11+ Best Gaming Consoles (Buyers Guide)

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With all of the different gaming consoles out there it isn’t always the easiest decision when it comes to deciding on which one to buy, it all depends on what type of games you are into and what age range the person who the console is for is.

It also depends on whether you require a handheld gaming solution or a traditional connect to TV console to play online or offline plus there are many many more variables to be considered when buying a gaming console.

There are not many manufacturers when it comes to the main providers in the gaming industry. What we will do today though is basically pick one or two of the best gaming machines from each manufacturer making sure that we cover a variety of different types of gaming platforms to suit every type of gamer’s needs or requirements.

From high performance tablets to gaming consoles to classic handheld devices which bring in nostalgic memories, by the time you’ve read this article you will be well informed on what the best gaming device is from each genre.

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Read on below to see which ones we have tested and recommend. 


Best Gaming Consoles


1. Microsoft Xbox One

When it comes to gaming the Xbox One is one of the most powerful machines on the market as well as being well established player within the gaming industry.

It’s 8 core CPU boasts an impressive 2.3GHz and it has high performing 12GB GDDR5 RAM to boot. For a gaming console this machine boasts some serious serious power.

It is prepped and built to support 4K HDR gameplay. The HDD is 1TB. Whether you play in 4K or 1080p our opinion is that the graphics and overall look of all of the games that we played on the xbox one were beautiful and looked great.

The xbox one has some cool built in image enhancing features such as automatically improving picture quality and graphic enhancement for each game on any television.

The xbox one can also play 4K blu-ray discs as an added bonus. The look and design of the console is sleek and beautiful, in terms of sheer power and performance you cannot go wrong with the xbox one by microsoft.

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2. Sony PlayStation 4 Pro

Another one of more dominant players in the gaming industry sees Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro make the top of the list along with the xbox one.

In terms of performance it is a step up from its predecessor boasting an AMD processor that clocks in at an impressive 2.1GHz in comparison to the previous versions which were clocking in at 1.6. The HDD has 1TB worth of storage space which is 500GB more than the standard version of the console.

The Wi-Fi receiver is also more powerful than prior versions of the console. There is also bluetooth 4.0 technology built in.

The controller is as good feeling as ever with playstation controllers, while it maintains the dualshock 4 controller style it is slightly more lightweight than previous versions but nonetheless it has a nice feel and it’s very easy to use.

The PS4 is compatible with playing VR games or for performing 4K playback. Playing games in 4K is a truly remarkable experience but the PS4 still produces beautiful gameplay on 1080p as well as 4k.

In our opinion the PS4 is one of the best gaming consoles out there on the current market along with the xbox one, you cannot go wrong with either one but personally growing up I was always a playstation lad.

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3. Nintendo SNES Classic Console

For any nostalgic nintendo fans out there this is the gaming console for you! Some of the classics you may remember playing as a child will be sure to bring back joyful memories.

With your purchase you get 2 controllers straight out of the box which enables you to jump straight into multi player gaming.

It truly has a retro look and feel to it making it a perfect machine for all of those nostalgic memories.

The corded controllers are very comfortable (keep in mind that they are corded to enhance the retro feel). You can also plug these controllers into your Wii or WiiMote devices to enjoy any games that are not in the SNES.

The games themselves are fantastic copies of the original ones. The game library has 20 games. Unofficially we have heard that the SNES is quite hackable so it may be easily possible to extend that game library (that’s not encouraged by us of course though).

Super Mario, Final Fantasy 3, Star Fox 2 and Zelda are just some of the fantastic classics within the aforementioned 20 games.

A truly wonderful nostalgic experience was had upon testing out the SNES, if that’s your thing you will not be disappointed with this gaming console.

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4. Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is a truly innovative gaming console, it is one of the best hybrid consoles out there on the market.

Included with your purchase through us you get: the console, a dock for connecting your console to the TV for the old school way of game playing, 2 x joy-con controllers which can detach, a grip that allows you to combine them into a single game pad and 2 x straps for turning the joy-cons into individual controllers.

