11+ Best Adult Games For Indoors (Entertain Guests)

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Whether it be for during a quarantine or during a night where you choose to stay in and have some people come over – adult games to enjoy indoors can make that evening much more entertaining and special.

It doesn’t matter if you are drinking alcoholic or non alcoholic beverages, any of these games will be sure to brighten up your evening and they will make your evenings be full of laughter and some fun times.

Whether you have some friends over in your college dorm room, some friends over to your house, are at a bachelor or bachelorette party or if you simply have some family or your significant other hanging out with you these games will be sure to brighten up your evening.

We’ve looked at many different types of games and entertainment items for adults and after some in-depth research we have hand picked and compiled a list of the best ones for you to choose from, we’re sure that you will fine some enjoyable games below.


Best Adult Games For Indoors


1. Eat, Drink And Be Mad Libs (Adult Version)

I’m not sure about you but we certainly remember playing Mad Libs in our younger days, well this game is the exact same thing except that this version is for adults only.

This book is a fun and cheap way to kill time and keep yourself and others entertained for hours on end.

Every page has a theme containing both food and wine, after we played this game we were left in fits of laughter after completing most pages.

You can play it with friends either in person or remotely, play it by yourself even if you prefer, this book offers great entertainment value for a very affordable price, you cannot go wrong with having this stored away at your house.

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2. Pop-A-Shot Arcade Dual Shot Basketball Game

After enjoying some drinks or perhaps too many snacks while stuck indoors you can erase part of the calorie related guilt by having a fun session with a friend or alone on the Pop-A-Shot Basketball Game.

Burn a few extra calories or work on your basketball shot skills, this game keeps the score whenever any baskets are made just like in the arcade venues!

There are a range of mini games that you can play either by your self or with two players.

This game is very easy to put together and it is durable which means that it will provide countless hours of entertainment for you and others when you are stuck inside or whether you are just having a chilled night in.

It easily folds up and stores away for when you don’t want it out in the open. This game is very fun and addictive and for us we found it very entertaining.

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3. It’s In The Bag! Group Party Game

It’s In The Bag! can be played with large groups of up to 18+ players or you can play it with just the two of you.

It’s a great indoor game for small or large groups of people, the game can be as short lived or as long as you want it to be dependent on how far into the game you delve.

As well as being a great game for adults, younger users can easily learn the game as well. 

The aim of the game is to try and figure out what your opposing players card says from clues that they give to you via charades and word associations.

This is a highly popular game and we think that it should be in everyone’s arsenal when it comes to indoor entertainment.

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4.That’s What She Said – The Twisted Party Game

This Adult’s only game is an absolute blast! It is perfect for your next ladies or men’s night in or when you all come together!

This is the board game version of when everybody has a few too many beverages making it wildly fun and entertaining.

It can be as twisted as you want it to be, it is a fast paced yet hilarious game full of twists and turns  which will be sure to keep everyone in a good mood or in fits of laughter.

It is essentially a fun twist to cards against humanity, you need 4+ players and games take on average of about 30-60 mins to complete.

This is the perfect indoor game for adults, use it for any occasion, it goes perfect with occasions where you may be having a drink or two or none for that matter, that’s up to you!

From the product link below there is also an option to buy the extended version of the game if you want to or you can just try the base game for under $20. 

Don’t be surprised if you get some wildly entertaining moments from playing this game, we did!

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5. Porter-Cable Cordless Power Sander

Being stuck indoors for whatever reason can sometimes involve watching too much television or spending hours on end using tablet or mobile devices which can have a negative effect on your eyes.

This is where the Yuham Magnetic Dart Board comes in to solve that. It gives your eyes a break from those types of devices while at the same time keeping you and others entertained!

It is much safer than your traditional type of dart boards due to the fact that it is magnetic, it is still just as entertaining as a traditional dartboard except that there is no risk of damages to your walls.

You can work on your target practice by yourself or play against others, this is the perfect game for group gatherings or for yourself when you want a break from the screen or something to keep yourself entertained.

Affordable yet very entertaining, see the product options on the link below.

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6. Classic Air Hockey Table (40 inch)

When it comes to games or entertainment an Air Hockey Table such as this one is one of the all-time classics sure to keep you or your buddies entertained for hours on end.

Other air hockey tables can go up to thousands of dollars in price, well we’ve got good news for you! This one is a smaller version which comes in at under $60! Madness!

