and tips for using a power sander which you can read at the end of the article.

Read on below to see which power sanders made the top 11.


Best Power Sanders (Cordless & Corded)


1. Makita XOB01T Cordless Sander

The Makita Cordless Power Sander  is a very powerful and productive power sander which despite its size is surprisingly easy to hold and use.

It features 3 different speed settings, you will get up to 65 mins run time on low speed and up to 32 mins run time on high speed from a single charge.

The 18V LXT Lithium Ion oAh battery provides up to 65% more run time per charge.

The large 1/8″ orbit action surface is designed to give you faster sanding with a swirl free finish.

The one-touch electronic speed control switch enables you to toggle between speeds quickly and easily.

Makita is a long standing global brand which is known for good quality power tools which stand the test of time, if you want a high performance power sander which will help you get the job done fast we highly recommend this Makita cordless power sander.

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2. DeWalt DCW210D1 Cordless Power Sander

The DeWalt Cordless Power Sandeis a very powerful, hard and fast machine, yet still provides ease of use and easiness to hold for the user at the same time.

The brush-less motor provides great run time and efficiency to get any job – big or small done.

The low profile height enables the user to get closer to the work area for precise sanding.

You can easily replace the sanding pad on the 8-hole hook and loop sanding surface when required with no difficulty.

The switch is dust-sealed meaning it protects the switch from dust giving your sander a longer switch life.

Variable speed control enables you to choose which speed you want to sand at making this power sander versatile and suited for any job.

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3. Black & Decker BDCRO20C Cordless Power Sander

The Black & Decker BDCRO20C Cordless Power Sander is one of the slightly smaller power sanders which is more suited for your small everyday jobs or weekend fix up jobs around the house due to its slightly smaller size and lightweight design.

Not to say that it can’t be for any job though, as it works very well and Black & Decker have always been known to produce great quality products.

It quickly and easily removes paint, stains and materials, it is very compact making it the ideal power sander for quick touch ups or complete jobs anywhere on the go.

It’s dust collection system helps to keep the work surface clean ensuring you a tidy and mess-free job.

Charger, Sand paper sheets and battery all included with the device itself, Product extras are available to purchase if you wish to on the product link below.

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4. Bosch Corded Orbital Power Sander

This Bosch Corded Sander is a very comfortable to use sander, it sands efficiently with ease.

It has a very good dust collection system due to its air tight dust compartment and it’s great airflow which the device produces.

Due to its magnificent dust catching system less dust gets to your sanding pad meaning that you get a longer lasting sanding pad which stays cleaner for longer.

The speed control dial which is located behind the handle is easy to use. 

After testing this sander out the surface felt and looked smooth and nice to the touch as good as any professional standard quality work.

Affordable yet an effective corded power sander, you will are getting great value for money with this device.

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5. Porter-Cable Cordless Power Sander

With the Porter-Cable Cordless Power Sander you are getting and affordable yet quality tool. 

It is lightweight making it good for ladder based jobs or quick touch ups or smaller jobs.

There is a detachable dust bag for effective and efficient dust collection.

It has a comfortable rubber grip for easy handling, It also has a low profile for better control while in use.

The switch is also dust proof which will promote durability.

This is a compact, lightweight, affordable yet effective cordless power sander that will be sure to not disappoint you.

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6. Milwaukee Cordless Orbital Power Sander

With this Cordless Orbital Power Sander by Milwaukee, you know you are getting a product from another trusted brand.

This device easily glides over the sanding surfaces and it doesn’t require the user to hold it with too much force making it exceptionally easy to use.

Great for most jobs whether it be around the house or out at work, this power sander comes in at just over $100 which we think is not a bad price for its level of quality.

With Milwaukee you always get great customer service and product quality on any item you purchase from them, so you can rest assured if there are any faults at all with any of their devices you will be looked after.

This sander is perfect for any level of experienced power tool user due to its ease of use, see pricing on the link below.