The setup as a whole is very comfortable and ergonomic. The cool thing about this console is that you use it as a handheld gaming console or you can plug it up to the TV the traditional way.

While playing the console in handheld mode you will notice that the nintendo switch has some of the best screen resolution out of all of the handheld gaming consoles out there today.

In order to to play the machine in console mode (plugged into the TV) it requires a docking station which is included, it is so easy to transfer viewing your game from the handheld screen to your TV that you can do it without even pausing the game.

The gaming library in the switch is growing more and more every year, in comparison to previous nintendo consoles, the switch probably has the largest library of them all.

The switch is by no means as powerful as the xbox or ps4 but if you are a nintendo fan this is certainly one of the best gaming consoles within that category.

The nintendo switch is a versatile gaming console which is easy to move around or take with you anywhere that you go. For you nintendo fans that enjoy nintendo exclusive games – this is the console for you.

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5. Apple iPad Pro 11

The Apple iPad Pro 11  is excellent for mobile platform based games, it has a lovely 11 inch liquid retina display screen which produces fantastic graphics and picture quality compared to regular LCD screens.

It runs very fast for a tablet and it even can out pace most PCs. Games such as fortnite, warcraft and roblox run very well on this machine.

The battery provides you with up to 10 hours of gameplay off of a single charge. The four speakers on the device produce wonderful ambient high quality sound.

There are built in studio quality microphones built into this ipad ensuring that you wont need to use your headphones. There is also a fantastic camera which has 7MP true depth technology which will enable you to take breath taking shots from wherever you are.

The camera has 12 and 10 MP lenses for the front and the back. You can use face ID for locking and unlocking it like most modern apple devices.

There are a range of extras you can add on such magic keyboards, apple pencils and much much more, there is a usb port for charging additional devices.

Overall this is a top quality tablet device and it is more than capable of being able to run many types of games on it, especially mobile gaming platform type games. It is a very versatile machine which you can take with you anywhere that you go.

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6. ASUS ROG Phone 2

The ASUS ROG Phone 2 is a high performance phone which is also a gaming console! For a phone this device boasts some serious power. It has an octa-core snapdragon 855 plus processor which is more than capable of running high end games and much more.

It has 12GB of LPDDR4x RAM which is super fast and impressive for a phone type of device. It also has 1TB worth of storage meaning that you can fit all of your games and other media on the device at the same time.

A beautiful 6.6 inch display which can put out 2340 x 1080 res at 120 Hz means that you can play all of your favorite games or watch all of your favorite videos in crystal clear high quality.

This phone is able to play most of your favorite games in decent resolutions without any lag making it a gamer’s dream in your pocket.

The charging port is on the side of the phone and there is an additional USB-C charging slot on the bottom. There is also a headphone jack.

There are more controls and ports as well! The dual camera is also very impressive as it can take 48 or 24 MP photos dependent on whether you use the front or back camera lense when taking a photo.

The ASUS ROG 2 is basically a mini version of a gaming PC which you can take with you anywhere in your pocket without having to sacrifice graphics or speed of gameplay.

Despite the hefty asking price if you want the ultimate portable gaming experience and want to enjoy PC video gaming quality with you wherever you go without having to drag out the big gaming PC or if you need a new phone anyway – you may as well combine it and get yourself a decent gaming machine at the same time. This device is fully worth the cost.

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7. Nintendo Switch Lite

The Nintendo Switch Lite is a lot like the original Switch except that the switch lite doesn’t dock up to your TV and it can only be played in handheld mode making it more lightweight and more suited for someone who wants a decent handheld gaming solution.

It has a 5.5 inch screen in comparison to the original switches 6.2 inch screen but it does not sacrifice video quality at all. It is slightly smaller and more lighter to the touch than the original switch which as stated above makes it more suitable for handheld game play.