It is very easy to put together and it is durable and of decent quality. It’s small enough to put on almost any area. You can put it up onto a table if you want it higher.

You can play against your other half or against friends and family, older children can also be kept entertained by this.

This is an absolute bargain in our opinion considering that you get a classic and very entertaining pastime for under $60.

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7. Exploding Kittens Card Game

One of the most popular indoor games out there today! The Exploding Kittens Card Game will keep you and your companions entertained for hours on end!

The name may be provocative but this is a very entertaining card game with a very simple concept – draw an exploding kitten card and you explode thus taking you out of the game.

There are plenty of obstacles, twists and turns during the game to help you with trying to prevent an explosion. There are defuse cards which can help you in your quest to evade being blown up as well as cards that help you in trying to get your opponents kitten blown up.

Special powers can be accessed by using the ‘grown up cat cards’. 

This is one of the more popular best-selling indoor games with over 9 million copies sold, get in on the action today, there are various product purchase options for this game on the product link below.

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8. “These Cards Will Get You Drunk” Party Card Game

Introducing “These Cards Will Get You Drunk” the adult game that will have you and your friends or family in fits!

Play against, vote and out wit your opponents with over 100 exciting unique cards, no two cards are the same.

This game is very very easy to learn and play, it is ideal for your next group gathering, pre drinks or nights in.

Suitable for adults only, perfect for 2-8 players. Play with beer, wine, shots, water or whatever you are drinking.

Always drink responsibly, in saying that – this game is an absolute box of laughs!

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9.Drink-A-Palooza Board Game For Adults 

Drink-A-Palooza is the ultimate party board game for adults out there on the market! It will be sure to entertain you and your friends during any night indoors.

This game combines old and new school games into one! Voted one of the best adult party games by many reviewers (you can check out amazon reviews from the page on the link above).

No ping pong table is required like some other drinking games require, it can be played in any room and it comes equipped with all of the things that you need for a great party!

The ideal amount of players is 2-12. We recommend having two teams of two people for the ultimate game, this game will keep you and your companions entertained and enjoying tasty beverages all night long.

We here at Wise Buyers always encourage you to drink responsibly, this game does not have to be played with alcohol though and it can be used with any type of beverages such as soda, water or juice, this game is for adult’s only when used with alcohol.

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10. Under The Influence Adults Only Drinking Game

Under The Influence Drinking Game is a card game for adults only. It is a fantastically entertaining game which features 4 decks with 200 cards in total.

There are questions, dares and challenges within the game. If you back off from a dare or lose a challenge you can take a shot or have a sip!

No two games are ever the same which means that each game will provide you with a new set of laughs and challenges.

Perfect for any social gatherings or events, we recommend having at least 4 players at a minimum.

This game can be played with non alcoholic drinks as well as alcoholic beverages, as always if you are playing the game with alcohol drink responsibly and when alcohol is in play this game is for adults only, have fun!

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11. What Do You Meme? New Phone, Who Dis? Adult Party Game

This game is for adults only. Introducing an offline text message party game where players compete to create the ultimate and most funniest text message thread.

In this fun game players take turns in drawing a sent (or inbox) card while the rest of the players compete to play the funniest reply card. Once each player has played their selected reply card the judge then decides which combination is the funniest.

That person then gets a point, at the end of the game the player who has the most points wins! Perfect for 3-20 players.

In the box you get 240 inbox cards and 300 reply cards which are printed on premium playing cards which have a shiny glossy finish on a thick style of card.

The ‘what do you meme’ series has been around for a while now, it boasts a collection of other popular well established games for adults as well as additional expansions.

This game here is one of the more popular and unique types of adult games, this game is for adults only.

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In Conclusion

We have given you a selection of some great best selling adult games above, please remember if consuming alcohol with any of these games to always drink responsibly and to make sure anyone that is consuming alcohol is above the age of 21.

Aside from that, if you bring some of these aforementioned games into your home or dorm room they will be sure to provide hours upon hours of fun memories and entertainment.

Sometimes when people come over you need an ice breaker or something to help pass the time, this is where these types of games are perfect. Not to mention with the recent pandemic there is no better time to invest in games or things to do inside of the house.

You can keep these games forever and have them ready for any occasion. We hope that you enjoyed reading today’s article and best of luck, may the best player win!







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