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7. Ryobi RS290G Corded Orbital Sander

The Ryobi Corded Sander is another easy to use yet solid sander, it has a removable dust bag enabling you to keep your work surface clean and free of dust during any job.

The hook and loop system makes changing the sanding pads effortless. Some sanding discs are included for free with the initial purchase of this sander.

The handle is very comfortable to hold and ergonomic with a hex notched rubber design giving you good grip and control while using it.

There is a convenient on / off switch located next to the grip, so you can turn it on or off while having a firm grip on it at the same time which improves safety for you, the user.

Coming in at just over 90 bucks, this is a solid power sander which provides you with more bang for your buck.

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8. Porter-Cable 382 Corded Sander

Another affordable option which does not sacrifice quality for price, the Porter-Cable Sander comes in at around $63.

Porter-Cable have been producing good quality power tools for a long time and they are known for their great customer service and workmanship.

This power sander has high quality rubber sealed switch which keeps the dust out from it, it leaves a smooth finish on surfaces after sanding.

It provides maximum sanding speeds to help you get that ultra smooth finish.

If you want a sander to use around the house or professionally for small to moderate sized jobs, give the Porter-Cable Sander a go.

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9. Craftsman CMEW231 Corded Orbital Sander

The Craftsman Corded Sander may be one of the best value buys when it comes to power sanders, coming it at around 50 bucks it present great value for money.

It is a fast sanding tool that gives you smooth to the touch, vibration-free sanding as well as having decent dust pickup.

It has ample power, especially for a sander of this price, it can compete with most pricier units. It has a dust sealed switch to boot.

It isn’t too loud. If you are a one brand man (or woman) and would like to stick to the craftsman brand if that’s what you already use, then give this one a try, you will be pleasantly surprised.

This sander is for any user of any level of experience and it can help with small to medium sized jobs efficiently and with ease.

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10. Black & Decker BDCRO Cordless Sander 

This Black & Decker Cordless Sander is very convenient for all of your small projects and touch ups.

It is very compact and comes with the battery and charger, as well as there being product extra options on the product link above, which are optional to you.

It has a decent dust collection mechanism which keeps your work surfaces clean and tidy.

You get the sander, the battery, the charger and 2 x 5″ round sandpaper sheets included with your purchase.

Another affordable yet effective power sander that is worth every penny, also manufactured by a reputable brand in black & decker.

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11. Galax Pro Corded Orbital Sander

The Galax Pro Corded Sander comes in at under $46, and it uses the traditional iron shaped sanding pads for anyone who doesn’t wish to sue circular sanding pads.

The 360 degree rotatable plate enables you to turn it left or right all the way around while using it safely.

The motor is powerful enough to provide effective and efficient work. this sander is compact and extremely easy to use.

the dust box works well and it is detachable, it stays on the sander firmly while in use.

The rubber handle helps you to safely maintain control and your grip of the unit while in use.

You get the sander unit and 10 pieces of sandpaper for free with your purchase.

A great affordable yet effective sanding option for anyone to get a job done.

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In Conclusion

When doing any power sanding, it pays to regularly blow out any dust residue from the sander in between uses, preferably with compressed air if available to ensure maximum durability for the sander and added safety for you, the user.

Always move the sander slowly and steadily over the work surface, never press too hard or fast on the sander as this can wear the sander down and decrease its life span and this can also potentially ruin your sanding surface.

For smoother and more professional-like sanding surfaces, vacuum up hidden dust from the work surface before switching to the next level grit of sandpaper, by doing this you are removing any hard to see dust particles which could impede the work surface or get stuck on a smoother grit sandpaper after going down from a thicker grit.

We recommend wearing a dust mask when sanding no matter which type of sander you are using because sanders of all types produce small to large amounts of dust, yet even the smallest amount of dust getting into the lungs can cause damage – better safe than sorry in our opinion.

As stated, always clean up dust as you go and after the job to prevent dust build up and to ensure a more smoother and tidier sanding surface and to get a better over all result.

Thank you for reading this article and good luck with your projects.

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