Like the original switch the switch lite here allows for bluetooth and wireless connections. You can extend the storage with micro SD as well.

In terms of handheld game play the switch light ranks among one of the best devices out there. 

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8. PlayStation 4 Slim

The PlayStation 4 Slim is essentially a more lightweight version of the PS4 Pro minus a few bells and whistles.

It is ideal for beginner gamers but it will also play all PS4 games at a decent speed and quality. It is more affordable than the ps4 pro, we didn’t notice much difference in playback quality and with the speed to be honest when comparing it to the ps4 pro.

It is a console that will give you at least 1080p quality playback which is more than fine unless you are inclined to get 4K or VR playback.

The PS4 Slim uses less energy than the standard ps4 and it is noticeably more quieter due to the quieter fan.

There is a cool ‘share’ button on the controller which enables you to share gameplay videos and pictures or store them on your flash drive if you wish to.

All in all the ps4 slim is perfect if you want a console which can play any game up to 1080p video quality, it is perfect for any beginner or child starting out with gaming or for that spare room to keep guests entertained for an affordable price in comparison to the ps4 pro.

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9. Xbox One S

The Xbox One S is basically a smaller, quieter and better looking gaming console in comparison the original Xbox One.

It won’t give you 4k resolutions like the xbox one x but it still can playback ultra hd 4k blu-ray video and you can still use most of the xbox’s gaming features.

It is HDR capable which still enables you to enjoy full HD video experiences. It is an ideal machine for multimedia playback.

The Xbox One S is fantastic for streaming high quality video on platforms such as hulu or netflix just to name a couple.

Another obvious benefit of the box one s is that it is a bit cheaper in cost in comparison the the xbox one x.

If you want a sleek, compact yet high performing console from the microsoft range then the xbox one s is a great starting point.

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10. Sega Genesis Mini

For a very affordable price (check link —->). You can experience all of those wonderful nostalgic memories from your childhood with the Sega Genesis Mini.

It comes packed to 40 all-time classic games and 2 wired classic controllers to give you the ultimate retro gaming experience.

Sonic and street fighter 2 are just 2 of the many fantastic games included in the package. Many of the games included rank among some of the best games ever created and you get all 40 of them included with your purchase.

In terms of value for money and nostalgia this package is the ultimate deal and it gives you great bang for your buck.

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11. Retro Handheld Console With 400 Games

With 400 games built in which are suitable for adults and children this Retro Handheld Gaming Console by Kiztoys offers exceptional value for money considering that you can get it for under $20!

400 classic games are preloaded into the device from all types of genres. From classic games to bring back nostalgic memories for adults to highly entertaining games for young children, this device will keep anyone entertained for hours on end no matter where you go.

There is another gaming controller included with your purchase which allows 2 players to play at the same time, how cool!? The device itself is player ones controller and the extra 2nd controller is used for player number 2.

You can even connect this handheld console up to your TV with the AV output cable.

It is obviously highly portable due to its small size ensuring that you can enjoy it anywhere that you go!

It is rechargeable and has a long battery life with its built in rechargeable battery. Once fully charged you can enjoy 5-6 hours of non stop game play while not on charge.

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In Conclusion

We have covered the best gaming consoles from across a range of all types of gaming devices so now it is up to you to decide on which type of gaming platform you are looking to invest in?

How much performance specs do you require for the type of games that you want to play?

Do you need to be able to take your gaming with you wherever you go? 

Is this gaming console for you or another adult? If it’s for a child is this gaming console child-friendly and easy to use? 

The gaming consoles which we have reviewed today are all globally established and have been in the industry for years if not decades for some of them.

Only the best manufacturers and their best consoles made the cut today so you can rest assured that no matter which one of these gaming machines that you buy you will be buying a solid and reliable console.


Now that you’re up to speed on what the best gaming consoles are out there on the market feel free to check out our other informative article on The Best Gaming Headsets while you’re here in combination with your new gaming console.

Thank you for for reading.

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